The best refrigerated display case manufacturers for sale

How do you choose the best refrigerated display case? What functions and equipment should the refrigerated display case have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Refrigerated Display Case If in the past it was difficult for people to preserve food, today, due to refrigeration systems, it is easier than ever. Keeping food cold is a mandatory requirement especially if we are talking about marketed food.

An effective way to keep them at optimal temperatures, without hiding them from the unwanted eyes of customers, is to use a refrigerated display case.

Such a refrigerator can be easily seen in shops, confectioneries, bars, guesthouses or other such places. If you are the owner of such a place, you are probably looking for a new refrigerated display case .

Find out how to choose the best refrigerated display case .

Why choose the best refrigerated display case?

Buying a refrigerated display case is an investment in the future of your business . But to make a good investment it is necessary to choose the best refrigerated display case for you.

One that will be strong enough for your store, and one that will put your products in the best light.

How do you choose the best refrigerated display case?

To find such a showcase you need to know a few important details: what model of showcase suits you, what facilities it should have, what is the design that will benefit you the most.

To help you make your choice, we have prepared a shopping guide that contains all the information you need. So, to buy the best refrigerated display case, take into account the following important details.

Type of refrigerated display case

The Best Refrigerated Display Case 1 The type of refrigerated display case chosen will also influence the type of food you will be able to display in the display case. There are two types of refrigerated display cases, with forced ventilation or natural convection . Regardless of the type chosen, both will use cold air to keep food at a constant temperature.

The difference is in the way the cold air is emitted , a detail that will determine the extent to which the products will be affected by the dry air.

It is also good to remember that a refrigerated display case is a method of temporarily storing refrigerated products, and does not equate to the preserving power of a refrigerator .

Forced ventilation refrigerated display case

It works on the basis of built-in fans that have the role of diffusing cold air among the exposed food. Once it reaches the food, the cold air replaces the warm air that is removed, leaving the food fresh. This is why pastries and confectionery are recommended to be displayed in such showcases.

A refrigerated display case of this kind has the disadvantage of drying food if it stays in it too long, but cakes and other pastries sell easily and quickly, which is why this system is more advantageous for you if you sell such products. .

Refrigerated display case with natural convection

This type of showcase is best suited for meat, dairy, fish or vegetable products . That's because it doesn't dry the food as much as the other guy.

The principle of operation is different, this type of showcase using an evaporator that causes hot air to rise, while diffusing cold air over food.

Because there are no temperature fluctuations and the ventilation disappears, the food does not dry so quickly.

The right model

The offer on the market is quite generous in terms of available models. You will often find vertical showcases, for delicacies, mini, horizontal, single or double, with shelves or compartments. To help you choose the right model, we'll look at three of the most popular models below.

Horizontal refrigerated display case

The horizontal display case is recommended for pastries, cheese and meat delicacies, or fruits and vegetables . The best refrigerated display case for the display of pastries is one with shelves and glass walls . This will allow customers to easily see the cakes from any angle.

The ideal refrigerated display case for meat and cheese delicacies is a longer and lower one , equipped with curved doors . And if you sell fruits and vegetables, you will need a compartmentalized display case, equipped with shelves to be able to arrange the goods by categories, and open so that the cold air can circulate easily.

Choose a display case that allows you to control the humidity of the air, to make sure that it is not too humid or too dry.

Vertical refrigerated display case

It is the best option for drinks, bottles of wine, beer , etc. If you are the owner of a bar, hotel or pension, you will appreciate such a showcase much better. They are advantageous because they do not take up much space , and they are quite tall . They are compartmentalized with the help of grill shelves and you can easily position the products.

Depending on how many products you need to display, you will choose a single (single door), double or even multi-door display case for supermarkets. It's up to you whether to opt for doors with a classic opening or by sliding .

There are also refrigerated display cases with openings at the back that will make loading easier in some cases. Obviously, these are more expensive, so consider whether you need this detail or not.

Mini refrigerated display case

The Best Refrigerated Display Case They are specially designed to be used for promotional purposes . They are useful when you want to display samples , or draw attention to a special offer without compromising food integrity. They are usually small enough to be placed on a small table or even on the bar counter.

They can imitate vertical showcases, with a single shelf, or they can be without a shelf, with a transparent glass lid, and the products will be placed disorderly.

It is a type of showcase with a practical purpose, being used more for promotion, so consider whether you really need such a device.


