Professional Drones – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Drones are increasingly sought after and used in more and more fields. If initially they were simple toys, now they have become useful not only in aerial filming, but also in agriculture or topography. If you want to buy a quality device, you have found the right place, because you are going to go through a list that contains popular products of this kind, very appreciated by buyers. The one that attracted our most attention isDJI Mavic 2 Pro . It is a drone of 322 x 242 x 84 mm and 907 grams (must be registered with AACR), which is capable of providing images of 5472 x 3638 pixels and 4K videos. It can stay in flight for 31 minutes, if it is fully charged, it travels at a speed of 20 m / s and has useful functions that will be of real use to you. Another interesting option is DJI Phantom 4 pro V2.0 , the article on the 2nd place.

Comparative table

The performances given by this model are some worthy of appreciation – 4K resolution, flight duration of 31 minutes, maximum speed of 20 m / s, and operating distance of 8000. The functions present on this device make it pleasant to use and simple – wireless, obstacle avoidance, GPS, 360 degree rotation.

It is an item that requires additional costs for registration (about 100 euros), because it is a model that weighs 907 grams.

This drone is a truly high-performance one, which will support those who want high quality footage and very useful functions.

It is a professional model with a resolution of 4k at 60fps, radio transmission that allows the control and transfer of images over a distance of up to 7km, powerful sensors for obstacle detection and remote control with 5.5inch display. It can reach a speed of up to 20m / s and includes a variety of work modes, which help you adapt to the context of use.

Due to its superior performance, it is available at a slightly higher price than other variants available online.

Professional level drone, with 4k resolution and technology that allows capturing very good quality images.

It is a high-performance drone, with 4k resolution, autonomy of 34 minutes and maximum operating distance of 18.5km. It can climb up to a height of 5000m, saves images in 256GB microSD memory, is equipped with a remote control with a smartphone clip and provides a multitude of useful functions for obtaining the best videos.

It weighs 570g, which means you will need to register it with AACR in order to use it legally.

Professional model, at a reasonable price, with efficient and comfortable controller, superior image quality and good stability in flight.

In-depth reviews about the best professional drones

There are many such products in online stores and we know that it would be easier for you to choose from a list that includes the most popular. So, keep reading this guide.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

the best professional drones There are many who consider this option to be the best professional drone. It can be used successfully by photographers who want to offer quality services when it comes to weddings / baptisms and other types of events, by vloggers, but also by those who want to make commercials, short films and so on. .

The pictures that this drone takes can have a resolution of 5472 x 3648 pixels, and the videos can be in 4K format. The flight time is generous, 31 minutes. Regarding the maximum speed, it is 20 m / s. The device can go up to a speed of 5 m / s and go down by 3 m / s. The operating distance can reach a maximum of 8000 meters.

The key features present are: Wi-Fi, automatic landing, 360-degree rotation, automatic turning to the base, avoiding obstacles or anticipating the trajectory. The dimensions are 322 x 242 x 84 mm and the weight is 907 g, which is why it must be registered with the AACR.


Parrot ANAFI Extended

the best professional drones This device is one that you can use to photograph and film unique, aerial shots. Everything will be done at a very good quality, the resolution of the images being 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4K clips.

The great advantage of this drone is the great autonomy it offers. This is 75 minutes (possible by changing the batteries included in the package), so as not to be in a hurry when you want to do something really high quality. In sport mode, it can reach a speed of 53.1 km / h. The operating distance is around 4000 meters. The device rises with a speed of 4 m / s.

GPS, wireless, 360-degree rotation and returning to where it left off are just some of the features of this drone. When mounted and ready to fly, it measures 17.5 x 6.3 x 23.9 cm and weighs 320 grams, so it does not need to be recorded.


4K professional drone

DJI Phantom 4 for V2.0

the best professional drones

DJI Phantom 4 pro V2.0 is one of the most offerable professional drone models with 4k resolution on the market. It is equipped with sensors that ensure quick identification of obstacles in five directions, intuitive remote control with 5.5inch display and a generous and easy to use menu.

