the best oil filled electric radiators for sale

What is the best electric oil radiator ? We take a look at the existing products on the market, trying to choose the best ones, which offer the most satisfactory quality / price ratio.

Why an electric oil radiator?

The Best Electric Oil Radiator Unlike other electric heaters, oil radiators are more efficient due to the principle of heat dissipation.

If an air heater or convector only heats the air in the room, oil radiators do more than that, significantly contributing to the heating of the walls of the room where they are located.

Although they are harder to heat than an air heater, they retain heat long after they have been turned off, providing superior thermal inertia .

Electric oil radiators are also the safest electric heaters, most models being equipped with protection functions in case of overheating and automatic shutdown in case of overturning the radiator.

Another advantage of oil radiators over other heaters is the quietness.

Combined with high heating power and high efficiency, the electric radiator is the cheapest way to heat your home using electricity.

Top 3 recommended electric oil radiators

The best electric oil radiator: how you choose

When choosing the best electric oil heater according to your needs, you must take into account some criteria and characteristics that you will find in the chosen product. Below we review the main features and criteria according to which you can choose the best electric oil radiator for you.


The main purpose of a quality oil cooler is to control heating costs. Pay attention to the energy efficiency of the chosen product and the heating levels available.

Some models will indicate to you depending on the power and the number of elements the approximate heating capacity depending on the size of the room where it will be used. Choose an electric radiator that gives you the maximum heat with the minimum energy consumed.

Safety in use

Electric heaters are safe as long as the operating instructions are followed. Electric oil radiators do not make a discordant note.

Choose an electric oil radiator equipped with automatic shut-off in case of overturning and with overheating sensor. If overheating protection is not present or does not work properly, you may wake up with hot oil leaks that can cause fires.

In addition, the best electric oil radiator is equipped with transport handles that remain cool during operation and wheels that do not slip and are high enough to allow safe use on a thicker carpet or other raised surfaces.

It is good not to use the electric radiator in combination with an extension cord, as they do not usually support the high operating power and unwanted accidents can occur.

Timer and thermostat

The Best Electric Oil Radiator 1 Any electric oil heater must be equipped with timer and thermostat functions that help you regulate the thermal comfort in the room and prevent unnecessary electricity consumption.

The timer allows programming the operation of the radiator only between certain time intervals, and the thermostat allows the automatic shutdown of the radiator when the desired temperature is reached.

Operating noise

Like any electrical appliance, oil radiators produce certain noises during operation. You will probably use the device during sleep and it would be best to choose a silent model. Most new models on the market offer low noise operation.


The best electric oil radiator will have a design that will match the rest of the room where it is located. Most models look like a classic radiator, but there are also models with a more modern or futuristic look. Keep in mind that any model is also equipped with a control panel, some using bright screens for programming, operating lights and various shapes and types of buttons for adjustment. The general appearance of the radiator must be in tune with personal tastes and preferences.

Radiator weight

The weight of the electric oil heater chosen is important for two reasons.

The first would be the ease of transport. Choose a model that is easy to transport. A radiator that is too heavy can be difficult to move from place to place, especially for the elderly or those who need to move it repeatedly.

The second aspect related to the weight of the radiator is related to safety in operation. A radiator that is too light can be easily torn down, especially if you have small children around, and can cause unwanted accidents.

Service and warranty

The best electric oil radiator is offered with a minimum warranty of 24 months. Choose a model from a well-known manufacturer that offers a service unit near your home to quickly resolve any defects covered by the warranty and more.

The best electric oil radiator: recommendations

We have analyzed the offer on the Romanian market and we can offer you some electric radiators with oil that will give you warmth on cold days without making a hole in your budget and in full safety conditions.

1. Electric radiator TESY CB 3014 E01 R

The Best Electric Oil Radiator 2

Heating up to 40% faster and more efficient room.
Heating surface up to 40% larger.
Convection heat exchange more than 25% better than ordinary electric radiators
The surface temperature of the element is safe for children and animals.
Number of elements: 14 – Three power steps.
Adjustable room thermostat, Safety thermostat, Cable storage place, Transport wheels, Operating light, Frost protection.

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2. Klarstein Thermaxx Retroheat electric oil cooler

The Best Electric Oil Radiator 3 Strong: 3 heating levels with 1000, 1500 or 2500 W.
Retro design: with chrome elements and reinforced power cord.
Rapid heating: the oil radiator emits heat quickly and evenly.
Control: with two rotary knobs and LED indicator.
Mobile: easy to move due to smooth wheels and 360 ° rotation.
Elegant and practical: winding the front cable in a nostalgic look.
Weight: about 7.8 kg

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3. Electric radiator Zass ZR 13 BE, 3000 W, 13 elements

The Best Electric Oil Radiator 4 3000W power13 elements .
3 power levels (1200-1800-3000W).
Overheating protection .
Adjustable thermostat – Cable holder.
Handle and wheels for easy movement.
Supply voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz.

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4. Star-Light YOH13B electric radiator, 2500 W, 13 elements

The Best Electric Oil Radiator 5 Its 2500W power is high enough to successfully heat any room (with the door closed) in a block of flats.
The thermostat will help you set the desired temperature for heating the room and creating an environment with a low risk of illness.
Without taking up too much space, the 13 elements of the Star-Light radiator are enough to successfully heat the room.
Overturning protection, Overheating protection, Indicator light.

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5. Electric radiator Zass ZR 13 SL, 2500 W, 13 elements

The Best Electric Oil Radiator 6

Power 2500 W – 13 elements .
3 power levels (1000-1500-2500W).
Overheating protection .
Adjustable thermostat with indicator lamp.
Cable and plug holder .
Handle and wheels for easy movement.

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