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How do you choose the best motorcycle helmet? What functions and features should a motorcycle helmet have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet If you are an enthusiast of traveling on two wheels, more precisely on a motorcycle, you are certainly aware of the need for a suitable safety helmet. Nowadays a motorcycle helmet is easy to find at a good price, so you can't afford to travel without it.

In addition to protecting your head and making the difference between life and death, a good motorcycle helmet can also ensure your comfort while driving, so you can enjoy the best experience on two wheels .

Whether it's the first time you buy such a protective accessory, or you want to replace the helmet with a safer one, here's how you can choose the best motorcycle helmet.

Why choose the best motorcycle helmet?

Riding a motorcycle can be very practical and even fun or relaxing. However, we can all admit that it is not the safest way to travel, especially because most of the time those who ride a motorcycle tend to accelerate the engine to dangerous speeds.

That is why it is important to make sure that when you ride a motorcycle you are properly equipped. It's not worth risking anything because a moment of inattention can cost the life a helmet could have saved.

How to choose the best motorcycle helmet

Whether it's the first time you want to choose one, or you want to replace the one you already have, you need to be well informed to find out which is the best motorcycle helmet for you. This is because the offer on the market is very rich and you may tend to get robbed of colors, design and a name that catches you.

In reality, however, you need to analyze a headset in depth to make sure that it suits you, that it will give you the protection you need, and that it is worth the money, because such a headset is not exactly cheap. It would be especially sad to find out in the event of an accident that a helmet that was supposed to protect you has failed. That's why you can't afford any risk, so there is no room for improvisations or extraordinary offers.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 1 To find out how and where you can choose the best motorcycle helmet, read this very well-documented shopping guide with all the information you need. At the end you will know clearly all the criteria that indicate a quality helmet, as well as how you can find the best quality / price ratio on the market .

We invite you to pay close attention to the following important information:

Safety standards

Choosing an ideal motorcycle helmet also depends a lot on the safety standard which differs depending on the area in which you intend to drive as follows:

  • Europe – ECE 22.5
  • USA – DOT FMVSS 218
  • Australia – AS 1698
  • Japan – JIS T8133
  • Brazil – NBR 7471
  • India – IS 4151
  • New Zealand – NZ 5430
  • Snell M 2005

These are the standards depending on the area. If we classify them according to safety, the ECE and DOT standards are the safest . Of course, from a legal point of view you will need an ECE motorcycle helmet if you want to travel in Europe, as it is considered safer than DOT or other standards.

If you don't want to complicate yourself too much or you're not sure, choose an "all World" helmet or one that has the Snell standard. The latter is the strictest standard , but many experts consider it exaggerated. This is because in the event of an accident so severe that it rises to the level of the standard, the motorcyclist would die anyway due to internal injuries, so the cranial protection so high loses its relevance.


The best motorcycle helmet must protect the skull and not only from at least four points of view:

  • Anti-impact

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 2 Impact protection is the most important because a strong impact causes the most serious diseases. We refer directly to the protection of the brain. At the time of a strong blow, due to the impact, the brain tends to move quickly inside the skull, which can cause serious internal damage.

This is why the helmet is provided inside with a combination of polystyrene liners , sponges and memory foam , all with the role of absorbing the shock as well as possible, thus preventing the movement of the brain.

  • Anti-friction

Or abrasion protection, it also plays a big role in shock absorption. This is exactly why the motorcycle helmet is shiny . The material that exists on the outside greatly influences the price of a headset. Most people will tell you that the best motorcycle helmet is the one with the outer kevlar start, which is a mix of fiberglass and carbon fiber .

They can cost up to 400 euros , while the cheap versions with hard plastic coating cost only 100 euros . In reality, however, the protection offered by one or the other is about the same, with the difference that those in Kevlar have the advantage of better dispersing the shock in case of impact.

  • Anti-penetration

The ideal motorcycle helmet should also provide protection against bullets or against objects that could end up behaving like projectiles , such as small pieces of glass or small pebbles.

  • Thermal protection

The last type of protection is against fire or high temperatures . This means that for at least a short time, the helmet must protect the head from high temperatures. This can happen if in the event of an accident you land with your head near the muffler or near the engine.

Motorcycle helmet type

You will notice that there are several types of motorcycle helmets on the market, each managing to ensure a different degree of protection and comfort. In fact, the compromise between protection and comfort is what determined the appearance of several types of headphones.

  • Full Face Helmet

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 3 Or the full -face helmet model is the type of helmet that gives you the most protection . That's because it manages to cover the entire head , including the face . They are ideal if you are a person who travels a lot on a motorcycle, because they provide you with protection against accidents and give comfort while driving.

The viewfinder is easily removable, and can be easily replaced or sanitized. Moreover, unlike in the past, today even a "full face" helmet is light enough to be worn without causing too much discomfort. If it is the first headset you buy, we recommend this headset model.

A variant of this safety helmet is the one for off-road routes . The motocross helmet has the most robust structure and offers a high degree of protection. The reason is easy to understand, given that these routes, which are often uneven, have a higher risk of injury. They are distinguished by the fact that they offer increased protection in the chin area and are provided with a "crest" that protects against mud. They are very bulky, which is why they are not recommended for conventional use.

  • Flip up helmet

Or the modular helmet , it wants to be a compromise between protection and comfort. It's basically not the most comfortable helmet, but it doesn't give you much protection either. It is lighter because it lacks the part that protects the face. In the event of an accident, however, the chin that is most likely to be hit is not sufficiently well protected. Choose such a helmet only if you only want to drive in the city at moderate speeds.