This category also includes the new OcuSync radio system, which allows the remote controls to operate over a distance of up to 7km, thus ensuring greater freedom of action. It provides you with a Draw function that allows you to configure the route by simply drawing the direction on the remote control screen. Also available ActiveTrack, for easy tracking of goals, depending on the return home, the ability to activate the selfie through gestures and other options that you can easily access from the DJI Go application.

The D-Log shooting mode, with H.265 codec, allows high-resolution, slow-motion captures, providing very good quality images. The drone includes a battery with a range of 30 minutes, can reach a maximum flight speed of 20m / s and saves images on 128GB microSD.


Parrot ANAFI 125046422

the best professional drones Parrot are professional drones, at good prices, that come to the aid of photographers and photo enthusiasts, who want to capture unique frames, and this model does not compromise on quality, offering a very good clarity – 21 MP, 4K. Thus, both the pictures and the clips will capture fine details, at a very good resolution.

The autonomy offered by the 2700 mAh battery is 25 minutes, but it is high enough to be able to take the desired frames. Among the most important performances are: speed of 53.1 km / h in Sport mode and operating distance of 4023 meters.

The present functions are: GPS, 180 degree tilt, 3-axis stabilization, visual tracking, wind resistance (up to 50 km / h) and video streaming. 17.5 x 6.3 x 23.9 cm are the dimensions and 320 grams is the weight.


MJX Bugs 5W

the best professional drones

MJX Bugs 5W is a professional version dedicated to those who need a quality drone, but do not have a very generous budget. It captures images at 4k resolution that it transmits live, HD, to the phone, through the Bugs Go application, over a distance of up to 500m.

It is equipped with GPS, gyroscope and barometer, which ensures precise and balanced orientation on the route, and provides you with a variety of useful functions including automatic landing and takeoff, return to base, night flight, follow me and safe landing.

It weighs only 410g, so it does not require registration at AACR, it offers you a range of 20 minutes and runs at a speed of 30km / h (approx. 8.5m / s). It is accompanied by the remote control with LED display with the help of which you can easily guide the drone, with buttons for the main functions and mechanical gimbal type control for more precision.


Professional mini drone

DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo

the best professional drones

For quality frames, at 4k resolution, DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo uses D-Cinelike flat color profile and H.265 video codec. It includes a Quad Bayer image sensor for balanced images, in intense colors, and the 48Mp offered by the integrated camera, gives you the opportunity to examine all the details of the images.

The drone provides a FocusTrack function that allows precise tracking of points of interest and the ability to add music, effects and filters, in QuickShots mode, for easy-to-make professional videos. It uses OcuSync 2.0 for transmission, allowing live video reception on the remote control, phone or tablet, over a distance of up to 10m, at a resolution of 1080p. In addition, it uses two transmission frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8Ghz, so you can always use the channel with the least interference.

It flies with a maximum speed of 68km / h (approx. 19m / s) in sport mode, and the battery offers an autonomy of up to 34 minutes. The remote control has an autonomy of 240 minutes and ergonomic design, which allows quick and easy management of drone actions and includes the clamp for the stable fixation of the smartphone (iOS, Android) which takes over the role of display.


DJI Mavic Mini

the best professional drones We now present you a professional, cheap and good drone from DJI – Mavic Mini. It is a small device, measuring only 140 x 82 x 57 mm and weighing 249 grams, but it is powerful enough to provide quality aerial footage, thanks to the 12 MP photo resolution and 2.7 K video.

If it is fully charged, the autonomy in flight is 30 minutes, which is a great advantage. This drone rises 4 meters per second and has a maximum speed of 13 m / s. The operating distance is 4 km, and the maximum altitude it can reach is 3000 meters.

Among the features of this device are the GPS, which makes it possible to return to where it left, water detection on landing, if you do not want to damage it if it reaches where you do not want and CineSmooth, a useful function to adjust with ease of speed, for accuracy and stability. It’s not the best model, but it’s a good option for those who can’t afford a more expensive drone.


