the best memory card for android phone

Memory Cards – Product Review and comparison in 2021

There are a lot of devices that accept memory cards to expand the space on the respective gadget (mobile phones, tablets, camera / video, drones, thermal imaging cameras, MP3s, etc.), and their range is very varied, which is why you will easily find what you need. We studied the online market a bit and prepared a list that includes some of the most popular models. The first place is occupied bySamsung Micro-SDXC EVO Plus , a 64 GB card, with a read speed of 100 MB / s and a writing speed of 60 MB / s. It can also be used for 4K filming. Along with the micro-SDXC card you will also find an SD adapter, in case you need it. Another interesting option is Kingston Canvas Select Plus , the product in second place.

Comparative table

It is a memory card with a fairly large capacity – 64 GB, which also allows recording files with 4K resolution. It will offer fast read / write speeds – 60 MB / s, respectively 100 MB / s and resistance to all kinds of factors that could affect it (water, extreme temperatures, magnetic fields and X-rays).

The package does not contain a miniSD adapter, in case you have a device that requires the use of a card in this format.

This product may be right for you if you are looking for a model that moves quickly and has a generous capacity.

Memory card available at an affordable price, compatible with the Android system, suitable for supplementing the storage space on mobile phones and tablets. It comes with an SD adapter and provides a read speed of 100mb / s, which means smooth playback of audio-video materials stored on this device.

The writing speed rarely exceeds 20mb / s, and the 32GB capacity can be limited for those who work with videos, high resolution photos, etc.

MicroSD card for phone and tablet, efficient and durable, ideal for expanding the storage capacity of mobile devices.

This card is a quality and accessible option for any smartphone owner who wants some extra space to store photos, videos or music. It can be used on other devices, as long as they accept the capacity of 16 GB and need a model in normal or micro format.

It does not have a very high read / write speed, which is why it is not preferred by people looking for a faster device.

Consider this purchase if you want to buy a 16 GB microSD card for your gadget, which also has an SD adapter.

In-depth reviews about the best memory cards

Online, it will be simple and fast to choose the right product, which is why we have prepared a list that includes some of the most interesting options you can buy.

Phone memory card:

Samsung Micro-SDXC EVO Plus

the best memory card for android phone Are you looking for a memory card for your phone or for another device? Have you seen this model? It is a variant that can be used on devices that support SDXC or microSDXC, with an adapter that makes it fit perfectly in the intended hole.

This variant is a 64 GB memory card, which offers a generous storage space for those who want to keep as many multimedia files in a certain gadget. It works with a very good speed, namely: up to 100 MB / s for reading and up to 60 MB / s for writing. It is also suitable for 4K filming, being part of UHS class 3.

This product is a memory card for Samsung J3, Huawei P10, LG W30 Pro, HTC 10 and many other phones that accept variants up to 64 GB. It is resistant to water, extreme temperatures (between -20 and 85 degrees Celsius), X-rays and magnetic fields.


32 GB memory card:

Kingston Canvas Select Plus

the best memory card for android phone

If you need a microSD card for your Android phone or tablet, we offer you this model from Kingston, with a storage capacity of 32GB, ideal for supplementing the internal memory of devices and for storing documents and images.

It allows reading information with a speed of up to 100mb / s, but when writing, it offers you a maximum of 20mb / s, so if you need something faster, it may not be the best version for you. But you can use it quite comfortably as a support for audio and video clips, and even for some applications, without playback speed problems. It is part of the UHS-1 or 10 class, which means that the transfer speed does not fall below 10mb / s.

It comes with an SD adapter that allows you to insert the card into devices that do not have a microSD reader and can be purchased at an affordable price. This model is also available in 16, 64, 128 and 256GB variants.


16 GB memory card:

Kingston MicroSDHC Canvas Select

the best memory card for android phone Want to buy a memory card for Samsung J5, Huawei P9 Lite, Allview Soul X5 Mini and many other smartphones that support micro versions up to 16 GB? This product could be a good choice. It belongs to Kingston, known for the quality and affordable devices they have on the market.

