The best remote control app for android and tv


The best remote control app for android and tv

Remote Controls – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Replacing a broken remote control – or looking for a better built model than the one received – can be done very easily these days, as a large number of companies have put on the market various such accessories, in many shapes, sizes and functions. If you have a TV or even other devices that need a new remote control, you can either opt for a dedicated model or a universal one. As recommendations, after exploring the range of offers, we decided to put at the top of the list a Samsung remote control, model BN59-00531A . Depending on the TV with which it is equipped, it can transmit commands up to 8 meters away, and the compatibility is with all Samsung TVs, without the need to enter any code. If you do not have a TV from this brand, the second recommendation is addressed to Philips owners, LCD and LED models. The 398GR8BD-3NT product is compatible with a wide range of recent models, and the maximum operating distance is close to 8 meters.

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It connects without code to almost all models from the Korean manufacturer Samsung, including old models with a tube. The price of the product is very affordable, about half that of many other remote control models.

Some buyers have complained that the plastic from which it is made is of poor quality, so it will not be very resistant to falls and its durability over time is questioned.

This remote control is a cheap solution for those who urgently need something like this for the TV. Includes teletex and source selection functions, as well as Braille badges for the blind, being a well thought out product.

It is quite solid, sends signal up to eight meters away and includes home button and subtitle button. It is compatible with almost all TV models manufactured by the same manufacturer.

It does not reconcile with older Philips TV models, such as those with cathode ray tubes.

In terms of the quality of this product, it is a well-built remote control, and the location of its buttons offers comfort and efficiency in use. In addition, at 177 x 45 x 15 millimeters, it is also quite compact.

It has dedicated buttons for media players (DVD Players, Blu-Ray, or for those included in the TV software), and in terms of compatibility, it fits easily with any Sony LCD / LED TV, including Smart ones.

The power button has about the same shape and size as the one below it (Track ID) and the source selection button, which means it will take some time to get used to hitting it.

This remote control is among the most expensive models of such gadgets. If you have a Sony Smart TV and you don’t want dedicated buttons for Netflix or Youtube, we recommend it, both for the solid construction and for the functions.

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Samsung BN59-00531A

The best remote control app for android and tv

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