The best portable radio to buy in 2021


The best portable radio to buy in 2021

Portable Radios – Product Review and comparison in 2021

How do you listen to your favorite radio stations: on the phone, via live streaming on your computer, on your handset, or on dedicated radios? Well, if you opted for the latter option, you might also use a portable radio, or want one, in which case this article is for you. Our recommendations for this year start with the Panasonic RF-2400DEG-K , which impressed us with a large speaker (7 centimeters and 3 watts) that generates clear sounds. It has a scale with a fluorescent indicator and a red light that will indicate when you have picked up a station at the optimal frequency. In short, it combines portability with a strong and clear sound. In addition to this model, we can also recommend Sony ICF-306 , which is very sensitive in gripping the stations, has a solid construction, while also offering a jack output for listening through headphones. As you know our format, below we present in detail the specifications of these recommendations, along with other devices well listed on the market:

Comparative table

It has a scale with fluorescent indicator, so you can catch posts in the dark. The 7-centimeter speaker is considerably larger than other radios, resulting in clear sound. It also includes a light bulb that announces when you have caught a post at the optimal frequency.

Many people looking for portable radios want a product that is as easy as possible. At 690 grams, this model is among the heaviest of its kind.

Well-built, with an easy-to-read scale and a relatively powerful speaker (3 Watts), this radio allows you to listen to stations even in noisy environments, for example in a workshop or kitchen.

The superheterodyne type circuit gives it a special sensitivity when catching stations, it has a simple, modern design, without big buttons, and the headphone output is useful for users who want to listen to the radio without disturbing those around them.

You can’t power it, so you’ll need to constantly invest in AA batteries to use it.

It is a solid built, durable portable radio, looks good while it is also discreet, and its controls are easy to use and find by touch. Overall, it justifies its price very well, which is not high anyway.

It has an almost unbeatable price for its product category. It is also very small (12 centimeters high and 190 grams), can be carried in pockets, has two LEDs, to warn you when it runs out of battery and when it catches the stations at the optimal frequency.

Its telescopic antenna does not have its own housing, therefore it can hang, bend or break quite easily, if you are not careful.

For those who want very small and cheap devices, we warmly recommend this mini-radio. The quality of the respective brand is seen in its construction, and the efficiency in capturing the stations on AM and FM is high, due to the superheterodyne circuit with which it is equipped.

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Panasonic RF-2400DEG-K

The best portable radio to buy in 2021

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