Canvas Select is a 16 GB memory card with a transfer rate of 80 MB / s for reading and 10 MB / s for writing. It can be used on all kinds of gadgets that accept mini accessory or a normal one, because it comes with a special adapter.

This is a memory card, at a good price, which you will be able to afford quite easily. It is made to withstand extreme temperatures, between -25 and 85 degrees Celsius, so that in case of unpleasant incidents or its use in more difficult conditions, you do not lose the content.


Adata Premier MicroSDHC

the best memory card for android phone

We recommend this memory card if you are interested in a device with good resistance to cold, heat, X-rays and water, and the large storage capacity is not necessarily a necessity for you. It is a microSDHC / SDXC UHS-I class 10 model, which means that it constantly exceeds the transfer speed of 10mb / s. It offers a transfer speed of up to 50mb / s for reading, sufficient for quick access to information.

You can use it to expand the storage capacity of your phone, tablet, camera / video, etc., as long as your mobile device is compatible with this type of card and with a capacity of 16GB. It comes with an SD adapter, so you can use it on laptops with such a port, if you need to transfer larger files, harder to send by email.

It is not the most powerful microSDHC card on the market, but you can buy it at a reasonable price and it offers you a pretty good storage capacity. For more, you can turn to the 64GB model, also available in this series.


128 GB memory card:

Samsung Micro-SDHC EVO Plus

the best memory card for android phone When choosing a device with a larger capacity, such as this memory card, 128 GB, first of all you have to make sure that the device you want to use it accepts such a high value. It is of the small type, but it also has an adapter for the normal version.

Regarding the speed with which the data is written / read, this model is part of Class 10, UHS 3, which is why it will offer transfer speeds of about 100 MB / s. You can also use it to record it in 4K format, in case you are a professional photographer, vlogger and so on.

The card now in question is resistant to water (IEC 60592 and IPX7), but also to magnetic radiation and radiology, so that it can be easily used in any environment. Considering the capacity of this model, but also other features that we mentioned, the quality-price ratio is correct.


8 GB memory card:

MicroSDHC series

the best memory card for android phone Don’t have a very big budget and you need a cheap and good memory card? This could be a good option for you. You can use it for extra space on your smartphone, tablet, camera, MP3, etc., as long as a very large capacity is needed.

This 8 GB memory card is microSDHC time, with a write transfer speed of 10 MB / s. It’s not much, but it’s enough for the basics. In the event that you want to use it for devices that need a normal model, then you have an SD adapter included in the purchase package.

There are no details in the online environment regarding the resistance of this article to various external factors. We do not recommend this product to people who want, for example, to use it for high resolution filming. It does not come with a mini card adapter, but only with the micro and the normal version.


Micro SD memory card:

Sandisk microSDXC Ultra

the best memory card for android phone This is one of the best memory cards. It is in microSDXC format and can be used on all kinds of devices, from smart mobile phones, to professional cameras that shoot in Full HD or 4K format. It will give you enough space for everything you want to save / record, because it has a very large capacity of 200 GB.

The card we are talking about now will allow data transfer at a very good speed, of about 100 MB / s, which is appreciated even by the most demanding buyers. It is part of the speed class 10 and the UHS-I U1 standard.

This micro SD memory card comes with an SD adapter that allows you to use such variants. From the point of view of the acquisition cost, it requires a slightly higher financial investment, compared to other items on our list, but it is worth the money, considering the ones mentioned above.


SD memory card:

Sandisk Extreme PRO

the best memory card for android phone Sandisk Extreme PRO is considered by many to be the best memory card. We tell you from the start that it has a much higher price than other variants that have the same capacity as it, 64 GB. But this is a justified one. Why? We will tell you in the following.

The device is the first high-capacity device in the world, which supports VPG-655, more precisely, which ensures smooth, unblocked shooting in 4K format. In addition, it has much higher transfer speeds than you usually find on the market – 160 MB / s for reading and 150 MB / s for writing.

This is not an ordinary SD memory card, but one with the UDMA 7 (Ultra Direct Memory Access 7) interface, found in professional cameras. Not suitable for mobile phones or devices that support the popular micro / mini variants. It has no adapter but is easily delivered.



