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How do you choose the best freezer for your home? What functions and features should the freezer have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Home Freezer One of the best ways to preserve food is to freeze it. Most people already have a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, ie a unit consisting of a refrigerator and a freezer .

For some, however, this device alone may not be enough, especially when it comes to a large family. If you think you need more space to freeze food, it might be a good idea to invest, not in a new refrigerator, but only in a freezer .

Since you have this option on the market, you are probably wondering how you can choose the best freezer for your home . Here are some helpful tips.

Top 3 freezers recommended

Why choose the best freezer for your home?

Freezers are ideal for storing excess food for later use. Depending on the type of freezer you choose, you will be able to freeze large pieces of meat here that would not fit in the drawers of a regular one.

Also, by opting for an extra freezer space, you can take advantage of the discounts you discover when you go shopping. Often, especially meat that expires in a few days, it is sold at a considerably reduced price.

You can take advantage of these offers even if you can't use that food immediately, because by freezing it, it will keep its freshness and will not spoil. You can also use it in the summer to keep drinks or even ice cream cold.

How to choose the best freezer for your home

The Best Home Freezer 1 In order to enjoy all these benefits, however, you need to pay attention to several aspects before buying the best freezer.

These criteria include the type of freezer , its size , consumption but also the special functions that can raise the final price quite a lot.

To make it easier for you and to make a good choice from the first , we have prepared this shopping guide . As you read this article you will discover in turn each criterion that you need to check before making a significant investment.

After we present you some secrets in this regard, we are ready with a list of freezers that you can order at the best quality / price ratio on the market. So here's what you shouldn't miss:

Freezer type

You will quickly notice that there are several types of freestanding freezers on the market. You have to be careful which one you choose, because one model may suit you better than another.

These are horizontal variants . The opening is made at the top, with a door that works as a lid. They can be equipped with separators or removable baskets . This way you can better organize and store food indoors.

These models tend to be even more energy efficient and prevent food from burning in the frost . Unlike vertical models, however, many of them do not have the self-defrost function , which means that the temperature will be intentionally kept at a lower level.

They are also more recommended if the area where you live, power outages are frequent. That's because they tend to keep food in a cold temperature longer , even if it's not connected to electricity. They are also quieter than vertical models.

However, even if they are equipped with separating elements, they will be more difficult to organize than vertical freezers. Thus, the food that will be placed on the bottom of the device will be more difficult to access.

They will also take up more floor space than wall space, so they can be annoying from this point of view. They are only suitable for homes with a lot of space available . In addition, they must be defrosted manually .

  • Vertical freezer

The Best Home Freezer 2 These are preferred by those who do not have much floor space, so they prefer a variant that extends more on the wall. Also, because they are equipped with shelves and drawers , it is easier to organize food in this way.

In addition, as with a conventional refrigerator, the door will be equipped with compartments , suitable for jars or bottles . It will be much easier for you to find what you are looking for using such a model.

Most vertical freezers are equipped with the self-defrost function, but there are also some that allow you to do this process manually when you deem it necessary.

However, manual defrosting is difficult and inconvenient, as the process will take hours and you must empty the appliance. Conversely, if the auto-defrost function is activated, the temperature will rise gradually , which could compromise the performance of the freezer .

Also, unlike a refrigerator, a vertical freezer is available in a wider range of finishes to better suit the style of your kitchen.

However, you will also notice some disadvantages . For example, those that do not have the self-defrost function do not maintain a uniform temperature inside . Shelves cannot be adjusted at will to improve storage. Self-defrosting ones are noisier and can consume more .

They also allow more air to circulate around the food which could damage it . In case of lack of electricity, these models will heat up faster . In addition, they may have a higher purchase price .

Before looking for the best freezer, think about where to put it

The location you will choose for your freezer can greatly influence the model you choose.

For example, if you want to place the freezer in an area where you spend a lot of time, you will need to pay attention to the noise level. It is preferable to choose a model that is as quiet as possible , that does not bother you from this point of view.

Another thing to pay attention to is the average ambient temperature in that room. Freezers will not operate normally if exposed to temperatures higher or lower than those specified by the manufacturer.

Therefore, it is good to check the manufacturer's recommendations, especially if you intend to put the refrigerator in an isolated and cool place, such as a technical room or garage.

Freezer size

The size, or rather the capacity of the freezer, must be chosen in such a way that it can best meet the needs of your family. That means choosing a model that is not too big. Otherwise, you will consume excess resources, meaning you will have to pay more.

If the volume of food stored is not very large, you can choose one of the more compact variants of freezers. They have a capacity of up to 80 liters .

If, on the other hand, you have a lot of things to freeze and you also have the necessary space for a large unit, you can choose a freezer with a capacity of 400 liters or less .

Most of the time, you will need a larger freezer if you are used to freezing seasonal foods, which you can use all year round. The same is true if you are used to slaughtering animals yourself and you need a lot of space , for example to freeze several kilograms of pork.

The Best Home Freezer 3 For those who do not always need extra storage space, but maybe only in a certain season, it is recommended to buy a model as small as possible , which they should gradually empty and be able to take out of operation when the need is no longer it's so big.

Adaptation in case of power failure

Most manufacturers claim that their models can keep frozen food even 24 hours after the freezer no longer receives electricity. The condition is not to open the refrigerator or the vertical freezer.

