the best softbox for portraits

Softboxes – Product Review and comparison in 2021

The softbox is an accessory that is often bought by those who need extra light when using a camera. In online stores you will find many articles of this kind, and we have grouped the most popular ones in this guide. If you don’t have time to go through it, find out that the first place is occupied byKoko textile design SF1001 , a softbox of 50 x 70cm, which comes with a tripod that will raise it up to 280cm, four economical bulbs and a carrying case . It has a rectangular shape that will allow you to play more easily with the way the light falls. The second position is occupied by another interesting model, Shoot SB3192 .

Comparative table

This softbox is a medium-sized item, measuring 50x70cm and provides you with a strong enough light, with four energy-saving light bulbs that can be used simultaneously or two by two, as needed. The tripod that is part of the purchase package is adjustable.

It is a more practical model for studios, because it could be difficult to assemble and disassemble every time you need it.

If you want the light to shine in a pleasant way on the subjects you photograph or the frames you film, see this product.

It is a 40x40cm article, which will provide a very pleasant light and a strong contrast, with an 85W bulb and interior with silver lining. It is a complete kit that, in addition to the softbox, also includes the light bulb, but also a tripod that can be used on other devices such as cameras.

For this device, the light is provided by a single bulb, which is why in some cases it may be too little.

We recommend this product to those who do not need a very strong light and are looking for a model with a universal tripod.

It is a variant appreciated by photographers, being part of the kit they take with them when they go on the field, because it is a foldable softbox, which when extended offers a generous work surface of 80cm. It comes with a cover that contributes to a safer and simpler transport.

It is not a very complex model, with lights or tripod, but it is one that you use for flash, being similar to a blender.

It is that product that should not be missing from the kit of photographers who want to get the most beautiful pictures, with special effects.

In-depth reviews about the best softboxes

We have gathered the most popular products of this kind, which can be purchased from online stores, and we present them below, in order to make it easier for you to make such a choice.

Koko textile design SF1001

the best softbox for portraits This softbox is a very useful article for photographers, but also for people who want to make all kinds of videos and have a sufficiently pleasant and strong light. It is rectangular in shape, to use it as simply as possible and to help you by the way the light beats.

It has dimensions of 50x70cm and is mounted on a tripod that comes included in the package. At the end of it there are four economical bulbs, which provide a light of 5500 lumens, cold. They can all be used at the same time or two by two, as needed. The tripod has an adjustable height and together with the softbox can reach up to 280 cm.

In the purchase package you will also receive a cover for transport and protection. The product is black, to integrate as well as possible in any space, but it is not very easy to always take with you when you need it, but it is more convenient to use in the studio.


Committee 3689

the best softbox for portraits If it’s time to buy a softbox to use in the photo sessions you do in your studio, then we bring to your attention this product, which may be helpful. It is a medium-sized model, 50x70cm, which will help you easily manipulate light and make it fall on the subject in a pleasant way.

It has a silver lining on the inside, to improve the contrast and an E27 base in which a light bulb can be installed. Everything can be mounted on a tripod that can be adjusted in height, from 75 to 230 cm and can support up to 3 kilograms. The package contains two such products, which have the same characteristics.

The viewing angle for these accessories can be easily changed because the tripods have movable ends. They can be used successfully for portraits, photo shoots or product photos.


Softbox for photo studio

Shoot SB3192

the best softbox for portraits Are you looking to buy a softbox at a good price? Have you seen this model? It measures 40x40cm, to reflect the light as well as possible and to help you handle it easily. It can be used for portraits, product presentations or other types of photographs, provided that the target is not extremely large.

This device is delivered with an adjustable tripod, which will allow you to adjust the height from 70 to 220 cm. It weighs up to 1 kg and can support up to 2.5 kg. It has two buttons for the butterfly system, which helps for easier adjustment, a main column and three legs, a 16 mm axis that will be useful if you want to fix lighting sources, handles or other accessories, but also a rod with thread ¼ inches.

You will also receive an 85W bulb in the package, to insert it in the E27 socket of the product. He will help you get a uniform light. The interior is silver, which will be beneficial for a good contrast, and the folding system will allow you to tighten it quickly when you want to transport it.


iShoot 5823kit

the best softbox for portraits What is so special about this softbox at a good price? By the fact that it’s a softbox umbrella. It is a product that has a diameter of 84 cm when open and contributes to the diffusion of light and the elimination of strong shadows. It is a good option for photographers who want to control as pleasantly and interestingly as possible the way the light falls.

The package you will receive includes a stand-type support, on which two flashes or bulbs can be mounted, the latter being included in the package (economical, 85W, standard E27 socket). The tripod we are talking about is equipped with two rotating arms, a switch, a vise to hold the umbrella and a 2.3 meter power cable.

The maximum height that the stand can reach is 220 cm, and the minimum is 80 cm. It weighs about 900 grams, but can support weights up to 5 kg, in case you want to mount other types of devices, such as DSLRs or Mirrorless.


