the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair

How do you choose the best robot vacuum cleaner ? What functions and features should the best robot vacuum cleaner have ? Read on to find out.

Why choose the best robot vacuum cleaner

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For those with a very busy schedule who no longer have time for household chores, the robotic future is here. Robot vacuum cleaners can make your life easier by automatically helping you with household chores.

Today's robot vacuum cleaners offer a multitude of functions, such as automatic recharging and wall sensors , which recommends them as the ideal aid in cleaning floors.

Although they will not clean as deeply as a manual vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaners will help you maintain a basic cleaning of all floors in the house. This means that you will use the conventional vacuum cleaner less often.

In addition, the best robot vacuum cleaner also offers the advantages of mobility: due to the compact design, they can reach places where the conventional vacuum cleaner is harder to reach.

Automatic robot vacuums can also be cleaned in your absence, and they can be programmed to start at a certain time.

Top 3 recommended robot vacuum cleaners

How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, take into account the types of flooring you want cleaned. Most robot vacuum cleaners do not work well on moth carpets, and some models have restrictions on the length of the carpet threads. You should know that some models have sensors that prevent them from working on dark carpets or rugs.

To choose the best robot vacuum cleaner you must take into account its performance, features, design and warranty offered by the manufacturer. In the following we take a look at these criteria.


The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1 Several key factors will determine the cleaning performance of the best robot vacuum cleaner . Keep in mind, however, that although these automatic appliances will remove dust from the surface and hair, they will not provide as complete a cleaning as a classic vacuum cleaner or a vertical vacuum cleaner.

The best robot vacuum cleaners will have a long operating time of up to two hours or more. Some models with shorter uptime can also have a long loading time, making it quite inconvenient to use.

Most robot vacuum cleaners offer different cleaning patterns. Look for a robot vacuum cleaner that offers various cleaning patterns and that passes several times in the same place. As a rule, if the vacuum cleaner passes over the same place several times, it is more likely to clean the respective area better.

The best robot vacuum cleaners have up to five cleaning patterns, for example: random, spiral, back-and-forth. The best vacuuming robots will create a "map" of the room and will remember where they went, making sure that no surfaces remain unpolluted.

The best vacuuming robots are also equipped with side brushes that help vacuum dust in harder to reach areas, near walls and in corners.


The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 Certain additional features can make the ideal robot vacuum cleaner an irreplaceable help when it comes to cleaning. Some models offer cleaning programming in this way so you can choose when you want it to do its job without supervision. All you have to do is schedule the days and hours in advance when you want it to clean and it will start without a doubt whether you are at home or not.

The self-docking and automatic recharging functions are the ideal complement to the programmed cleaning function. These functions automate the charging process of the robot vacuum cleaner battery. When the battery is running low, the robot returns to the charging station and waits for the battery to recharge before continuing cleaning.

The best robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with functions that ensure that they will not get where they should not. You can set virtual limits that the vacuum cleaner does not cross, such as in the area of the entrance doors and any other area where you do not want it to enter.

You can also mark the perimeter using plastic or rubber strips that the robot does not pass over. Once the robot's sensors detect these perimeter boundaries, it changes direction so as not to violate them. Other features include the height sensor that prevents the robot from falling from a height, for example on stairs.

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3 To control your suction robot more efficiently, look for a model that also offers remote control . A welcome feature for anyone, the remote control is especially helpful for those who have problems with bending or lifting things.

Other features of vacuum cleaners are intended for allergy sufferers or those who have pets. If you have pets, choose a robot vacuum cleaner with anti-tangle sensors and special brushes for removing animal hair. If you suffer from allergies, make sure that the chosen robot vacuum cleaner model is equipped with HEPA filters.


The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4 Suction robots offer the advantage of mobility. Created to be small and compact, they can easily penetrate spaces where conventional vacuum cleaners reach with difficulty or not at all.

Most robot vacuum cleaners are only a few inches tall and can easily fit under beds, sofas and cabinets to clean even the most inaccessible places in the house.