The small details make the difference, and you will notice this in the multitude of satisfied customers. Although we find it harder to notice the little things that attract customers, they matter more than we can imagine. This principle also applies to refrigerated display cases, so design details should not be ignored.

A first aspect to consider would be glass . The products are displayed in the shop window, and you want them to be as visible as possible. Choose a window with a sloping or curved glass at the expense of one with a straight glass. The first two will eliminate the reflection of lights from the ceiling, and the products will be more easily visible.

You can't ignore the aesthetic either. It is proven that people prefer full showcases, suggesting the idea of freshness and abundance, and after all, a showcase with products in abundance simply looks better. To increase this effect, choose a window with mirrored walls .

Also, avoid white at the edges or walls, even if it inspires the idea of hygiene. The black color "catches" the eye much better, conveys the idea of quality, luxury, sophistication and elegance.

The shelves can be made of metal, grill or glass . They are absolutely necessary for the organization of the products , so that they are as easy to notice as possible. The best refrigerated display case has glass shelves , which give more light inside.

What accessories and functions does the best refrigerated display case have?

  • Interior lighting – Again, the role of the showcase is to put your goods in the best light in the eyes of customers, so it is preferable that the products be as well lit as possible to "catch" the eyes of curious customers. This is done by lamps. You can choose whether you want them to be arranged on shelves, on the edges or in the corners.
  • Thermostat – It will allow you to control the temperature, which will have to be adapted according to the season. It will also allow you to better control your energy consumption.
  • Automatic defrost – Any refrigerator should be defrosted every few months. This feature will remove the ice and store it in a back tray, evaporating later, without you having to worry too much.
  • Automatic refrigeration unit – Realizes the optimum temperature for storing food.
  • Condensate drain – absolutely necessary function. Without this function, the glass would always be steamed because the cold air often meets the warm air.
  • Humidity control – A function that regulates the humidity in the air so that it is neither too wet nor too dry.
  • Adjustable wheels or legs – To allow easy movement of the display case if you want to move or clean it under or behind it. Also, the helpable legs will adjust the height of the showcase to be as comfortable as possible for the saleswoman and for the customers.
  • Folding glass – It will allow you to clean the interior easily
  • Scale holder – Especially useful for fruit and vegetable display cases, or for cheese and meat.


As usual, the wisest thing to do is to go to the manufacturers who have made a good reputation for producing the best electronic products, including the refrigerated display case. Thus, Whirpool or Arctic will be the best choices. However, don't forget to take into account the opinion of previous buyers.

The best refrigerated display case: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of buyers, we can further recommend you some models of refrigerated display cases that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Whirlpool ADN201 refrigerated display case, 320 l

The Best Refrigerated Display Case 2 Total net volume (l): 320
Total gross volume (l): 350
Number of shelves: 6
Refrigerator defrost system: Automatic
Standard opening: Right
Reversible uses: FromHandle: Vertical
Interior lighting: Yes
Mechanical control – Cable length: 1.8 m

See details and price

2. Arctic V 296, 292 L refrigerated display case

The Best Refrigerated Display Case 3 Adjustable thermostat – You can change the food storage temperature at any time.
Antibacterial lining – Keep food in maximum hygiene and family health in perfect safety.
The fan placed inside the cooler contributes to the uniform distribution of temperature and humidity inside.
Refrigerator net volume (l): 282 – Total gross volume (l): 292
Interior lightingGlass door

See details and price

3. Professional refrigerated display case KLIMASAN ND372, 325 l

The Best Refrigerated Display Case 4

Professional refrigerated display case for soft drinks / water / beer KLIMASAN, model ND372.
It is equipped with 5 metal shelves , glass door and interior lighting that allows increased visibility of the glass inside.
The cooling temperature is between 0 ° C and + 10 ° C.
Total net volume (l): 325 – Total gross volume (l): 382
Built-in handleLocking system

See details and price

4. Arctic V145 refrigerated display case, 130 l

The Best Refrigerated Display Case 5 ADJUSTABLE SHELVES – Allow efficient use of space in the refrigerator, by moving the shelves according to your needs.
ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT – It aims to quickly adjust the temperature according to needs, taking into account the ambient temperature.
The fan located inside the refrigerated display case helps to distribute the temperature and humidity evenly inside the compartment.
Refrigerator net volume (l): 130 – Total gross volume (l): 139
Interior lightingAutomatic defrost system

See details and price

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