the best kitchen exhaust hood for your personality

How do you choose the best kitchen hood? What functions and features should a kitchen hood have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Kitchen Hood Each cooking session brings to your kitchen, in addition to delicious dishes, some unpleasant aspects such as the smell of food, steam, damp air or clutter.

If in terms of clutter, the only obvious solution is cleanliness, the other issues can be solved quite easily with the help of a range hood.

This element is indispensable for your kitchen and will have many benefits, both in the short and long term.

What does a cooker hood help you with?

Eliminates gas, smoke and odors from the kitchen. This makes the hood one of the most popular electrical appliances. Smells will be much harder to impregnate in clothes and furniture, and the air will always be fresh, even on the days when you spend most of your time cooking.

Removes moisture caused by condensation. You can also forget about the moisture caused by boiling various foods, because a kitchen hood manages to remove it successfully.

One of the disadvantages of such an appliance is that it cannot be installed in any kitchen, either due to lack of space or because the related exhaust pipes cannot be installed.

How do you choose the best kitchen hood?

When you decide to buy a kitchen hood, you must take into account many criteria to know for sure that you have made the perfect choice. Hotels differ greatly, depending on several criteria.

The type of hood

The Best Kitchen Hood 1 The first criterion to be taken into account is the principle of operation. You can opt for a filter hood, an exhaust hood or a mixed hood.

Hood without drain (filter)

The filter hood does not remove the air extracted from the kitchen, but filters it by recirculation, absorbing unpleasant odors and gases. The advantages of such a hood are the following:

– installation is very easy, without the need to drill the wall to have access to the outside.
– can be used in any kitchen, even if it does not have access to the outside;
– gives total freedom in terms of its positioning and automatically of the stove, not requiring a positioning near the outer wall.

Disadvantages include the fact that it eliminates only odors, not the heat in the room, the filter must be changed quite often and the absorption capacity is lower than that of an exhaust hood.

Exhaust hood

The hood with exhaust manages to completely remove dirty air from the room, being an ideal solution for kitchens that have enough space and access to the outside wall. The advantages it has are the following:

– It has a very high capacity to eliminate smoke and odor from the kitchen;
– It can also eliminate hot air, an action that is essential during the summer, creating increased comfort;

Disadvantages include the fact that installation is more difficult because it requires a path to the outside, and in winter it can produce coolness, which is undesirable.

Obviously, the most efficient hoods are mixed hotels , which manage to combine the benefits of the first 2 variants and be very flexible. They manage to remove air from the kitchen or filter it, depending on what the user decides, being extremely flexible.

Construction mode

The Best Kitchen Hood 2 If you have decided on the type of hood that you will purchase, you must also take into account the way it is built.

You can choose from several types of hoods, such as wall, ceiling, built-in or suspended.

To make this choice you need to consider the space you have in the kitchen, the type of furniture and how you want it to work.

Conventional hood

Conventional hotels are the simplest and cheapest hood model available on the market. They can be 60 or 90 centimeters wide, can be drained or recirculated and come in a multitude of colors and shapes to fit in almost any kitchen. Conventional hotels are usually mounted on the wall, directly above the stove or hob.

Built-in hood

This type of hood is mounted built into the wall cabinet above the hob. Most often they have a size of 60 centimeters and require a special cabinet body that will need to be made to fit exactly the dimensions of the hood.

Decorative hood (fireplace type)

This type of hood has the shape of a fireplace outlet and stands out through its attractive design. The decorative hotels are mounted on the wall, above the cooking surface, being provided with a telescopic basket that can be extended to the ceiling. Some models are equipped with glass extensions to more easily capture steam and smoke.

The island hood

The Best Kitchen Hood 3 Island hotels are the most expensive and largest types of hoods available on the market. They are usually mounted in the middle of the kitchen with a ceiling mount. As the name suggests, they are suitable for large kitchens equipped with cooking islands.

