the best motherboard brand for gaming in 2021


the best motherboard brand for gaming  in 2021

The best motherboard – Our recommendations for 2021

A good motherboard is essential for anyone who uses a computer for activities that go beyond simple online browsing. If you are a gamer and you are willing to invest in one of the best performing motherboards you can find, we recommend you to analyze the model Asus STRIX Z390-H GAMING . It only supports new generation Intel processors, through socket 1151, the format is ATX, DDR4 memory and you can put 4 slots with a capacity of up to 64 GB. It has a 6-port SATA III interface, with a transfer rate of up to 600 Mb / s, which will complete high read and write speeds with SSD storage units. It also has advanced cooling system control functions, you can change the acoustic settings according to your preferences and it is equipped with an Intel Ethernet LAN controller (I219-V) for a smoother, faster gaming. If you prefer a more affordable motherboard, you might like the Gigabyte B450M DS3H .

Comparison table

State-of-the-art motherboard, with 1151 socket, ATX format, with six SATA III ports, with 64 GB of RAM, with technical features that make it suitable for gaming systems, with an advanced component cooling system, what offers the possibility to make audio adjustments according to preferences.

In order to mount this board, you must have a system equipped with a 9th and 8th generation Intel processor, Pentium® Gold or Celeron®.

It is an investment that you will enjoy for at least the next 10 years, because it is high enough performance to be worth buying.

It is equipped with AM4 socket, which makes it compatible with Ryzen processor systems (all generations), uses DDR4 memory, the maximum RAM capacity is 64 GB, which can be supplemented by the 4 available memory slots, and gives you most of the connectors you might need.

If you are not a skilled handcuffed person, the instruction manual will not be of much help to you, as the installation information is sporadic.

It remains a good board only for people who have a smaller budget, but want to upgrade an older system.

Performance board suitable for business systems, with socket 1151, which supports processors from the Intel range, i7, i5, i6, i3, Celeron and Pentium generations, with DDR4 memory and two RAM slots, being able to increase the RAM memory up to 32 GB, with 4 x SATA III storage interface, which you can improve in the future.

It has a socket for connecting a single fan, which will be insufficient for people who want an even more efficient cooling system.

It is a motherboard with decent performance, which also has a cost that will be to the liking of those who want to invest economically.

How to choose a good motherboard

Buyer’s guide

You can’t say you have a well-configured computer without a quality motherboard. This component has the role of establishing the correct connections between all the parts of the system and therefore it is located in a crucial position. For this reason, it is very important to know how the typology can influence all the performance that the computer will be capable of. You may end up asking yourself the question, “how do I buy a motherboard correctly?”, Especially if you do not have a solid knowledge of hardware.

Situations in which you may need a new such component may be relatively common; you will buy a new one, when you consider that you want to upgrade, it is bought separately, when you organize a new desktop system on components or analyze its qualities in an already proposed configuration, to see if you can use the computer for tasks routine, for video editing or even gaming.

In the first two situations, the most important aspect that directly influences the selection is the processor. If you buy all the parts of the system separately, first consider the processor, and only then you are interested in where to find motherboards at a good price buyers, choosing only a perfectly compatible part.

If these two elements are not 100% suitable for each other, the operation of the system is compromised from the start. So, to know what parameters determine an inspired purchase, we will present them briefly in this guide.

the best motherboard brand for gaming  in 2021

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