the best popcorn maker to buy in 2021

How do you choose the best popcorn maker? What functions and features should the right popcorn machine have for you? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Popcorn Maker No movie night is complete without a handy popcorn bowl. We're used to enjoying this quick snack, and it's as if the entertainment isn't the same without it.

If you can enjoy a good portion of popcorn, you definitely want to enjoy one right at home.

If the popcorn version in the bag, or in the microwave, doesn't suit you anymore, you could consider buying a popcorn maker.

In a fast time and without unnecessary expenses , you will be able to enjoy fresh popcorn that will improve your mood.

Find out in this article how to choose the best popcorn maker .

Why choose the best popcorn maker?

Purchasing such a device will guarantee you delicious popcorn every time , much healthier and tastier.

It is also cheaper to buy popcorn for half a kilo or even a kilo, than to buy it in a bag or in the microwave.

But you may be wondering where to find a good popcorn maker and what features it needs to have to make sure your money is invested in something really good.

How to choose the best popcorn machine

To identify the best value for money on the market, we recommend that you consult this shopping guide .

We will present to you the most important criteria for selecting the popcorn maker so that your choice is very easy, although there are already several options on the market.

Consider the following aspects before buying such a device.

What type of device is right for you?

The Best Popcorn Maker 1 There are two major types of popcorn makers that differ depending on the method of "cooking" the corn kernels: with oil or with hot air .

The oil-fired popcorn maker uses a small amount of oil to make the grains crack. It is the method used for the first popcorn makers to appear.

However, it is not the healthiest method, and the only reason why you would rather lean towards such a model is entertainment . The popcorn will come out "bubbling" being a real show for the little ones .

The most recommended type is the hot air popcorn maker . It is a healthier option, and the new devices are built to be more reliable.

You will be able to enjoy a healthy snack with zero oil content, the device used hot air waves to make popcorn crack.

What will you use the device for?

You need to decide now whether to buy the machine to make popcorn for home, or for industrial purposes. Obviously the costs and features of each model will be different, but you can find both oil-based and hot-air appliances regardless of the purpose for which you intend to use it.

Commercially used devices are more expensive, bulky and heavier , and obviously produce a larger amount of popcorn . They are perfect for crowded spaces and areas such as cinemas, festivals, parks and shops.

It consumes more electricity , but they are very durable and will serve you for years. They can include various elements that make them more attractive and practical such as lights, a semi-bar and wheels for travel . Some appliances even allow self-service .

Models for personal use are smaller and have more options that make them as practical as possible. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some even being a miniature version of classic commercial appliances . The design is usually specially designed not to take up much space on the table, and small models can usually produce a single-use portion.

But there are also medium models , perfect for the moments when you need to make a larger amount of popcorn in a short time, for example at a party with friends.

Operating characteristics also vary from model to model. Some devices are equipped with a slide that causes the popcorn to descend directly into the bowl, while others are already bowl-shaped .

It is good for the machine to have the ability to disperse hot air evenly so that each grain bursts. Other models have a bowl-shaped lid that you can use later to eat the popcorn straight from it.

You can also choose multifunctional popcorn makers that will allow you to fry even hazelnuts or walnuts .

What components should the best popcorn maker have?

The Best Popcorn Maker 2 In general, the main components of a popcorn maker are hidden and you should not worry too much.

However, there are a few components that are good to follow to make sure you buy the best popcorn maker. These include:

  • Support bracket – pieces of rubber on the legs or bottom that contribute to the stability of the device, so that accidents are avoided.
  • Palette – Generally include two types of palettes. One for dispersing the grains so that the warm air covers them evenly, and one for spreading butter or other flavors.
  • Aluminum basin – the container in which the grains are heated and cracked must be made of aluminum, thus maintaining a uniform heat level.
  • Fan – Necessary for hot air to be spread.
  • Popcorn container – can be a cylinder or a slide through which the popcorn will flow into the bowl.
  • Wheels – Present in the case of appliances for commercial use, absolutely necessary to ensure their easy mobility.
  • Glass panel – Also present especially in the case of industrial appliances, the glass panel through which the whole process can be followed is necessary to attract as many people and children around the appliance, thus increasing the chances for them to buy popcorn.
  • Heated tray – ideal when making a larger amount of popcorn. It will keep the popcorn warm, and it will be fresh and tastier for longer.
  • Additional accessories – Can be purchased later and can be measuring cups, flavor dispensers or special bowls.

