The best radio cassette player


The best radio cassette player

Cassette Recorders – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Are you looking for a tape recorder radio to enjoy the auditions of old tapes, or even to refresh your collection with new albums? If so, you may want to look for more expensive equipment, which is quite rare, or choose a simple model of portable device, such as the one that has been appearing lately. Regarding the second category, our recommendations for this year are, first of all, Sony CFDS70B , which includes cassette player, radio and CD Player, with the possibility of playing MP3 songs and storing up to 30 stations, and secondly Next, we recommend Blaupunkt BB15BL , which, in addition to being playable on CDs and cassettes, also includes a USB slot, in case you want to listen to MP3 files on this type of storage. In addition to these two, we have selected a series of other models of radio recorders and we hope you find one that meets your requirements as well as possible. For starters, let’s detail the main recommended products:

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Store up to 30 radio stations to access without searching, and if you want to play music from other types of players, you can use the audio input for the signal. It can also play MP3 files stored on CDs.

At only 2 x 1.7 watts, the volume it generates is modest. You can use the jack output if you want to connect it to more powerful amplification systems.

Portability is the strong point of this model. It has a compact, oval design, without raised buttons or other elements that could break easily. It plays on the most used storage media and is available in black and white.

In addition to the radio, cassette player and CD player, memory sticks can be attached to play MP3 files. The playful design is for the taste of children, and in terms of connection, it has RCA input for attaching external players.

Although it is a portable model, the buttons, which are strongly highlighted (especially the tuner, volume and controls for the cassette player) could be hit and broken. In addition, it does not store radio stations.

Available in blue and pink, this cassette radio fits very well in the children’s room or in the kindergarten and school rooms. Even if you are dissatisfied with the sound volume, you can always connect stronger speakers through the 3.5 mm jack output. Overall, a quality model at an affordable price.

Besides cassette player, radio, CD player and USB, it also includes pick-up. In short, it has everything, and the vintage design increases its aesthetic appeal, especially if you place it in the living room, with matching furniture.

It is about three times more expensive than other cassette recorders, given its quality and high number of functions. In addition, it is not portable.

If you want to sit in the living room, listening to almost anything on a device with a vintage design, just controlling it from the remote control, then the investment for this product will be worth it. Of course, you can attach more powerful speakers to it, using the 3.5 mm jack signal output.

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Sony CFDS70B

The best radio cassette player

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