the best quality gas stove tops (gas hob)

How do you choose the best stove ? What functions and features should the best stove have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Stove Gas Hob When it comes to cooking and baking, many consumers choose electric hobs and ovens. These are devices you can rely on and usually cost less than gas appliances.

However, when you need fast response heating, heat retention and when you want to cook simply and quickly, gas stoves are irreplaceable. The appearance of a classic stove is different from that of an electric one with a thin and smooth top.

Classic cookers use cut-out grills to use the open flame to cook and heat food.

Although gas stoves have become more associated with professional cooking in restaurant kitchens, they also offer countless benefits to those who cook at home.

You can easily adjust the temperature only by the size and color of the flame, which will help you cook properly without risking burning food.

The main advantage of a stove is the quick adjustment from a high temperature to a low one, unlike the electric hobs which are stubborn to deliver too much heat.

The best stove: what to look for

The advantage of a stove compared to the modern model of separate hob and oven is that of easy installation (you only need a free space where you can insert the appliance).

In addition, if it is not incorporated in the furniture it is much easier to maintain and clean, thus saving more in the long run.


Most stoves are 50 cm wide, and more expensive models offer a width of 60, 70 or even 90 centimeters.

The typical stove includes 4 burners , while the wider models can offer 5 or 6 burners of different powers.

Electric stoves are popular because of their narrow, smooth tops and digital displays, while gas stoves offer large buttons and solid iron or cast iron grilles.

Number and power of burners

Instead of choosing your favorite stove based on the heating power declared by the manufacturer, move your attention to the types of burners that the stove is equipped with.

The best stove will include 4 or 5 burners of different sizes suitable for different sizes of pots and pans that you can use.

Standard, just about any stove model includes a powerful burner for heating and cooking food quickly.

Stove oven

When choosing the best stove , pay attention to the functions of the oven. If you are used to baking often it has an important role in choosing the right stove.

Some models even offer a double oven so you can bake several dishes at the same time.

The best stoves will include a grill and a toaster in the oven, as well as the convection function for evenly cooked food.

Surely you have seen professional stoves used by famous chefs. however, gas hobs are not just for professionals and give you the same results when cooking.

If you want to have absolute control over the cooking temperature, the best type of stove is the one with natural gas.

The best stove will give you powerful burners and an excellent oven that will serve you for many years to cook delicious meals for the whole family.

The best stove: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the offer on the market and the opinions of buyers, we can recommend you some models of stoves that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Whirlpool ACMT 6332 / WH Mixed Cooker

The Best Stove Gas Hob 1 Due to the Assisted Cooking Mode it is possible to intuitively set the required flame level and cooking method.
This way you can choose any of the cooking methods such as cooking, cooking over medium heat, steaming, sautéing, browning or grilling.
Automatic functions – 6th Sense technology sets the ideal parameters for cooking your favorite meals.
SmartClean is the best combination of premium materials and advanced setting for thorough cleaning.

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2. Hansa FCMW59009 mixed cooker

The Best Stove Gas Hob 2 Electronic ignition of the button.
The new 3D hot air convection function ensures optimized heat distribution and constant hot air circulation
Safety valve – The hob immediately shuts off the gas supply in case of accidental extinguishing of the flame.
Rapid preheating – The oven heats to a temperature of 150 ° C within 4 minutes.
Drawer for storing large containers.

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3. Aragaz Zanussi ZCG212J1XA

The Best Stove Gas Hob 3 Its narrow format ensures easy fit anywhere in your kitchen.
Pure flame gas burner – reduces the time you wait for the pot to heat so you can start cooking.
An oven and a pizzeria at the same time!
Offering instant heat and rapid temperature changes , this gas oven offers top performance

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4. Star-Light FCF50GRTS cooker

The Best Stove Gas Hob 4 The modern design and the stainless steel finishes allow it to integrate perfectly in any type of kitchen.
The four burners with electric ignition give you the possibility to light the stove easily.
The roaster function will help you brown lightly without too many "interventions" delicious meat dishes.
The timer function helps you set the times needed for the different stages of food preparation.

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5. UAM4S Arctic Stove

The Best Stove Gas Hob 5 A classic, small stove with a metal lid and oven tray, which guarantees safe cooking through the Safety Plus function.
Safety Plus – Turns off the gas supply in case of accidental extinguishing of the flame.
Food: Gas – Color: White
Cover: Metal – Number of burners: 4
Dimensions (HxIxA): 85x50x50 cm
Accessories: Oven tray, Barbecue

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