Professional drone with 720p HD video camera

Parrot Bluegrass Fields

the best professional drones This is a professional drone, with HD video camera, 720p, but the resolution is sufficient, because it is not a device that aims to shoot, but is one used in agriculture. More precisely, it will help you to monitor the harvest from year to year, to see its evolution, to realize how healthy your crops are, to identify the type of land and much more, all with the help of an included software.

This drone requires authorization to be used, because it has a fairly high weight – 1.81 kg. It measures 35.5 x 40.6 x 13.9 cm and has detachable propellers, to store / transport it easily. Comes with an internal memory of 32 GB, GPS, navigation system, ultrasound, altimeter.

This device offers a range of 25 minutes, being equipped with a 6700 mAh battery. The operating distance is at most 2 km. It can be purchased by pre-ordering, so the delivery time will be longer than other items purchased online.



Proffesional mini drones Buying guide

The professional drone is a device that can achieve very good performances and that can be used in all kinds of fields, not only in photography, as some might think. They are high-performance devices that can cope successfully in search missions, that come to the aid of farmers, that help surveyors in making maps or that are used on small and large film sets.

It is not easy to buy a professional drone, at a good price, which is very cheap, because these devices are high-performance and require a proper investment. However, it is good that when you give the money you know exactly what, which is why we want to present you the most important selection criteria in such a purchase:

the best professional drones

Purpose : There are several types of drones, and you have to make the choice depending on what you want from them. Usually, you will meet the following models:

For filming – this includes all products that are equipped with a camera that offers 2K / 4K resolution. They are used by ordinary people, to gather memories with loved ones from various places or from all kinds of events, by photographers, to capture unique shots when they do their duty, by vloggers who want to record videos as more interesting, but of course, also by those who deal with cinematography, because they allow the simpler taking of shots that were previously difficult to capture.

For agriculture – there are also such drones, they are very helpful in such a field. They must be specially designed for this, if you want them to spread herbicide or insecticide or have special software to monitor and analyze the soil.

For topography and cartography – the devices that are part of this category come to the aid of specialists with software capable of performing fast and accurate measurements, easily and at low cost. They are much safer than if the work were done by people and are effective especially when it comes to large areas.

Duration of use : Here we are dealing with a very important detail, which must be taken into account from the beginning. Being a professional model, it should be able to provide you with at least 20 minutes of autonomy.

the best professional drones

Performance: In this we want to mention some essential sub-points, which you should not overlook:

Maximum operating distance – it will give you details about the distance that may exist between you and the drone, when you use the remote control to maneuver it. The models we are talking about in this article must allow you to operate them from at least 2 km.

Speed – this index provides data on how fast the device is moving. Any value over 10-15 m / s is desirable. The travel speed can also be expressed on ascent / descent, but here the values are lower, of 4-5 m / s.

Resolution – this criterion is important for models dealing with filming. Since we are talking about professional devices, they must be able to offer at least 2K content (2560 x 1440 pixels).

Key features : Regarding these details, you can find quite interesting aspects:

Wi-Fi – a function that will allow you to transmit live images captured by the drone.

Watch Me – the device points the camera in the direction you are in.

Point of interest – the device orbits a selected subject.

GPS – will provide details on the flight position, but will also help return the drone to the point from which it left.

360 degree rotation – the gadget will make all kinds of movements to capture as many frames as possible.

Dimensions : The two important criteria here are:

Physical sizes – they matter especially to give you an idea of what the drone looks like, to figure out how easy it will be to handle.

Weight– it is important to provide stability, but it must be under 500 grams if you do not want to register the device with the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

the best professional drones

Given the fact that we are talking in this article about professional devices, the need to be registered is very common, because this value is usually far exceeded.

We are glad that we were able to help you find out opinions about the best professional drones and to inform you about the way they should be chosen. From now on, you will enter the online stores and see the available offers, after which you will choose the right product for your needs.

