the best magnetic drawing board


the best magnetic drawing board

Magnetic Panels – Product Review and comparison in 2021

When you want to present something to a group of people and you want what you say to have an even bigger impact, a magnetic board could help you. On it you can write down all kinds of ideas, you have the possibility to catch with magnets various objects or plans or you can even help your child with homework, if you buy it for your home, not for the office or school. If it’s time to buy such a product, the list below will be useful.Magnetoplan Ferroscript is the article on the 1st place. It is a magnetic board with dimensions of 1200 x 900 mm, which will offer a decent writing surface, even if you want to use it for a larger room. It has edges made of dark gray ABS, and on the top right corner is the brand logo. This model can be mounted on the wall both horizontally and vertically and comes with a tray for markers / sponges and mounting accessories. If what you are looking for is a magnetic board that is a little more affordable, see the product on the 2nd place – VISUAL Premium .

Comparative table

It is a scratch resistant product, which is large enough to be used in all kinds of presentations that can take place at various conferences, and is a good choice even at home, if you want to help your child with homework, if you have enough space to install it – 1200 x 900 mm.

This magnetic board is not very permissive in terms of acquisition cost, because it involves allocating a more generous budget.

Consider purchasing this item, if you want to use a quality product, quite large in size and scratch resistant.

It is a suitable choice for both the office and the home, due to the dimensions of 1200 x 900 mm and the fact that it can be installed by fastening with screws or hanging. Comes with a lot of accessories, to be ready to use immediately: markers, sponge, magnets, cleaning spray, mounting kit.

You will need to have a drill to catch it on the wall, so consider this aspect of installing the product.

Choose to buy this magnetic board so that you can make your presentations even more interesting and not have to buy the necessary accessories separately.

It can be easily moved from one room to another, when you want to present various things, because it is installed on a support that has wheels for transport at the bottom, which can be locked for better stability. The board rotates to provide an even more generous surface to note.

It can occupy a generous space, given that it is used on a support that allows moving and rotating.

It is a suitable option for cases where such a sheet is needed in several rooms, because it is easy to move.

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Magnetoplan Ferroscript

the best magnetic drawing board

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