The best microwave oven 2021 review

How do you choose the best microwave oven? What functions and features should the microwave oven have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Microwave Oven The microwave oven is one of the indispensable appliances in the kitchen.

Even if it is loved by some and less loved by others, the microwave is part of almost every home and jumps to the aid of the hurried or the comfortable, because it manages to heat or cook food in a very short time.

Why choose a good microwave?

Here are some of the major benefits of such an oven:

– You can cook or heat food very quickly, in a minute or two with a hot meal ready;
– You can also heat your water for tea and coffee very quickly;
– The fact that food is prepared very quickly, preserves many nutrients and vitamins from them, especially thermolabile nutrients and water-soluble vitamins.

The microwave is also the subject of much controversy and overuse can be unhealthy for the body, but this does not stop it from being part of the kitchen appliance that serves many homes.

How do you choose the best microwave oven?

When you decide to buy a microwave oven, you must take into account several criteria, to know for sure that you are making the right choice.

The Best Microwave Oven 1 The offer on the microwave oven market is very rich and it is best to orient yourself to get the perfect appliance for you, because it is a purchase that can last you for many years.

Here are some criteria to consider when purchasing an oven:

Aesthetics and available space

Take into account the aesthetics and the space of the kitchen . It is an important thing for harmony in your kitchen.

Before you go shopping, carefully analyze the space for the oven and make sure it will be safe.

Be sure to leave space for it so that it can be properly ventilated and plug it into a grounded outlet.

Functions and features

Think about what you use it for and choose a model with useful functions for you. Like any electronic device today, a microwave oven can have many functions, many that you use, many that you will never use.

You can choose a microwave oven with even cheaper functions, which can only heat and defrost food, or you can opt for a multifunctional microwave oven. It is more expensive, but it has functions through which you can prepare grilled or roasted food, or you can even bake various doughs.

Some microwave ovens even manage to encourage a healthier lifestyle, offering the possibility to cook with steam.

Oven capacity

Take into account the capacity of the chosen microwave oven.

The Best Microwave Oven 2 Depending on how much you cook or heat and how big your family is, you can choose between a high-capacity oven or a lower-capacity oven.

Depending on the capacity, the oven can have lateral or vertical heating or it can have both.

Analyze well what you need from an oven, because depending on the capacity and functions, it can have different costs.

Price and warranty

Keep in mind the price . Quality takes precedence, but price is an extremely important aspect.

You can buy a microwave oven between 200 lei and a few thousand lei, a very high price range that will give you big headaches. Obviously, you have to take into account the price and choose the cheapest option, but you have to make sure that it has everything you need.

Take care of the manufacturing company and the guarantee it offers . A microwave is a long-term purchase. Before buying it, try to inform yourself as well as possible about the best options!

There are definitely hundreds of opinions on the internet about various models of ovens and how good they are. Take them into account and try to choose the oven that offers you the greatest safety, both in terms of name and in terms of the guarantee offered.

After all, the best microwave oven is the oven that manages to solve all your needs, regardless of whether it is an oven of 200 lei, regardless of whether it is one that costs over 1000 lei.

The best microwave oven: recommendations

Taking into account the above criteria, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of other buyers, we can recommend some models of microwave ovens that stand out for their quality and complete functions.

1. Samsung GE83X microwave

The Best Microwave Oven 3 The elegant design with black mirror will make a great impression in the kitchen and will fit very well with your stylish interior.
The touch display , with the functions of the printed keys, is designed to be easy to use .
All foods are prepared perfectly and deliciously every time, thanks to the three microwave distribution points .
Samsung's ceramic enamel interior prevents bacteria from spreading and is 7 times more resistant to scratches and rust.

See details and price

2. Daewoo KOR-6S20R microwave oven

The Best Microwave Oven 4 This microwave has a generous capacity of 20 liters .
With high frequency microwaves , Daewoo ovens provide uniform heating throughout its cavity.
Easy to use turntable due to the new 3-arm guide of the turntable and its lower positioning.
Due to the larger cavity of this Daewoo microwave oven, you can insert a larger vessel inside it than in previous microwave ovens.

See details and price

3. Samsung ME73A microwave

The Best Microwave Oven 5 The fast defrost function offered by Samsung allows you to defrost food quickly and evenly , giving it freshness before freezing.
The small exterior takes up less space, thus being in harmony with any kitchen interior.
Because the interior space has no corners , cleaning is very easy, with no stains left.
The Eco button allows you to save energy in standby mode by up to 40%.

See details and price

4. Gorenje MO17DW microwave

The Best Microwave Oven 6 Preset programs and memory for easier use – Choose the type of food, enter the weight of the food, and the oven will automatically adjust the time and power.
The five power levels allow you to adjust the microwave level according to the dish you want to prepare.
More than that, a stopwatch will inform you of the time required for cooking .

See details and price

5. Hyundai HY 20MX77 microwave oven

The Best Microwave Oven 7 The feeling of style intensifies with the new range of microwaves.
The opening is wide and the white exterior is simple and elegant. Perfect for any kitchen space
The small exterior takes up less space, thus being in harmony with any kitchen interior.
6 power levels – 30 min timerdefrost function .
Rotating support with glass tray – diameter 245mm,
Program end alarmSpecial button for opening the door.

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