the best samsung phone right now -2021 guide


the best samsung phone right now -2021 guide

Samsung Phones – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Are you looking for a new phone from Samsung, but you don’t know which would be more suitable for your budget and needs? Find out a few things about these devices and find theSamsung Galaxy A50 128 GB model   among the favorites of Romanian users, it is equipped with 128 GB storage space and dual SIM, for fast running applications, with 4 GB RAM and an octa-core processor, with a 25 MP front camera and a 25 MP main camera with ultrawide lens (8 MP) and 5 MP depth sensor. The 6.4 inch screen has a good resolution of 1080 x 2340p. Another popular example is the Samsung Galaxy A30s 64 GB .

Comparative table

This product will satisfy those who want a high-performance mobile, with two cameras capable of detailed captures, with a large screen, 6.4 inches, at very good resolution, to play vivid colors, with enough space for temporary storage, presenting an essential balance between the quality of the technical parts and the relatively affordable price.

One reason for dissatisfaction may be the fact that it is capable of capturing video only in full HD quality, and the maximum sensitivity is considered low, compared to more expensive models.

It has a very good choice in terms of what it offers in relation to the cost of investment, which is why it is in the current Romanian sales charts.

With a durable battery and a multitude of options for connecting to other pieces of technology, this article also stands out with an affordable acquisition cost, having on board three main cameras, to obtain high resolution and wide angle images, being able to -opens by using the fingerprint and being dual SIM.

The operating system takes up a lot of space, so a microSD card can be helpful for those who prefer to keep data locally, and access to the camera can be poor.

Who wants an affordable mobile from a brand recognized for prestige and efficiency can turn their attention on the niche market to a model like this.

For the daily use of a person who does not button too much, this model is enough, enjoying acceptable cameras, a powerful technical construction for cost, and it does not lack connection options such as Bluetooth, NFC or the classic audio jack, for wired headphones, charging via the USB Type-C port.

This option can present problems in terms of signal, and the plastic case kidnaps them from the slightly elegant appearance it has, given the elongated shape.

Incorporating an affordable offer, anyone who wants a product from the brand in question can use this piece ready to explore.

In-depth reviews about the best Samsung phones

The right selection criteria, but also the sales charts that reflect the wishes of Romanians can help you make a decision when it comes to choosing the perfect Samsung phone model.

Samsung A50 phone

Samsung Galaxy A50 128 GB

the best samsung phone right now -2021 guide

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