Which material is better?

Generally, popcorn makers are made of a combination of materials such as: metal, plastic, glass . The most affordable are of course the plastic ones, but if you want a really durable model, it's good to go for a metal one.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Plastic models are also good, they have a simpler operating principle and are much lighter . An important aspect to watch out for in plastic appliances, however, is the presence of the substance bisenfol A.

The Best Popcorn Maker 3 If it is present, it can be transferred to popcorn and can be dangerous. Therefore, check that this substance does not exist in the plastic component. Also, don't ignore the fact that there are chances that the plastic will crack after a while.

Glass appliances are another attractive option. Just make sure it is well secured and of high quality . Otherwise, it may warp from heat, and it will scratch more easily.

Maintenance conditions

First of all, you will be concerned with cleaning the appliance. Oil or butter and salt stains, as well as popcorn scraps should be cleaned after each use . Otherwise, they can harden, make the cracking process more difficult, be much harder to clean later, and will unpleasantly influence the taste of popcorn.

Orient yourself towards a model that will be as easy and quick to clean as possible . Removable parts can be cleaned like any other dish, either on the tap or in the dishwasher.

Other more complex models, however, will include in the package a special cleaning kit to ensure optimal maintenance of the product.


However, before making any purchase, we recommend that you look carefully at the opinions of other buyers about that product. This will be even easier if you buy the product online .

Also, an online purchase can be cheaper, more convenient and more secure. Always choose a product that belongs to a brand with a good reputation in the production of quality appliances. This way you will have an extra guarantee of the quality and durability of the product, without being afraid of a risky investment.

The best popcorn machine: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of popcorn machines that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Old Fashioned popcorn machine

The Best Popcorn Maker 4

The car is simple to use, small in size, portable, very easy to maintain and clean.
It is a very easy to use popcorn machine, you just plug it in, and after 2-3 minutes you enjoy the desired popcorn.

Power (W): 1200 W
Capacity (l): 0.4

Preparation time (min): 2-4 minutes

See details and price

2. Ariete 2952 popcorn maker

The Best Popcorn Maker 5 Practical and easy to use , thanks to the hot air cooking method, it prepares popcorn in just a few minutes and is perfect for a party right at your home.
Prepare 60 g of corn in less than 2 minutes.
Easy to disassemble and clean.
Power: 1100 Watts
Hot air cooking system.
Cooking without fats and spices.

See details and price

3. Taurus Pop N Corn popcorn maker

The Best Popcorn Maker 6 With Pop n Corn you can enjoy the popcorn-looking and tasty in just a few minutes.
In a maximum of 3 minutes, the hot air cooking system used will help you prepare tasty and healthy popcorn , without fats, salt and food additives such as those on the market.
It has detachable components for easy cleaning.
Large capacity – Grain dispenser glass.
Led operation – Cable compartment.

See details and price

4. Star-Light PM-1200W popcorn maker

The Best Popcorn Maker 7 Easy to use now you can make delicious, fluffy and much healthier popcorn at home without resorting to the microwave or vegetable oil.
In just 3 minutes you can prepare 3 delicious portions without leaving any beans unexpanded due to the special hot air circulation system.
Power (W): 1200
Preparation time (min): 3
Indicator light
Anti-slip system

See details and price

5. ZILAN ZLN-8044 Popcorn Machine

The Best Popcorn Maker 8 The device is distinguished by the fact that the preparation of popcorn does not require the use of fat or oil, being provided with a hot air jet system.

It has a power of 1200W ,
Copper motor.

Protection: when the engine overheats, the appliance switches off automatically.

See details and price

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