The best lint cleaner and remover for clothes

How do you choose the best lint cleaner? What functions and features should the lint cleaner have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Lint Cleaner You definitely choose the clothes you wear carefully, because you always want to look impeccable.

Unfortunately, when lint does appear, you may experience problems, which means that you need help to get out of trouble.

The solution to problems of this nature is particularly simple!

The best lint cleaner contributes greatly to your well-being – it helps you get out of the house quietly, without worrying that you still have traces of cat hair or other types of lint on your clothes.

Top 3 recommended lint cleaners

How to choose the best lint cleaner

In the lines below you can read the main elements that you need to pay attention to before buying such a device, so that it fits perfectly to your needs. You deserve to always have a perfect outfit!


First of all, it is ideal to check the power of the lint cleaner, because depending on this aspect, the device will be one with which you can get rid of all the lint in a short time or not.

Usually, the power for such a device is 2 – 5 W, choose products of medium power, so you can use the device on both hard textures and delicate textures.


We also recommend that you study the type of filter with which the lint cleaner is equipped. Ideally, it should be as easy to access as possible, so that it can be cleaned and changed as easily as possible, whenever needed.


The best lint cleaner and remover for clothes The lint machine is very useful for use both at home and when traveling. Check the type of power the device needs.

Most models run on AA or AAA batteries. They can be used for one to two months, but their brand is very important to be durable.

On the other hand, you can also opt for rechargeable batteries, but it is good to study the type of power supply you are buying to make sure that it provides the batteries with power for as long as possible.


Also consider studying the weight of the lint cleaner. Ideally, the device you choose should be as light as possible. So choose a lint cleaner that is small but powerful at the same time.

This way you will be able to put it very easily in the luggage, if you go on the road, and at home you will be able to store it very easily in a drawer, to have it at your disposal whenever you need it.


If you plan to take the lint cleaner on your travels, then the device you buy must have a carrying case and a brush to clean it.


Like any other product, the cleaning device you choose must have a warranty period of as long as possible (two years) in order to be able to benefit from free repairs if necessary.

The best lint cleaner: recommendations

1. Solac H101 lint cleaner

The Best Lint Cleaner 2 Includes socket adapter for more consistent results.
Strong: for all types of fabric.
Works at the outlet and / or with batteries: 220 V power supply or 2 2R14 batteries.
Large diameter cutting head.
Three levels of proximity for all types of fabric.
Handle control – Includes cleaning brush.
Detachable lint container for easier cleaning.

See details and price

2. Tefal lint cleaner JB1011E0

The Best Lint Cleaner 3 Easy to use due to the ergonomic handle and the wireless use.
Efficient use due to the large contact surface and the transparent detachable lint container.
Easy to clean thanks to the detachable components and the included cleaning brush.
Ideal for all types of fabrics due to the function with 4 different lengths.
High quality stainless steel mesh and 3-tooth blade for fast cutting over a wide area guarantee fast and efficient cleaning sessions.

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3. Philips GC026 / 00 lint cleaner

The Best Lint Cleaner 4 The wide surface of the blade ensures the simultaneous coverage of a larger area of clothing, requiring fewer movements to make your clothing look like new again.
The cleaning brush will help you clean the appliance after each use
The blades rotate at 8800 rpm to efficiently and quickly remove lint from your clothing.
The lint container is easy to remove and empty.
2 Philips AA batteries are included in the package

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4. Concept OZ-1410 lint cleaner

The Best Lint Cleaner The device effectively removes lint from all types of fabrics.
The device works with 2 1.5V batteries so it can be used at home or you can take it everywhere with you with small dimensions.
It is easy to disassemble and clean.

Surface type: Multi-surface.
Weight: 0.12 Kg.

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5. Laica HI4001 lint cleaner

The Best Lint Cleaner 5 The Laica lint cleaner belongs to that group of items that are always useful to have around, as it is necessary to keep sweaters, T-shirts and jackets neat and clean.
Practical and easy to handle and use.
Suction type: Dry – Power type: Batteries.
Package contents: Laica HI4001 lint cleaner, protective cover, cleaning brush.

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