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What is the best meat grinder ? What functions and features should the shredder have to suit your needs? Read our article for concrete tips.

The Best Meat Grinder An electric meat grinder is an essential tool for every chef, whether amateur or professional.

Although it is mainly used for chopping meat, the mincer can be multifunctional and can chop many other things, including fruits and vegetables.

Among the main benefits of the best meat grinder are the small effort to chop everything you need and the accessories it comes with, which helps you in many other operations.

The time used for these operations is also short, so its benefits are quite large.

When choosing a shredder , you can opt for a mechanical one, or an electric one. Obviously, the electric one is much more efficient, has extremely many options and will give you much less hassle in every operation you do.

How do you choose the best meat grinder?

The market is very rich in offers of shredders, so when you decide on the purchase of such a tool, you must take into account many criteria.

Assuming you have chosen to buy an electric shredder, you must also take into account the following things. The Best Meat Grinder 1

Engine power

This is expressed in Watts and is extraordinarily important. The higher the power, the faster the shredder will be and easier to use. Higher power does not automatically mean higher energy consumption.

A lower power shredder can consume more energy because the shredding process can take longer. For this reason, you must choose a car as powerful as possible.

Chopping dimensions

You can opt for shredders with large, medium or fine chopping sizes. This aspect determines the size that the pieces of meat will have, after they are chopped. Most shredders, however, offer options for several sizes;

The accessories it comes with

The more accessories there are, the better, because it will give you more possibilities. The mincer can come with sausage, tomato, vegetable or mincer accessories to grind cake ingredients;

The materials from which it is built

This is a very important element, because the quality of the knives, sieves and other components can give the life that the car will have; The Best Meat Grinder 2

Chopping capacity and reverse function

The chopping capacity will determine exactly how much food you will be able to chop and the reverse function is very useful when the machine crashes, because it can remove the food on top;

Operating speed

You can choose a single speed shredder, between 500 and 600 W, or you can choose one with a higher power, which usually offers two shredding stages, each of the stages having different intensities.

The higher power helps you save both time and energy, because the rotations are caused by a motor, not by mechanical force, no need to intervene in the chopping process;


One of the aspects that guides every buyer, the price can be a deciding factor when choosing a shredder.

Even if it is an extremely important aspect, establish exactly all the criteria you want the shredder to meet, then find all the machines that fall into these criteria.

Choose the car with the lowest price and which offers you the greatest confidence, both in terms of reviews on the internet and in terms of the manufacturer.

A well-known company offers several guarantees in terms of quality and has several benefits.

The best meat grinder: recommendations

Taking into account the above criteria, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of the buyers, we can recommend you some models of shredders with a quality / price / functionality ratio as good as possible.

1. Bosch MFW67440 meat grinder

The Best Meat Grinder 3 Very fast processing due to the powerful motor and the high installed power of the motor.
Flexible use both for chopping meat and fish, and for preparing Kibbeh and sausages.
Easy handling thanks to the practical handle, cable storage compartment and disc compartment.

See details and price

2. Gorenje MG2000XE mincer

The Best Meat Grinder 4

Chopping speed: 2.2 kg / min
Heavy duty metal housing
Reverse rotation function
Meat mincing accessories: 2
Accessories for the preparation of salami and biscuits: 1
Stainless steel housing.
Net weight: 4.2 kg.

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3. Tefal NE445 meat mincer

The Best Meat Grinder 5 Thanks to the powerful 2,000 W motor , you can chop up to 2.3 kg of meat per minute .
3 stainless steel sieves for 3 types of chopping results depending on the food prepared.
The sausage accessory helps you to shape and shape them easily.
Prepare delicious homemade juices and coulis sauce from soft fruits and tomatoes with the dedicated accessory and the 2 filters .

See details and price

4. Zelmer ZMM4282W shredder

The Best Meat Grinder 6 The 2 sieves can grind and grind various products , while a special accessory will help you fill sausages and other homemade sausages .
The special juicer , available in the delivery set, allows you to process tomatoes or soft fruits right in your kitchen.
Food processing capacity of 2.5 kg / min.
2-sided knife made of stainless steel to extend the service life and performance of the shredder.
The motor is protected against possible faults by the safety coupling.

See details and price

5. Heinner MG1500TA-BG shredder

The Best Meat Grinder 7 The Heinner MG 1500TA mincer is your reliable partner in the kitchen, in the culinary journey.
Power: 1600W – Tomato accessory
Chopping capacity: 2kg / min
Reverse function
Three cutting sites
Stainless steel knife
Noise level: 89 dB

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