  • Open face helmet

It's a helmet that covers a third of the head . The part that protects the face and chin is practically missing . Although it is a lighter model that looks more comfortable, if you ride a motorcycle at considerable speeds equipped with such a helmet, comfort will be the last thing you will feel. This is because without the viewfinder, you are exposed to the wind, impurities in the air, as well as objects that can reach the eyes.

In fact, it is really tiring to drive with such a helmet. Fortunately, there are options that allow you to integrate a viewfinder. If you choose a helmet that does not have a visor, then it is mandatory to wear goggles.

  • Brain cup helmet

It is the helmet that offers you the least comfort and the least protection , but the greatest feeling of freedom . Although it may meet protection standards, it is not recommended at all, as it does not protect you at all. The only situation in which you could use this helmet is in the case of a motorcycle parade, in which you would drive at a minimum speed and the risk of injury is very low.

Design and comfort

Here you will notice that you need to consider several factors: headphone weight, aerodynamics, ventilation and ventilation, as well as sound insulation.

  • Weight – in order to enjoy the greatest possible comfort, the helmet must be as low as possible. The best motorcycle helmet from this point of view is the one that has the outer layer of fibers, because it is lighter. However, it is also the most expensive helmet on the market.
  • Aerodynamics – A good safety helmet must withstand high speeds, exceeding 100 km / h. If you are not going to exceed this threshold, there is no need to worry. However, you should know that at such a speed you need a very stable helmet that does not move on the head, thus making it difficult to see.
  • Ventilation – If you use a motorcycle to get around the city, then you need a helmet that has well-defined ventilation areas, so that if the temperatures are very high, you do not sweat excessively. On the other hand, if you use the motorcycle for long journeys, too much ventilation does not suit you because you can receive electricity. That's why you need a tightly closed helmet.
  • Sound insulation – It is important to have a headset with an effective soundproofing system when you travel a lot. This is because ambient noise can damage your hearing in the long run. That's why most motorcyclists wear earplugs when they travel a lot on a low-traffic road. However, if you want to travel in the city, sound insulation could be risky, as you may hear the maneuvers of cars in traffic too late, and you may be in great danger.

What other features should the best motorcycle helmet have?

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 4 Among other aspects that you must take into account in your choice is the color. Although it seems an aspect related to personal preference, the color of the helmet can play an important role in your protection. Most of the time, when a motorcyclist is injured by a car, the driver will say that he has not seen him.

So, a helmet helps you increase your visibility in traffic. Avoid headphones with a mixture of colors that are perceived as gray from a distance, as well as red headphones that are not visible at night. The best motorcycle helmet has a fluorescent color such as yellow, raw green or neon orange, or is simply white.

It is very important to choose a headset that suits you. This means that it is necessary to consult the size chart well, as well as to pay attention to its shape. The helmet should fit perfectly with the shape of your head. You will find Arai type headphones that fit the round head, or Shoei type headphones that fit the oval head. Either way, there should be no pressure points that could be embarrassing.

If you want a helmet with a viewfinder, it is important that it does not steam regardless of the temperature. In this case the helmet must be fitted with a special ventilation system.


With all this information at hand, you are ready to choose the best motorcycle helmet. We recommend that you buy online, but never a used safety helmet. This is because the materials degrade in about 4-5 years and can no longer provide you with the necessary protection.

Also, if you already have a damaged helmet, you must change it even if it is not broken yet. Avoid no-name companies and focus on models made by reputable manufacturers.

In order to be able to get a complete picture of a product, consult the reviews of other users or professional ones if they are available on the internet.

The best motorcycle helmet: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of motorcycle helmets that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Motorcycle helmet LS2 FF324 METRO SOLID

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 5 Helmet for motorcycles and scooters.
Advanced system for perfect mounting.
Internal sunglasses with improved operation.
Clear visor treated anti-scratch and anti-UV.
In & Out system – ventilation composed of an adjustable air supply on the chin, and one on the upper part.
Increased puncture resistance as well as efficient energy absorption in case of an accident.

See details and price

2. Icon Alliance Dark motorcycle helmet

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 6 Injection molded polycarbonate housing.
Detachable / washable Hydradry interior.
Proshield quick-change visor – Prolock locking system.
Tested in wind tunnel and refined.
Supervent double channel for ventilation.
Rear exhaust holes to prevent overheating.
World Standard, meets or exceeds test and safety standards.

See details and price

3. Integral helmet SCORPION EXO 490 AIR SOLID

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 7

Detachable interior easy to remove, washable and breathable, antibacterial treated, KWIKWICK brand 2.
100% UV SPEEDVIEW retractable sunglasses, integrated inside the helmet.
High-performance ventilation at the chin and forehead that leads the air to the extractor positioned towards the nape of the neck.
Air deflector that prevents misting the visor and gives the headphones an aggressive image.
MICROMETRIC locking system for precise adjustment and quick opening.

See details and price

4. Enduro cross fx41ds multi h-vi helmet

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 8 Design with aerodynamic shape in an innovative plastic and poly-alloy for high strength and low weight.
Hypo-allergenic nylon interior, antimicrobial and removable cheek sponges.
Cavities near the ears for the speakers.
Flip-up, flush-fit visor, with quick-release disassembly, single-turn fixing screws.
Curved visor made of materials that do not distort the image, scratch resistant and with UV protection.

See details and price

5. AFX FX24 motorcycle helmet matte red heel

The Best Motorcycle Helmet 9 Elegant European style case made of a composite alloy with polyester.
The lining and sponge for the cheeks are made of hypoallergenic anti-microbial nylon.
Flush-fit visor with six positioning points that is optically correct, curved and resistant to scratches and UV rays.
Eight ventilation points that include the side area, back, front, chin and forehead area.
DOT and ECE certification 22.05.

See details and price

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