the best pre built gaming pc 2021

Gaming PC systems have come to be used in recent years by more and more video game enthusiasts. The strong development of this industry has also led to a continuous development of PC components for gaming, but also auxiliary programs for video games. Gamers know how important it is to have the best gaming PC on the market and carefully analyze the offer of gaming PCs on the commercial market. But buying a cheap and good gaming PC is not easy at all, because the gaming PC offer is extremely varied. Our advice is to take into account the opinions about gaming PCs of the specialists and the reviews of those who have already tested these systems.




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The Best Gaming Pcs 2021


The Best Gaming Pcs 2021 1


The Best Gaming Pcs 2021


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The Best Gaming Pcs 2021 1


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Criteria for choosing the best gaming PCs

Being an important investment, the gaming computer must offer high performance but also possibilities for further upgrade. That is why you take into account certain technical criteria for choosing the components of the computer for games to be compatible with each other, but also performance.


the best pre built gaming pc 2021 The source is the element that supplies power to all components and is therefore vital to the entire system. From a weak source, a lot of problems can arise with a computer, especially for a model designed to run games. When checking the source you must take into account the certification of 80 Plus – an inscription that you must find on the source you choose.

The power of the source must be at least twice the power consumption of the main components, the processor and the motherboard. So if the processor has a maximum consumption of 80W and a graphics card of 200W, then a source of at least 500W with certification is what you need.


The choice of the processor also depends on the choice of the motherboard. Whatever you prefer, an AMD or Intel, choose a processor with 4 cores and a high frequency. The games run best with 4 cores and a 2.7 GHz processor.

Processor cooler

This component must be purchased separately. If you choose a box processor then it will come with a standard cooler but it is recommended not to use it, but to buy a much better one.


Choose a quality motherboard. Those with Gaming-specific notation offer greater upgrade capabilities and higher stability. It can be quite expensive, but keep in mind the possibility of adding a video card or some memories.

Video card

the best pre built gaming pc 2021

All the information and millions of images in the games are processed in the core of the video card. It is an essential component for a gaming PC, with a price to match. It can even be said that its performance increases in proportion to its price. Unfortunately, the accelerated technological development on the video market, makes any video card you buy, become morally obsolete in 6 months. In other words, PC upgrading is an ongoing process if you want to keep up with the technological evolution of the commercial market.


For a high-performance gaming PC you need fast memories. In vain you have 32 GB if they work at 1333 Mhz. Choose a set of two identical memories from a reputable manufacturer with a radiator and a minimum frequency of 1866 MHz.

Unit running noise

Any professional gamer knows that the gaming PC gets overheated quickly after a certain period of time. The causes can be various: the types of games you play and their requirements, the amount of time spent on gaming sessions and, most importantly, the care you take of the computer when it comes to cleaning.

the best pre built gaming pc 2021 Once you become the owner of a quality PC system, make sure you keep the unit clean of any dust. Another solution is to replace consumables regularly to reduce overheating. To cool the components that transmit a larger volume of information, the PC speeds up the fans, and they make a louder noise. That's why top manufacturers in the field have come up with a life-saving solution: silent fans. It is a more expensive alternative than the classic ones because the cooling is based on liquid, but the investment is worth it for your comfort.


The prices of the products on the commercial market start from modest amounts and increase a lot, depending on the components that the unit contains or the additional elements included: monitor, keyboard, mouse or gaming headphones. The basic idea is that the gaming PC unit you buy will work ideally for the games you want to buy. Prices are much higher for high-performance devices, but for passionate gamers this does not matter. The investment makes all the money!

Ability to run games

Any of your favorite games have technical specifications about the qualities of the computer on which they should be played. Read all their recommendations carefully so that the game runs as well as possible. Only by following these technical specifications can you have higher expectations from your gaming PC.


When you decide to buy a quality gaming computer, you need to set an appropriate budget and, depending on it, choose the components. We recommend that you try to fit within your budget, but you should not skimp if certain components exceed the initial price.

The online choice of the gaming PC is more advantageous

To make comparisons and analyzes between different systems on the commercial market, use the online purchasing system for the advantages it brings. You will discover a rich offer at better prices, and the time spent to make the purchase and receive the product is much shorter. You have insured transport and the possibility of returning the product if it is not what you are looking for or has technical manufacturing defects. In addition, the opinions of other buyers in the reviews may be helpful.

With all this technical information you already have at your disposal, your choice will be much easier and more inspired. Shopping spree!

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