the best mechanical keyboard for gaming in 2021


the best mechanical keyboard for gaming in 2021

Mechanical keyboards – Product Review and comparison in 2021

When you really want to feel the buttons on a keyboard and control it in the safest way possible, you have to choose a mechanical version and ignore that it is more robust and noisy than one that has, for example, silicone keys. Such an option is most common in gamers, because they need the best performing peripheral components, which respond as quickly and accurately as possible to commands. We have done a series of research on products of this type on the market and we have compiled a list that includes those that have attracted our most attention. In first place is theRazer BlackWidow X Tournament Chroma , a model for gaming enthusiasts, which connects to the PC with a USB cable, to have the best signal. It has the classic keys, but also special, programmable and multi-media buttons, in order to adapt as easily as possible to your requirements. This product is illuminated with RGB LEDs, easy to customize. The dimensions are 360 x 156 x 41 mm, and the weight is 1.13 kg, to be as stable as possible. If you want a more affordable option, see Redragon Aryaman , the article on the 2nd place.

Comparative table

This keyboard is built especially for gamers, with buttons that allow a quick operation and a prompt response to commands, without signal loss, thanks to the USB interface. It has a metal construction, for resistance, compact design, to have a pleasant appearance and RGB LED lighting, to be easy to use at night.

It is a rather expensive purchase, considering the characteristics it has, which is why a larger budget is needed.

If you can afford it, buy this keyboard with special buttons and lighting, which will achieve the desired performance in gaming and more.

It is special first of all due to its appearance, because it is black, with a metal case and LED lighting that can be set so that it is completely to your liking. Responds to commands easily, connecting via USB cable and having contactless keys, but also multimedia buttons easy to access

It has a wrist support that attracts fingerprints very easily, which is quite annoying, because it must always be erased.

It is an affordable and quality model, illuminated with RGB LEDs, with USB interface, support for wrists and generous dimensions.

It is a financially affordable option, which offers quality at the same time, because it is reliable at over 50 million button presses, the writing on the keys is not erased and it is resistant to contact with water. It is also equipped with RGB LED lighting, which can be set in several ways, at various intensities.

If you are a more sensitive person to noise, keep in mind that this keyboard is quite noisy when you press the buttons.

Buy this device if you want quality, resistance, precision and a product with a pleasant and cheerful appearance, which has RGB LED lighting.

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Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Chroma

the best mechanical keyboard for gaming in 2021

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