The Best new 4k tvs in 2021

Choosing a 4K TV can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we've gathered some information from reports and tests done by experts, so we could pick the best 10 4K TVs available on the market right now.




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The Best 4k Tvs 2021


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The Best 4k Tvs 2021


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For several years, the TV is no longer just a means of watching TV shows, but has become a real smart device with operating systems, games, applications or various news channels. The most innovative models are TVs with 4K resolution, because they have the highest possible resolution, diagonals of over 100 cm, a revolutionary acoustics and a modern design. But how can we choose the best 4k smart TV from the multitude of 4k TV offers on the commercial market?

We thought of coming to the aid of those who want to buy the best 4K TVs and we offer you a guide of their most important technical features. We will also see what are the opinions about 4k TVs of specialists, but also the opinions of consumers who already enjoy the experience they offer.

The most important technical features of 4K TVs


The Best new 4k tvs in 2021 The size of the TV is a very important factor in choosing it. People generally prefer models with a diagonal as large as possible, but we recommend that you take into account the space in the room where it will be located. Large TVs can only be placed in large rooms. If room space is not an issue, choose 4K TV models with a diagonal of more than 130 cm. If you have a smaller camera, go for smaller diagonal models, as the technical qualities of 4K TVs are excellent, even for smaller models.


This technical feature is the strong point of 4k TVs, a specific feature that clearly differentiates them from classic models. Smart TVs offer outstanding audio quality, comparable to that of professional audio systems, which turns any viewing on your TV into a cinematic experience.


On the market we find various models of 4k TVs at different prices, depending on the diagonal, screen type and other technical features. Their price can start from 1,200 lei for the simplest models and can even reach 20,000 lei, for the best of them. Our recommendation is to choose a 4K TV model with an average price or even higher for the many advantages it has, even if the financial investment will be substantial. You will quickly discover why this investment was a wise one, benefiting from a special visual and auditory experience in the comfort of your own apartment.

Additional features and options:

  • The AmbiLight function implies the existence of LED lights that automatically synchronize with the scrolling of the images on the screen, thus resulting in an ambient light effect in the room. Imagine how much the experience of watching a favorite movie, series or video changes with this feature! Our recommendation is to try this technology at least once in your life and we are convinced that you will be satisfied, like all other users of 4k TVs, with this additional function;
  • The built-in virtual assistant can help you quickly find any episode of your favorite movie or show. It is the most powerful virtual assistant included so far in a TV, because it is able to search the internet for answers to questions, to search for various virtual content or even to control the various smart devices in the house.

The Best new 4k tvs in 2021

HDR technology

High Dynamic Range is a new technology implemented only for 4K TVs. It implies a better image, more intense, more vivid colors, a better contrast and a higher brightness. HDR technology has two versions:

  • HRD10 or Ultra HD Premium are the basic versions;
  • Dolby Vision is the improved version of HDR technology and is considered to be the best on the market at the moment.

Refresh rate

This technical characteristic is measured in Hertz (Hz) and refers to the number of refreshes that an image has per second. The standard value is 60Hz. 4K TVs have a higher refresh rate, between 120 and 240 Hz to accurately play fast images or to insert a new still image to make the movement more realistic.


The Best new 4k tvs in 2021 Standard 4k TVs come with a large number of HDMI ports so you can connect various other devices to it, such as a sound bar, a game console or any other smart device. In the case of a 4k Ultra HD TV, they must have at least one HDMI 2.0 port in order to support Ultra HD sources. The newest smart TVs, which were launched in 2019, even have an HDMI 2.1 port for playing even 8k content.

Types of 4k TVs. Advantages and disadvantages.

On the commercial market in Romania there are several types of TVs: LCD, OLED and QLED, each with its advantages and disadvantages.


This model has an LCD screen, ie very thin, and the lighting system is an LED and are the most present products on the market of 4k TVs in Romania, being more affordable from a financial point of view.


QLED is another term for LCD TVs. This technology has the role of correcting the blue light of the LEDs, thus obtaining a whiter light, and the colors rendered by such a TV are brighter, more intense and more realistic than those of a simple LED TV.


These are the best types of TVs to date with a different technology from the classic ones. OLED TVs produce their own light, using a layer of organic, pixel-controlled LEDs to achieve absolute black and amazingly spectacular contrast levels.

Choosing the Best 4K TV

When making such an important choice as buying a 4k TV, no extra information is superfluous. We recommend that you set a consistent budget to choose the latest 4k TV models with the best built-in technology. Find out more, analyze the offers on the market online and only then go to the store to see the different TV models. This way, you will save valuable time and you will have the security of a good long-term investment. Success and inspiration!

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