Telescopic hood

Telescopic hoods are usually built-in hoods that allow the capture surface to be extended by operating a telescopic filter. They are very useful when the cabinet above the stove does not have the right depth for the cooking surface underneath. Thus, by simply sliding the telescopic extension, the built-in hood expands to successfully capture the steam released by the cooking surface.

The appearance of the hood

Simple models of kitchen hoods will not improve the appearance of your kitchen, but if you want to find a beautiful hood that integrates with the room there are quite a few models of hoods with a special design that can suit any style.

If you are not very worried about the appearance of the hood and you want a model that simply works well and does not stand out too much, you will find such models, especially in the category of built-in hotels.

Technical specifications

When choosing the best kitchen hood, take into account the technical characteristics, such as the dimensions, the exhaust capacity, the noise level, the type of filtration or the number of engines.

Absorption capacity

For capacity you have to be very careful, because a hood must have a minimum absorption capacity of at least 10 times the volume of the kitchen.

The absorption capacity of the hood is expressed in cubic meters per hour (m3 / h). The higher the absorption capacity of the hood, the faster it will ventilate the kitchen and absorb unpleasant odors. If you cook often and in large quantities, choose a strong hood with a capacity of at least 600 m3 / h.

Most of the time, a hood with a higher absorption capacity is even noisier. If you do not cook often and appreciate the peace in the kitchen, choose a model with a lower absorption capacity.

Recirculating hotels will not be as powerful as exhaust models because they depend on filtering capacity to clean indoor air instead of simply removing it.

The dimensions of the hood

The Best Kitchen Hood 4 The width of the chosen hood must be at least equal to the width of the cooking surface. So, if you have a 60 cm hob, choose a hood with a width of 60 centimeters or more. The same principle applies to hobs with 5 or more meshes, with widths starting from 90 centimeters and up.

For island-type hotels, as they do not have side walls to help direct steam, a hood wider than the cooking surface and with a high power must be chosen in order to be able to effectively absorb the emanations of the cooking utensils.

Fan speeds

Most models of kitchen hoods offer the possibility to select several fan speeds. This function gives you the possibility to increase the absorption speed when you cook several dishes at once or keep it at a low speed if you want to have a lower noise level.

It is good to have this option, but I noticed that in general 2 or 3 speeds are enough for most users, offering 5 or 6 ventilation speeds is not a notable advantage.

For those who want more precise speed control, there are advanced models that offer the possibility of variable adjustment of the fan speed through a dedicated button.

Noise level

The best kitchen hood will absorb the most air with the least possible noise. Silent models have a maximum operating noise level of around 50-55 dB, but some noisier models can reach up to 70-90 dB. If you like to talk while cooking, listen to the radio or watch a TV program, choose a hood that is as quiet as possible.

Filter type

All kitchens are equipped with grease filters. They capture fat as it rises to prevent it from settling on the surfaces in your kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Hood Grease filters can be made of several types of materials. They can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, textile or paper. To have clean filters you will need to wash or replace them.

Metal grease filters should be washed at regular intervals. If you have a dishwasher, you can use it without worries when cleaning them or you can wash them manually with a dishwashing detergent.

The metal filters are easy to remove and are fastened with a few clamps on the bottom of the hood. Filters made of textile or paper must be replaced at certain intervals (usually 2 months) depending on how often you cook. Some models of kitchen hoods are equipped with a saturation indicator that can tell you exactly when the filters need to be washed or replaced.

Replacing a grease-soaked textile or paper filter can be a rather unpleasant task. If you don't like getting dirty, choose a kitchen hood with metal filters.

You can purchase replacement filters for the replacement from the hood manufacturer or from large online stores. Before purchasing, make sure of the exact size and type of filter you need to avoid unpleasant situations.

Mounting height

The Best Kitchen Hood 5 Mounting height refers to the distance between the hob and the filters of the range hood.

The standard mounting distance is 55-65 centimeters, smaller for electric hobs and larger for gas hobs.

If it is mounted too low there is a risk of damage to the hood due to high temperatures, and if the installation is made too high the hood loses its efficiency.

