The Best LED TVs brands comparison in 2021

LCD LED TVs are the backbone of the TV industry. They are available in almost any size and vary in quality, from the smallest cheap TVs to the most advanced models. In 2021, some LED LCD TVs are very close to the image quality offered by OLEDs, but without the risk of permanent pixel burning / burn-in or temporary image retention.

We have evaluated and reviewed 51 LED TVs in recent months and here are our recommendations for the best LED TVs to purchase in 2021.

The Best LED TVs in 2021

LG UK6470 LED – Nea Placut Recommendation

Samsung NU730 LED – Curved

Philips 7303 LED – Ambient Lighting

Samsung NU7100 LED – Low Budget

LG UK6200 LED – Low Budget Alternative


LG LED UK6470 – Recommendation Nea cut PL

The Best Led Tvs Of The Moment

Nominated in both our article on the best overall TVs and the best 4K TVs, in both cases for the low budget category, the UK6470 from LG is a 4K UHD smart TV that boasts the latest version of the LG WebOS. The TV serves as a smart hub for streaming all your favorite content and is Alexa compatible, so you can sync it with your smart home ecosystem.

Enjoy seamless playback of fast-moving content with TruMotion 120, a technology that ensures you enjoy all moments without stuttering and screen-tearing, from the final seconds of a tense scene to the final phase of the match .

With a sleek design and slim casing, this smart TV model looks stylish all around, whether it's mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. The large number of ports allow you to easily connect to all types of content, be it from a local device or via Bluetooth or wireless. Of course you will not benefit from any super revolutionary technology, but if all you want is a quality smart TV with an intuitive menu and a very good image quality then this LG UK6470 is what you are looking for.


The Best Led Tvs Of The Moment 1

If you want an ultra-curved TV with a large diagonal but without being exaggerated for your home, this 138cm smart TV model from Samsung – the leader in the UHD curved TV industry today – is a great choice. This curved 4K TV option boasts a true Ultra HD color spectrum with HDR compatibility for a great image, along with the backlighting of the LED screen.

Three HDMI ports allow you to connect external streaming speakers, Blu-Ray players and game consoles, while built-in smart functionality makes streaming very easy. Older video formats are also scaled; although they won't really be 4K, your old content will look better and clearer than before.

It is not the largest Samsung smart TV in the group, but at the current selling price of only 2,500 LEI, the 2019 Samsung 55NU7302 is one of the best 4K UHD deals you will find on an ultra HD curved TV. If you are looking for a smart 4K Ultra HD TV that will really appeal to you, a curved HDR model is the way to go. Moreover, if you feel the need for a larger model, the 163 cm version is also available for sale for 3,800 LEI.


The Best Led Tvs Of The Moment 2

Philips is working hard for the 7303 series LCD market. It has the same Ambilight technology, which impressed us in previous years, but combines it with a folding VA panel that seems to offer excellent HDR performance – the brightness is a bit low for our preferences but not enough to affect our opinion negatively.

The case has a glossy, glossy metallic finish, applied to the screen frame, a design that blends very well with the glass and metal base. The most attractive of all, however, is the Ambilight technology that casts colored light from all three sides of the TV.

The graphics features of the 7303 should impress even the eyes of audio-video fans. Especially the use of a direct lighting system with LEDs, where the LEDs are directly behind the screen and not around its edges. This approach offers a better overall contrast with darker and brighter scenes, especially on large screens.

The 7303 series also incorporates the smart Android TV platform very well. It offers hundreds of applications in a sophisticated interface (which can sometimes seem crowded), as well as improved connectivity with Android smart devices. This enhanced connectivity includes the ability to use your Android phone to simplify the initial installation of your TV, and built-in Google Assistant support, which includes the ability to control devices connected to the Google Assistant.


The Best Led Tvs Of The Moment 3

Samsung NU7100 offers an almost completely perfect and clear image with very few artifacts. It doesn't have the brightness performance needed to make the most of HDR compatibility, but for the low price you get a really high quality image. The NU7100 offers 4K Ultra HD resolution and a high dynamic range (HDR) at a low budget.

Given the price of the Samsung NU7100, it is not at all surprising that premium materials are not used, although for many potential buyers, it does not matter: most people will buy for the image, not for the frame.

Despite being the cheapest 4K TV in the current Samsung range, the NU7100 offers a wonderfully clear 4K image. The images are detailed and clear, without the slight distortion that is often observed when forcibly scaling the quality of HD images. The NU7100 is HDR ready, meaning it can play HDR10 content for a wider range of colors and a higher contrast level than standard dynamic content (SDR). It can even support HDR10 +, a premium HDR format (such as Dolby Vision) and even HLG.

The colors are certainly richer when displaying HDR content, and what is most impressive is that the basic level of HDR offered still manages to look balanced and natural. Samsung's NU7100 can't achieve the impossible with its budget specifications, but it manages to give a qualitative image with a clear level above that of SDR images. It is notoriously difficult for a company to balance the requirements of state-of-the-art display technology with low-end processors, but the Samsung NU7100 has overcome this obstacle with flying colors.

The Samsung NU7100 keeps its balance between some of its budget specifications and 4K HDR LED technology in an impressive way, providing a clear and balanced image that uses basic HDR capabilities in a very efficient way. Its smart TV platform is easy to use, this low-budget 4K LED TV from Samsung manages to offer an excellent experience at a very affordable price.


LG UK6200 LED Low Budget Alternative

The Best Led Tvs Of The Moment 4

LG's best low-budget LED TV is a UK6200 4K, a model that replaces last year's UJ6200. It doesn't have as much brightness as the SK9000, nor does it have a local dimming feature to improve performance in dark rooms, but overall the image is very clear with an impeccable color gamut.

It has an IPS panel that gives it wide viewing angles, so that it works well for those with larger living rooms, where it is not uncommon to find viewing spaces on the side of the TV. The UK 6200 has a smaller input lag than many other LG TVs and a fast response time that leaves little room for motion blur. All this makes this LG model a decent choice for gamers or sports fans who are looking for a budget option.

Unfortunately, the image quality in a dark room is sub-standard and may not provide a good movie viewing experience. The TV operates at full capacity in a moderately lit room.

Not as versatile as Samsung's low-budget option, the LG UK6200 is rather suitable for gamers and large families where the large viewing angle and intuitive navigation menu put you one step ahead.

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