Check this if it is a problem you often face and tend to choose a refrigerator, because it behaves better in such situations.

Energetic efficiency

Putting an extra freezer into operation will certainly raise electricity costs. That is why it is important to choose one that is part of a higher energy class . This way you make sure that the appliance will have a very good efficiency and that it will not consume a lot.

The advice of specialists is not to choose anything below energy class A. Moreover, it is necessary to go to the A ++ or even A +++.

What functions and accessories should the best freezer have?

  • Control panel – It is preferable to choose a freezer with buttons that allow you to easily adjust the temperature. However, make sure that the little ones will not have access to these buttons, or they may make some changes that will lead to food spoilage.
  • No-Frost function – Very practical because you will no longer have to periodically check the walls of the freezer to make sure that no layers of ice have formed. This means that you will no longer have to go through the difficult and very uncomfortable stage of thawing.
  • Wheels – A wheeled unit can be useful if you want to move it when it is full.
  • Lighting – Interior lights are useful because they help you see better what foods you want to find. This is especially useful if you place the freezer outside or in the garage.
  • LeakageLeakage holes make it easier to defrost and clean the unit, as ice and water will not flow everywhere and will leak through holes that you can quickly detect.
  • Separators and compartments – Especially in the case of a refrigerator, it is important to choose one that allows you to better organize the space. Also, choose variants with removable dividers that you can place at varying distances depending on your preferences and needs.
  • Door padlock – This accessory will allow you to protect the contents of the freezer from children who will definitely want to inspect it. Some models also have a pop-up key system, which will evacuate the key when you lock it. Thus, only you will be able to open the unit.
  • Door alarms – If you have a habit of forgetting to close the refrigerator or freezer door, food can be damaged and consumption will increase enormously. In addition, the no-frost function will no longer work. So a system that will alarm you when you keep the freezer door open for too long can be very practical.
  • Soft-freeze function – A compartment dedicated to ice cream. It will be kept at a temperature that will prevent it from freezing too hard.
  • Fast freezing function – A compartment in which the temperature drops rapidly by 10 degrees colder than the absolute minimum value. This better preserves the freshness of the food. It is also useful for freezing a large amount of food faster.

Warranty, price, manufacturers

Once you've set a realistic budget for your purchase, there's one more step you shouldn't skip: brand research. Take some time to read about the manufacturers. See what their reputation is.

As a rule, those with a long history in the market are more reliable. They are more attentive to the way they treat their customers, doing everything possible to keep them satisfied, by manufacturing devices at high standards and made of quality material.

A very good indication of quality is the guarantee . It must be at least 2 years old. However, look for those devices that come with a 5-year or even longer warranty . These devices should be very durable if used under the conditions recommended by the manufacturer.


You have a very good chance of finding the best home freezer online . Regardless of the type you are looking for, you will definitely find several models from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

Online you can also consult the experience of other users, in the review section. You can see if they had problems using the device or not. If the product displeases many, it would be better to look for something else.

Taking all these tips into account, you will be able to choose the best freezer for your home.

The best home freezer: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of home freezers that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Liebherr Confort GN2323 Freezer, 185 l

The Best Home Freezer 4 Liebherr's NoFrost devices offer specialized refrigeration technology to ensure long-term freshness.
The SuperFrost automatic function makes freezing simple and saves energy. It quickly reduces the temperature to -32 ° C and thus creates the cold air needed to preserve vital vitamins.
The warning door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for more than 60 seconds.

See details and price

2. Beko RFNA312K21XP Freezer, 277 l

The Best Home Freezer 5 The No Frost cooling system prevents the formation of ice in the freezer.
The safety glass shelves are resistant up to 25 kg and ideally compartmentalize the available space.
The active carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odors, while ensuring a high level of hygiene by reducing the risk of bacteria.
Fast freezing function – Allows you to freeze your favorite dishes evenly and in a short time.

See details and price

3. Zanussi ZFU19400WA freezer, Capacity 168 l

The Best Home Freezer 6 With the quick-freeze button you can lower the temperature in an instant. It quickly freezes recently added foods for maximum freshness and minimal spoilage – the temperature automatically returns to the pre-set level.
Freezer tray that provides easy access to small items such as ice cubes, baby food, as well as frozen herbs and berries.
Transparent drawers – you can see clearly and easily inside them, even when closed!

See details and price

4. Arctic Freezer AC60250 +, 215 l

The Best Home Freezer 7 ENERGY CLASS A + – Offers low electricity consumption compared to class A products.
Adjustable Thermostat – You can change the temperature at any time to keep your food in the best condition!
LED control panel – Allows you to quickly set the temperature in the compartments and the desired functions, thanks to easy-to-use controls.
Fast Freeze XL Zone – Large freezer compartment that offers multiple freezing options, including quick freeze.

See details and price

5. Star-Light UFM-165A ++ 165 l freezer

The Best Home Freezer 8 The Star-Light UFM-165A ++ freezer combines space management with high preservation performance. It is ideal for keeping food fresh, without worrying about high electricity bills.
It has a more than generous storage space, with 5 spacious compartments and a capacity of 165 l.
The freezer is equipped with a thermostat, thus having the possibility to set the right temperature for the quantity or type of food inside it.

See details and price

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