Such a purchasing method is much more advantageous than the classic one, because you have the possibility to enter non-stop on the websites of the stores, you receive the package at the door and you have numerous discounts.

Frequent questions

How much does a professional drone cost?

You must be aware from the beginning that you will not find professional drones, cheap and good, that cost less than 1500-2000 lei. These devices are high-performance, are used by specialists in all kinds of fields and have tailor-made prices, which can sometimes even reach 30,000 lei.

the best professional drones

What online stores sell professional drones?

If you want to buy the best professional drones online, you can do so from stores that sell state-of-the-art electronic devices. Among the best known are eMag and F64.

How hard is it to pilot a professional drone?

It doesn’t matter if you bought a professional drone with an HD720p / 2K / 4K video camera, etc., you still have to learn to fly it. We advise you to practice first on a simpler model, to learn the maneuvers, then to invest tens of thousands of lei in such a device.

the best professional drones

It is not difficult to get used to the movements that need to be performed, but you need a little skill and patience.

How do I learn to use a drone without damaging it?

First of all, you have to read the instruction manual, in order to know what you have to do, what you have to avoid, what problems can arise. Then, carefully, you can start piloting the drone, first over short distances, then expanding the flight surface as much as possible.

4 basics about using drones

If you have just bought a professional drone, at a good price and you want to enjoy it, first of all, you need to know some important rules:

Take care of registering the device, if it has over 500 grams

The most important aspect is to be okay from a legal point of view. If your drone weighs over 500 grams, it must be registered with the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority.

the best professional drones

Also, if you use a device that weighs more than 15 kg, you must also ask for a flight permit. You can find all these details on the AACR website.

Maintain eye contact with drone

It is very important that the device you use is always in your line of sight. Even if he, theoretically, can go for several kilometers and can rise a lot, legally you are not allowed to do this, but you must always see him.

Be careful where you use the device

To make everything as safe as possible, keep in mind that unauthorized drones are not allowed to fly over large crowds of people and are prohibited in urban areas, near airports and heliports.

Keep in mind the rules of the country you are in

The legislation on drones differs from one country to another, which is why, if you want to have no problems, you must inform yourself before using such a device.

the best professional drones

For example, in Austria you are allowed to raise a drone without authorization only 150 meters, in the Netherlands 120 meters and in Germany 100 meters. This is just a small example, but there may be much stricter rules that you need to consider if you do not want to have problems. So, be well informed.

These are some of the most important basic rules to keep in mind if you want to fly a drone legally, but also safely.

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DJI Phantom 4

For those looking for a professional drone, 4K, we recommend this model, which is a suitable one for those who want to make aerial footage, whether it is a personal archive or they need them in the business they run. It flies for 28 minutes and can be operated from a distance of 3500 meters.

In order to work quickly and easily capture moving subjects, the drone has a speed of 20 m / s, rises by 6 m / s and descends by 4 m / s. It detects obstacles and avoids them, it is equipped with a 3-axis gyroscope, for stability, it has LED indicators that provide important information about the status of the GPS.

289.5 x 289.5 x 196 mm are the dimensions of this drone, and a weight of 1380 grams makes it require AACR registration.

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter is a professional drone, 4K, which offers very clear images, all at a very good stability, given by 6 rotors. It is built so well that you can use it even when the wind is outside, if it is not higher than 48 km / h. You can control it very easily, the remote control has an integrated 7-inch screen.

For this model you must also know the following details: operating distance – 1609 meters, altitude – 500 m, speed – 20 m / s; 4 m / s on ascent and 2.5 m / s on descent. This drone comes with a number of interesting features: 360 degree rotation, Orbit Me (flies around its own axis), point of interest (orbits above the selected subject) and Watch Me (the camera is directing where you are).

The autonomy offered by the device we are talking about now is 25 minutes. The dimensions are 556 x 485 x 305 mm, and the weight is about 2 kg. Given these things, it is necessary to register it with AACR.

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