To avoid unpleasant situations in which your vacuum cleaner would leave marks on the floor, choose a model with soft rubber bumpers . These will prevent the robot from damaging the furniture or the parquet plinth.

Service and warranty

The best robot vacuum cleaners come with a guarantee of at least 24 months. Keep in mind that due to their complexity, vacuum cleaners are not as durable as conventional vacuum cleaners. It would be preferable to purchase an extended warranty to prevent headaches.

The manufacturers of the best robot vacuum cleaners offer on their website user guides and videos, as well as support by email or phone. Choose a well-documented model with professional support from the manufacturer.

Although the best robot vacuum cleaners do not offer the same level of cleaning as a classic vacuum cleaner, they are perfect for maintenance cleaning, especially because they do all the work on their own. Thanks to your vacuum cleaner, you will have to clean less often. These little robots still have a long way to go to replace the traditional cleaning tools, but one day we will get there.

The best robot vacuum cleaner: recommendations

Based on the criteria detailed above and on the opinions of customers, we can propose models of robot vacuum cleaners below that offer an excellent quality / price ratio .

1. Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 966 iAdapt 2.0

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 5 IAdapt 2.0 navigation with visual location.
IRobot Home application for robot control
Cleaning up to 185 m² / load – Adaptive AeroForce cleaning head.
ANTI tangle system in cables.
Acoustic and optical detection of dirt.
Delayed cleaning function – Indicator for full trash.
Automatic re-charging in the charging base.
High capacity Li-Ion battery.

See details and price

2. Robot vacuum cleaner Symbo LASERBOT 750 WiFi + mop

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 6 Laser navigation – High-performance Japanese NIDEC engine.
Suction power up to 1800 Pa.
For different types of hard floors (vinyl, parquet, linoleum) and low carpets.
Suitable for cleaning animal hair.
Pair of long brushes for vacuuming in the corners.
HEPA-designed filter captures even the smallest particles of dust and dirt.

See details and price | See full review

3. Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 7 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is a smart, efficient device, elegant design.
Brushless motor (brushless for very long life and maximum energy efficiency).
Multi-surface operation.
Always Charged: Autonomy 2.5h per cycle and automatic charging (after completing the cleaning cycle, the robot charges itself and is ready for action again).
Powerful battery 5200 mAh – Suction (pa) 1800pa.
Equipped with 12 types of sensors – Control and programming through the Mi Home application.

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4. Suction robot Xiaomi Roborock S6 (S60)

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 8 It can be controlled via smartphone or tablet – the Mi Home application.
Mop function with special antistatic dust receptacle (included in the package).
Suction pressure up to 2000 Pa / min. holds 0.67 m3 of air.
HEPA filter (included in the package).
Three independent sensors for efficient cleaning.
14 sensors, which ensure navigation in the room – Zone cleaning – cleaning areas.
Improved simultaneous location and mapping algorithm (SLAM + LDS).

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5. Anker eufy RoboVac 35C smart robot vacuum cleaner

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 9 Compact and thin, with a suction power of 1500Pa and an impressive autonomy of 100 minutes.
It can be controlled remotely via WiFi and the EufyHome and Amazon Alexa application, together with Google Assistant.
The small design allows it to clean even under beds and sofas.
The RoboVac 25C vacuum cleaner automatically increases the suction power in 1.5 seconds when it reaches very dirty or difficult to clean areas.

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6. Mop robot iRobot Braava 390 Turbo

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 10 iRobot® Braava® 390t is the mop robot suitable for multiple rooms or larger spaces, helping you to remove everyday dirt from all types of floors.
Braava® 390t is very quiet and can be used even when someone is sleeping.
The Braava® 390t Robot Mop is equipped with NASA technology, NorthStar navigation cube and the iAdapt 2.0 system.
It has a fast charging base.
Two ways to clean: broom and mop – Clean along walls and under furniture.

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