the best refrigerator under $2000

The Best Refrigerator Under 2000 Lei How do you choose the best refrigerator? What should you look for and what should you pay attention to when making a long-term purchase? We explain how you can choose the best refrigerator for a maximum budget of 2000 lei.

What should you look for?

When it comes to choosing the right refrigerator or freezer for you, you need to take into account several aspects such as its size, internal capacity, energy consumption and others that we will detail below. Always go shopping after you have measured the space in your home where the refrigerator will be placed. Take into account the width, height, but also the depth of the space, taking into account that you will have to leave about 5-10 centimeters between the refrigerator and the back wall to properly ventilate the cooling and heat dissipation elements.


When we talk about capacity in the case of a refrigerator, we refer to the internal size, measured in liters, of the cooling / freezing compartments. On average, a refrigerator has around 300 liters of total internal capacity.

A normal refrigerator with the freezer on top and a height of 160 cm has 200 and a few liters of interior space, including the freezer which is usually a box placed on top of the refrigerator.

For more complex refrigerators, the freezer and refrigerator are placed separately, with individual external access doors for comfort and optimization of energy consumption. In this way we have 2 types of refrigerators:

  • 2-door refrigerator – consists of two compartments with individual access from the outside, with the freezer at the top, it has a size of about 20% of the refrigerator;
  • refrigeratorfreezer – usually has a freezer at the bottom, its dimensions being much more generous and reaching up to 40% of the capacity of the appliance.

So, depending on your needs and space, you will choose one of the two types of refrigerator.

Energy consumption

When it comes to energy consumption, we must keep in mind that the refrigerator is permanently plugged in and consumes the same. In this way, a device with higher energy efficiency ends up costing us less in the long run, although the acquisition cost is a little higher.



Do you remember your childhood, when at 2-3 weeks my mother would take it out of the fridge and put a pot of boiled water to thaw it? Thanks to modern technologies, this is no longer necessary. NO-FROST technology found on most refrigerators today prevents the formation of ice and snow on the walls of the refrigerator and freezer.


The anti-bacterial system present on the more expensive models uses silver ions to neutralize the bacteria that feed on the products in the refrigerator. This will keep the food in the fridge longer, and the unpleasant odors will be reduced almost completely.


Some refrigerators have cold water dispensers or ice cubes on the outside. Imagine a hot day when you only have to press 1 button to enjoy a glass of cold water or to add ice cubes to your favorite drink.

Reversible uses

Depending on your space, you may want to choose in which direction the refrigerator door will open. It is inconvenient to lean against a wall every time you go to the refrigerator. Therefore, most modern refrigerator doors can be mounted with both left and right openings.

Special compartments

For efficient organization of space, some refrigerator models have special compartments for various types of food. Thus we find compartments for vegetables, special compartments at 0 degrees, compartments with support for bottles or eggs.


The dimensions of the refrigerator, as I said above, must be chosen depending on the space it will occupy and always taking into account that you will have to leave at least 5 centimeters behind for ventilation.


When it comes to Warranty, you have to choose the device with the highest possible warranty. This indicates that the manufacturer knows that his device is reliable and can support it financially in the first years of life if it has defects. Products with longer warranties are more reliable than those with shorter warranties. With a refrigerator you can get a warranty from the manufacturer between 24 and 36 months. Additionally, you can purchase the extended warranty offered by the manufacturer or trader for an annual fee.

The winning formula

To choose the best refrigerator, the winning formula would be: the right dimensions for our space + the largest possible internal capacity + minimum electricity consumption + facilities and guarantees.

Comparison of models

We chose for comparison 4 models of refrigerators with prices up to 2000 lei from different manufacturers to make it easier for you to choose.

Comparison of refrigerator models

We chose for comparison 4 models of refrigerators with prices up to 2000 lei from different manufacturers to make it easier for you to choose.

AK366NF + the best refrigerator under $2000
GB3133PVJW the best refrigerator under $2000
Beko DDEN507WD + the best refrigerator under $2000 Hotpoint EBQH20243 the best refrigerator under $2000
Device type Refrigerator Refrigerator 2-door refrigerator Refrigerator
NO FROST refrigerator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Energy class A + A + A + A +
Total volume (l) 312 303 440 314
Refrigerator volume (l) 222 217 350 241
Freezer volume (l) 90 86 90 73
Energy consumption (kWh / year) 341 310 357 308
Reversible uses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water dispenser Not Not Yes Not
Material shelves Glass Glass Glass Glass
Antibacterial system Yes Yes
Advanced functions Super Freeze Function, Open Door Warning System, Egg Holder, Ice Tray Warning system for open door, Egg holder, Ice tray Warning system for open door, Super-cooling function, Bottle holder, Egg holder, Ice tray, Active Fresh “BlueLight” Open Door Warning System, Super Cooling Function, Egg Holder, Ice Tray
Price and delivery click here click here click here click here


From the above comparison it is clear the model of Beko both in terms of capacity that is clearly superior to competing models, but also as facilities included being the model with the most additional benefits from the above comparison.

The Best Refrigerator Under 2000 Lei 5

Beko DDEN507WD + refrigerator

Click for details and price

Active Fresh “BlueLight”
Due to the lighting of the box of vegetables and fruits with "Bluelight" the process of photosynthesis continues during storage, which ensures freshness and high nutritional value for a longer period of time. According to the study conducted by researchers at Bath SPA University in the UK, it turned out that by constantly emitting rays of blue light, the content of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables is maintained close to the initial level. Thus vegetables and fruits will remain fresher. and more tender for a longer time.

Electronic Touch Display
The electronic "touch control" display allows the setting of the indoor temperatures in the cooler and freezer compartments, as well as the programming of the desired operating mode.

Active Dual Cooling
This system ensures a 20% faster cooling and maintaining the ideal humidity conditions. At the same time, it prevents the mixing of odors between the two compartments of the refrigerator – cooler and freezer, thus guaranteeing the freshness of the food.

Multiflow system

Through the Multiflow system, cooling is achieved by means of ventilated air currents, which determines the uniform distribution of temperature and humidity – as well as the rapid restoration of the interior temperature, after opening the door. Eliminating large temperature variations significantly prolongs food storage time, until it doubles.

Water dispenser
It is a special device for cooling and dosing water. The access is easy, the water dispenser being located on the door of the refrigerator, outside it. In addition, the security offered by this device is remarkable – children's access is restricted at the touch of a button.

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