Advanced Memory cards Buying guide

Many times, we may run out of space on our phone, tablet, camera, etc. In such cases, the saving solution is to use a memory card that allows you to write data and to help you expand the capacity of the device to be able to keep as many pictures, videos, audio files and so on. Such products are often sought after by those who have devices with very low memory – drones, car cameras, thermal imaging cameras, etc.

But you can’t buy the first model that comes your way, but you have to buy the right one. By what criteria do you choose it? We will tell you in the following.

the best memory card for android phone

Compatibility : This is the most important aspect, because if you do not choose the right item, you buy it in vain. Here we refer more precisely to the type of card that your device supports and to its maximum capacity. You will find such information in the user manual of the device in which you want to insert the card.

Capacity : Since you have established which model supports your item and the maximum capacity it can have, you need to think about how many GB are needed. Yes, you can use a 128 GB card, but you need so much, since you are a basic user, who still takes a picture from time to time or receives all sorts of files from friends on the applications socializing?

Then, if, for example, you are a professional photographer and you make content at a very good quality, will 64 GB be enough for you or is something much more necessary, such as a 256 GB article? Or maybe even 1 TB?

Think carefully about the needs you have and buy according to this criterion. The more storage a card gives you, the higher its price will be.

Tip : As you may have noticed, not all products in this category are the same. The difference is made between the physical dimensions (normal, mini or micro – SD / SDHC / SDXC) and those related to capacity.

In terms of size, they are normal (micro or mixed) memory cards (at good prices). The last ones are used together with an adapter that allows the introduction of the micro / mini ones in a special hole that transforms them into normal variants.

the best memory card for android phone

If you are interested in exactly what dimensions each has: normal – 32 x 24 mm, mini – 21.5 x 20 mm, micro – 11 x 15 mm.

Regarding the capacity, for SD / miniSD / microSD models, this is between 1MB and 4 GB. They are a bit older, which are no longer extremely desirable, but for many they are still good enough. Then follow the SDHC / microSDHC variants, which have from 4 to 32 GB and the SDXC ones that can reach even 2 TB. The latter are harder to find in our country, here the largest variants being 256 GB.

Speed : This detail is important, especially when you want what you copy to / from the card to transfer as quickly as possible. Until recently there were four speeds, numbered with 2, 4, 6 and 10, each digit representing the minimum number of MB / s with which the data transfer is made.

Over time, however, things have advanced and more high-performance devices have appeared (used in Full HD or 4K filming) and, implicitly, the need for higher speed. Thus, other upper classes were launched, among which we mention:

UHS (Ultra High Speed) – you can easily recognize it when you see such a model, because on it there is a symbol that resembles the letter “U”, inside which is passed a number from 1 to 3 (1 represents a minimum of 10 MB / s, 2 means at most 20 MB / s and 3 refers to at least 30 MB / s).

Video speed class – on some models you will see that certain values are entered in “Vx” format, where “x” is 6, 10, 30, 60, 90 and means the minimum number of MB / s with which data can be written on card. There are more expensive and helpful options for those who want to shoot at a 4K resolution.

Key details : Some models come bundled with a number of functions / features that make them usable and safer:

Recovery software – in case you accidentally deleted / lost various files, they can be easily recovered.

the best memory card for android phone

Increased resistance – is given by the ability of a device to withstand water, mechanical shocks, extreme temperatures, magnetic fields, etc., without damaging the data written on it.

Now that you have learned how to make an informed choice about such a product, it will be easier for you to form opinions about the best memory cards. Consider buying online, because you will find better prices and you will also save time, because you no longer walk through stores.

Frequent questions

Does the brand or storage space matter more to a memory card?

When you want to buy a memory card, at a good price, brand and capacity are two important selection criteria.

The brand is important especially when you want something with a very large storage space, because not all manufacturers are appreciated for the quality of devices in such situations.

the best memory card for android phone

But capacity seems to be even more important, and here two aspects come to mind: compatibility and enough space. Regarding the first, check not to buy a model that allows more GB than it accepts the device in which you want to insert it.

Regarding the second point, you have to have room for everything you need and not exaggerate in the idea that “it’s good to be”, because the more generous an article is, the more expensive it is.

