the best portable vacuum cleaner for car

How do you choose the best hand vacuum cleaner ? What functions and features must the ideal portable vacuum cleaner perform? Read on to find out.

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner Normal vacuum cleaners take care of most of the cleaning in the house, but a hand vacuum cleaner can help you with the small details. The best hand vacuum cleaners are compact enough to reach those narrow spaces that are difficult to clean with a classic vacuum cleaner: the interior of the car, the edges of the steps and the upholstery of the furniture.

Although small in size, hand vacuum cleaners offer high- performance cleaning . They are equipped with powerful motors that offer optimal absorption. Hand vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning scattered debris, animal hair and any other small mess around your house or car.

The best hand vacuum cleaner: what to look for

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 1 There are two types of hand vacuum cleaners available on the market: wired or wireless . Wired ones are generally cheaper and more powerful than their wireless sisters. Cordless hand vacuum cleaners are extremely portable and easy to use since they use a battery for operation and do not necessarily require an electrical outlet. The choice between the two types of hand vacuum cleaners depends on your personal preference .

All hand vacuum cleaners have a basic function: vacuuming dust and dirt, but not all perform the same. The criteria presented below will help you find the hand vacuum that will work perfectly.


The most important factor to consider when you want to buy the best hand vacuum cleaner is performance . In other words, how well it absorbs dirt. The vacuum cleaner motor must be strong enough to vacuum debris from different types of surfaces.

A multi-watt motor means more cleaning power. You should also choose a hand vacuum cleaner that also offers a cleaning brush . The brush helps to penetrate the fibers of the fabrics to remove dirt and will help you clean much better than a vacuum cleaner without a brush.


The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 2 Because handheld vacuum cleaners are designed to go where the classic ones can't, it's important to consider their portability .

Cordless hand vacuum cleaners are more portable than wired ones because you are not forced to use them only at a certain distance from the power outlet. If you choose a hand-held vacuum cleaner , make sure the wire is long enough so that it does not bother you when cleaning.

The dimensions and weight of the ideal hand vacuum cleaner can also influence its portability and maneuverability. Choose a vacuum cleaner that is easy to hold and handle .

Battery life

The operating time of a hand-held vacuum cleaner with batteries can vary between a few minutes and up to 30 minutes. Cheaper models use poor quality batteries that do not provide the energy needed for long-term operation. The best hand vacuum cleaner will give you at least 15 minutes of operation to be able to clean everything you need without recharging.

In addition, consider the battery charge time . If it is too long and the battery runs out before cleaning, you will have to wait a few hours to complete the job.

Some hand vacuum cleaners offer a fixed support for recharging where you can place the vacuum cleaner comfortably, while the cheaper model offers you a normal wired charger.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 3 When choosing the best hand vacuum cleaner, don't forget to take into account its weight . A hand vacuum that is too heavy will not be very comfortable to use, in addition, its weight will increase as the pre-tank fills up. The best hand vacuum cleaner is easy, offering increased maneuverability for long periods of time.

Dust tank capacity

Choose a hand vacuum cleaner with a capacity of the dust tank as large as possible , so you don't have to empty the container very often. Keep in mind that a hand vacuum cleaner has a much smaller dust tank than a classic vacuum cleaner.


Some hand vacuum cleaners have additional features that improve their functionality and help with more efficient cleaning. Look for a vacuum cleaner with various additional accessories such as different types of brushes, accessories for narrow spaces and others. These will allow you to easily clean the narrowest spaces.

In addition, it would be good to choose a vacuum cleaner that has Wet & Dry functionality (wet and dry) that will allow you to vacuum any dirt whether it is dry or not.

The choice of the best hand vacuum cleaner depends on the purpose for which it will be used. Do you need it mainly for cleaning animal hair or for cleaning the car? No matter what you do with it, the ideal hand vacuum cleaner should vacuum quickly and as well as possible any kind of dirt on a variety of surfaces.

The best hand vacuum cleaner: recommendations

Using the above criteria, we present below some products that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Bosch BKS4003 hand vacuum cleaner, 0.3 l

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 4

Wireless, always at hand usable almost anywhere – extremely light at just 1.0 kg.
Station for practical loading with the possibility of mounting on the top of the furniture or on the wall.
Ideal for when your home only needs a quick refresh.
Set of two accessories: nozzle for corners and brush for furniture.

Collection capacity: 0.3 l – Autonomy (minutes): 15 – Voltage (V): 6

See details and price

2. Multifunctional vacuum cleaner Fakir AS 1072 NT wet / dry

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 5 Powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaner , developed and designed in Germany, with high-performance 7.2 V rechargeable NiMH batteries.
Perfect for quick cleaning in the kitchen, among the books in the office or among the pillows on the sofa.
Efficient cleaning anywhere with a continuous operation of 15 minutes .
Compact and strong: only 985 g, very quiet, high suction power.
Transparent tank with a capacity of up to 0.4L powder and 0.25L liquids.

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3. Philips Mini Vac FC6142 hand vacuum cleaner, 56 W, 0.5 l

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 6

The powerful and durable NiMh (nickel – metal hydride) * batteries of the Philip Mini Vac vacuum cleaner are not affected by the memory effect.
The aerodynamic suction head design of the Philips MiniVac vacuum cleaner has been created to ensure optimal suction of dust, even the finest dust particles.
The bagless cyclonic airflow keeps dirt inside, rotating, to ensure high and optimal suction power and long-lasting cleaning performance.

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4. Rowenta Extenso Dry AC232001 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 7

Ease of use: Accessory for access in difficult areas – Comfortable and intuitive use.
Cyclonic system: increased suction performance due to the centrifugal force created inside the container.
Extenso has a permanent filter and a dust compartment that is easy to empty and clean .
Operating time indicator – Integrated telescopic nozzle

See details and price

5. Dirt Devil M410 Verso Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Hand Vacuum Cleaner 8 Verso Wet & Dry is a very well designed vacuum cleaner, ideal for quick and economical cleaning.
Allows both wet and dry cleaning . The vacuum cleaner also has a system through which it can be emptied very easily .

Suction type: Dry / Wet – Power type: Battery
Rechargeable battery – Control on the handle – Autonomy (minutes): 10
Collection capacity: 0.5 l dry – 0.2 l wet

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