Softbox blitz

Blazzeo sboxfold80

the best softbox for portraits If what you need is a flash softbox, take a look at this model. It is a square version, which measures 80x80cm and will be of real use to photographers who are always on the go and need such a product to transport with the greatest ease. Helps reduce harsh shadows and achieve even light.

The article we are talking about now is a foldable one, which tightens like a blender, so that it takes up as little space as possible. It is equipped with a mount on the flash patina and can also be installed on a tripod, if you have such a support. However, it is not included in the package.

The lining on the inside of this product is silver, which means it will provide a strong contrast and a pleasant light. In order to transport the softbox in the best possible conditions, you will also receive a special cover.


Dynaphos 125020894

the best softbox for portraits We now bring to your attention a cheap and good softbox that can help people who cannot afford to invest a lot in such an article. It is not equipped with lights or other key features that will arouse your particular interest, but used properly, with flashes and lighting sources, it will offer spectacular effects.

This product is rectangular in shape and has dimensions of 60x90cm, being simple to use and offering the possibility to imitate the light given by the windows. It has a Bowens mount so it can be installed on a stand. Can be used for continuous light up to 1000W.

The interior of this model is silver, to bring contrast improvements and there are two diffusion surfaces, which can be used together or separately, so you can make the light as soft as you want. It’s an item that folds with a smile, so you can carry it when you need it.


Studio lights and accessories

Easypix MyStudio

the best softbox for portraits The kit now discussed is a complete one, which will help you take the most pleasant pictures in the studio and record the most interesting videos. It can also be of real use to those who make vlogs, presentation videos, information campaigns and so on. The package is very rich, and includes: a background, a tripod, a lamp, a microphone and cable adapters.

The background is green and has very generous dimensions, 200x300cm, to be able to take as wide frames as possible and then modify the background as you wish. As for the tripod, it has an adjustable height, so you can adjust it to your liking and can reach up to 120 cm. It has good stability, given the three legs and can be used with a smartphone, with a special adapter for this.

The lamp that is part of this package is positioned at the top of the stand, has a diameter of 15.2 cm and the color temperature adjustment function. The microphone is a clip-on type and can be connected to the phone, and the adapters present are for devices with USB Type-C and Lightning interface.


TotulPerfect 10020245

the best softbox for portraits This lamp is a device that people who want to invest in professional lighting for pictures, make-up or other activities that need an easily adjustable light source need to buy. It does not emit much heat to protect the environment and can be adjusted to provide warm and cold light.

The shape it has is a round one, and the diameter is 35 cm on the outside and 22 cm on the inside. The thickness of the circle is 2.5 cm, and inside it there are 336 LEDs that can operate with a maximum power of 28W and offer a total illumination of 5800 lumens.

The tripod on which this variant is mounted is a solid one, made of aluminum alloy. It is adjustable in height, from 80 to 200 cm and can be folded, in which case it will have a length of only 50 cm.


Novacat Exclusive 549556

the best softbox for portraits We are now talking about a set that contains two identical lamps and the related accessories for them. They can be adjusted when it comes to color temperature, from 3200K to about 5600K, and offer an illumination of 1650 lumens, with a power of 15 W.

An interesting thing about these devices is the fact that on the back, they have an LCD screen that allows you to adjust the light intensity, so that everything is as simple as possible for you. They can be rotated horizontally, 360 degrees, so that you can position them as needed, and the LEDs on their surface have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours.

Regarding the dimensions, a lamp measures 240x240x40mm, so it is not very big, but it will be strong enough for photos or make-up. The purchase package also includes height-adjustable tripods (80-200 cm), power cables, socket adapters, white filters and bags to carry them easily. They can also be used with NP-F550, NP-F750, NP-F970 batteries, but they are not included in the package.


Kit Strobist

the best softbox for portraits When you are a photographer, you want to have the most successful pictures, you want the light to fall as well as possible on the subject and to be easy to adjust as you intend to show a certain frame or to eliminate shadows that could give you big beats. of head. For this, the diffusion umbrella that we now bring to your attention could be a good purchase.

This article has a diameter of 110 cm, in order to offer a more generous surface and scatter the light so that the pictures with flash or reflectors are as successful as possible. It is white and folds easily when you no longer need it, to transport it or not to take up much space in the studio.

In the package you will receive you will also find a stand that is 190 cm when stretched and 67 cm when tight. It weighs up to 1 kg and can support up to 2.5 kg. You will also receive a metal vise that is made of anodized aluminum and ABS. It has dimensions of 11 x 7.2 cm and allows the attachment of accessories that are compatible with a ¼ or ⅜ thread. It can be tilted 180 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally.


Buying guide

A softbox is a useful accessory for photographers, because it allows light control, so that it falls as evenly as possible. Given that the light coming out of this article passes through two scattering surfaces, it is very bandy and easy to modify. These products are used especially when photographing portraits, because specialists can focus only on the light that falls on the subject, and other areas can remain dark.