Who are the most popular manufacturers of memory cards for your phone?

When buying a phone memory card, many people have a habit of taking into account the brand . It’s not a bad thing, especially when you want very good performance.

If your budget is smaller, we recommend models from Sandisk, Transcend or Kingston. If you are not interested in the price, but the quality, opt for variants from Lexar, Toshiba or Samsung.

What memory card copy instructions should I follow?

Such an accessory is easy to use. Since you have it in a certain device, you can move multimedia files from the internal memory to that of the card, acting on the picture / clip / song you want transferred. We can’t say exactly the steps, because it’s different from one device to another.

Copying can also be done from the computer. In such situations, all you have to do is connect the device in which the card is located, via a wire or modern technologies (Bluetooth, for example), then select the desired file, and copy / move it to outer space.

Be careful not to disconnect the gadget during copying and have enough space on the card for what you want to transfer.

the best memory card for android phone

How to do data recovery from micro SD memory card?

If you have unpleasant situations in which you cannot access a card or you accidentally deleted the content from it, you should know that recovery programs are very useful – DiskDigger, ZAR X, Recuva or GetDataBack. These softwares will help you regain possession of lost files. They have a simple and intuitive interface, so it will not be difficult at all.

How to configure and use the memory card

It doesn’t matter if you buy memory cards, cheap and good or very expensive. You need to know how to configure and use them, so that everything is fine and you do not have unpleasant situations in which you do not have access to certain multimedia files. The tips below will help you.

the best memory card for android phone

Install the card

For starters, all you have to do is insert the card properly into the hole provided. This is done when the gadget is turned off. Look carefully at the tray in which you need to place it and position it correctly.

After you have done this, open the device. Most of the time, the settings are made automatically, without you having to do anything specific. If this does not happen, a notification will be displayed on the screen asking you to configure it, at which point you must follow the instructions received.

You may be asked if you want portable or internal storage. In the case of the first variant, when you insert the card in another gadget, what you have on it will be displayed (except for applications), and in the second it will not happen, but it will be necessary to format when changing his in another device.

Move files / applications to the card

Since you bought such a product, you most likely needed it. Well, see what you can transfer to it from the internal memory and do that. Such actions will lead to the release of internal storage space, which will lead to a better functioning of the operating system you use on a certain gadget.

There are cases in which certain phone models do not allow moving applications. In such cases, you can only transfer photos, videos and music.

If it is possible to transfer applications, keep in mind that once they are moved to the card they will be a bit slower. Ideally, you should do this with the ones you do not use daily.

Format it when you think something is wrong

In the event that you think there are problems with your memory card and you are afraid of losing what you have on it, transfer that data to an external device, then format it.

If you use it on your phone, you can do this from the menu, looking for the device and acting on it, and if you need to format it from your PC, for example, right click on it, selectFormatRestore default settingsStart .

Once you have connected it to an external device, turn it off correctly

You will also have to be careful when you want to remove a card from your phone / tablet / camera, etc., but also after you have copied files from a PC.

Regarding the cases in which you want to physically remove it from certain devices, this must be done first from the menu. Go to the gadget settings and look for the option to remove / remove it (if it exists), then turn off the device and remove it.

the best memory card for android phone

If you connected it to a computer, before disconnecting it, right-click on it andRemove / Eject . By doing so, you do not risk accidentally losing data from the card.

Consider the above and you will use such a gadget correctly, and the chances of losing files from it will be significantly reduced.

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Sony MicroSDHC

This is a 32 GB microSDHC memory card. It will be suitable for people who have smartphones, tablets, cameras and many other devices that require variants in normal and micro format, also having an adapter that will help you in this regard.

This item is in class 10 in terms of transfer speed. At the same time, it is integrated in the UHS category, class 1, which means that it will be useful in high quality filming. It will reach a speed of up to 40 MB / s. According to users, it gives decent results in Full HD recordings, but also 4K.

This product will not be damaged due to moisture, dust, UV rays or anti-static energy. The quality-price ratio is correct. If in the first phase you find it more expensive than other items on our list, don’t forget to take into account the capacity it has.

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