Timer and thermostat

Some models of kitchen hoods are equipped with an operating timer (timer), which turns off the fan after a certain period of time. This function is useful if you want to let the hood go when you leave home or if you cook in the evening to let it go at night.

Some models of kitchen hoods have integrated a temperature sensor that stops the operation of the fan if the intake air becomes too hot. The main purpose of this thermostat is to prevent damage to electronic components caused by too hot air.

Hood lighting

All models of kitchen hoods are equipped with lights that help you better see the food on the stove. The simpler models are equipped with two standard bulbs that have the disadvantage that they will have to be replaced often, burning easily due to high temperatures. In the case of some hoods, changing a light bulb can be a real adventure.

Newer and more advanced models of hoods use LED lights located in the 4 elbows of the hood that can be easily removed and replaced in case of failure. In addition, LED lights have a much longer lifespan and a very high energy efficiency.

Ease of installation

Most kitchen hotels, especially those with evacuation, need a rather complicated installation from a technical point of view and you will have to turn to a professional for installation. The simpler models with recirculation are much easier to install and usually require only a few dowels with screws in the wall for mounting.

In most cases, installing an exhaust hood, although more expensive, comes with several benefits that justify the effort.


Once you have established all the details that the future hood will fulfill, you must also take into account the price, an extremely important aspect. You can search for all the hotels that respect your wishes and choose the cheapest one.

The price for a kitchen hood is not very high in general. It starts from 200-300 lei and does not exceed 2000 lei, if it is not a professional kitchen, where the requirements increase quite a lot.

The best hood: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, taking into account the existing offer and the opinions of buyers, we further recommend some models of kitchen hoods that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Decorative hood Pyramis NTAIR KA160

The Best Kitchen Hood 6 All Pyramis hotels can be installed to operate with the exhaust air intake or the recirculation (filtration) mode.
Activated carbon filters retain any absorbed substance before the air is recirculated.
Metal filters have two functions: they protect the inside of the hood by preventing the absorption of grease and give a more pleasant aesthetic appearance.
Minimum absorption capacity (m3 / h): 308
Maximum absorption capacity (m3 / h): 440

See details and price

2. Hood KÜGERR D 100 – 60cm – Absorption Power 983 m3 / h

The Best Kitchen Hood 7 High Absorption Power (983 m3 / h).
Deep Silent Modes (Modes 1, 2, and 3).
5 Speed Levels.
Energy Saving Ratio up to 65% *.
Digital – Screen Control.
Filter Cleaning Warning .
Automatic Shutdown Programming.
Complete Stainless Steel.

See details and price

3. Gorenje DF 6116E telescopic built-in hood

The Best Kitchen Hood 8 Metal filters from Gorenje hotels are designed to remove grease particles and can be easily removed and cleaned.
Extracted hotels attract smoke and retain vapors in the filter, eliminating odors from the outside through a ventilation pipe.
Number of motors: 2 – Lighting lamp: 2 x 40 W
Power (W): 250
Minimum absorption capacity (m3 / h): 224
Maximum absorption capacity (m3 / h): 384

See details and price

4. Beko CTB 6407 X telescopic built-in hood

The Best Kitchen Hood 9 The maintenance costs of the hood are reduced due to the metal anti-grease filters that are washable and easy to clean .
The powerful halogen lighting completes the design and elegant appearance of the Beko hood.
The Beko hood, through its absorption power , is your reliable ally.
The operation of the hood is much quieter , compared to ordinary hotels.

See details and price

5. Traditional Star-Light HA-260SS hood, 2 engines

The Best Kitchen Hood 10 Made of stainless steel , which gives it the ability to easily fit in any color frame, but also a long life.
The traditional Star-Light HA-260SS hood allows both outdoor and indoor evacuation .
It is equipped with two aluminum filters , which are easier to maintain than the old canvas models and offer a more pleasant aesthetic appearance.
It is equipped with an LED lighting system that gives you a pleasant and useful ambiance when cooking.

See details and price

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