If it’s time to buy a softbox for your picture kit, then we will present you the most important features in such an acquisition.

the best softbox for portraits

Dimensions: As you well know, these products are very varied when it comes to the sizes they have. Most often we find 90 cm models, suitable when it comes to portraits, but also other types of pictures. Softboxes can be smaller, up to 60-65 cm, but also large, which can reach up to 170 cm.

Smaller items are recommended for macro photos or for frames that capture various details (shoes, cosmetics, a person’s face, etc.). They provide a harder, more contrasting light.

The larger variants are the ones that come to the rescue when it comes to portraits, groups of people or all kinds of frames in which the lighting source must be controlled on larger areas. They help make skin tones less obvious, spread light over larger areas and make it look softer.

When you want to buy softboxes, cheap and good, keep in mind that there is no right size to be suitable for everything you need, but you must take into account how big the subject is and try to use a such an accessory that can give enough light for what you need.

Mounting type : Usually, we meet two product variants, which are fixed as follows:

On the floor – this type of item unfolds easily and simply sits on the floor, after which it is adjusted in such a way as to control the light as you wish. It is suitable for filling light, but it is a bit more difficult to handle.

On the support – here we are talking about those popular softboxes that are attached to all kinds of stands, which usually have a rod that comes inserted in a certain support and which once fixed can be adjusted so as to obtain the desired frames. They can have more complicated fastening systems, which are a bit harder to assemble / disassemble every time and are mainly preferred in the studio.

On the flash– there are also very small variants, which are installed on the flash and allow light control in a pleasant way. They are appreciated by those who travel a lot and do not have enough space for a large item.

the best softbox for portraits

Shape : And this feature is important when you want to buy softboxes at good prices. The most popular variants are:

Squares / rectangles – are options appreciated by many photographers, because they are able to create a natural light, similar to that coming from a window. They are easy to handle and allow easy control of lighting.

Round / oval – in the case of these softboxes, the light will be pleasant, with a natural look, but you will notice in some places the rounded traces left by the shadow of these shapes.

Lining color : And from this point of view there may be differences. Most often you will find silver materials, which contribute to a stronger contrast and a more pleasant light, and whites, which maintain neutral colors when desired.

Included accessories : If we talk about the additional items that can be delivered with softboxes, the most important are:

Lights – you need them to create the desired effects. But you can attach flashes and control the light emitted by them.

Tripods – are useful when it comes to softboxes that require mounting on the stand, because they will facilitate attachment and contribute to stability.

Backgrounds– to make everything as interesting as possible, some packages are also delivered with backgrounds, to then allow you to edit the pictures as you wish.

the best softbox for portraits

Reflection shadows – will help you easily control the light emitted by the flash and then distribute it more efficiently.

These are a series of opinions about the best softboxes, to which we also added the important key features in such a choice. We hope that I was useful to you and from now on you will be able to find in the online stores the best articles of this kind for you, for the way you want to take photos.

Frequent questions

What is a softbox?

A softbox is an accessory dedicated to photographers, which will help them easily control the lighting, especially when it comes to pictures taken in the studio, where the lack of natural light and shadows can create big problems.

Such a product modifies the light so that it is as soft as possible. It has a hole in the back through which a light bulb will usually be inserted, and in front of it is placed a canvas through which the light will have to pass.

the best softbox for portraits

How do I use the portrait softbox?

Many times, those who buy a softbox, at a good price, do this in order to succeed in making the most interesting portraits. When it comes to such photos, these accessories are important because they will provide very pleasant effects and will reduce the natural tone of the skin.

When you want to take portraits, the softbox is positioned depending on how you want the light to shine. If it is a frame in which there are several people, and they are placed at different distances (one further forward, another further back), position the accessory a little further, to be the exposure approximately the same to all targets, because otherwise the individual in front will be brighter and the other people darker.

If you want to pose a single person, to see the shadows more beautifully, because the background will be darker, the light will be stronger and more uniform if it is placed closer.

the best softbox for portraits

Do I always need a softbox?

You don’t always need the best softboxes, but sometimes you don’t need them at all. When the photos are taken in natural light, and it falls in a pleasant way, you can take very beautiful pictures without such accessories.

Umbrella or softbox? – what to choose for expressive images

When it comes to manipulating light during photo shoots, this is often done through shadows or softboxes.

Umbrellas are mainly used to cover strong light, and in combination with a flash or a lamp they can create a very soft light source. They are easy to transport, which is why many prefer them, and affordable. But they must be used with strong, quality flashes, for appreciable results or with lamps, because otherwise they will only cover certain strong light sources.

the best softbox for portraits

If you want to hit a certain light on your subject, not to control the existing one and to take pictures with an interesting contrast, special effects, constant lighting in all points, then you need a softbox. Such accessories are a bit more expensive and harder to transport. In addition, if they are used in the studio and outside, assembly and disassembly can take longer and wear occurs quite quickly.

In conclusion, if you want to really control the light for the most expressive images, it will be more helpful to buy the best softbox for your needs, than to use an umbrella.

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