The best sound recorder devices in 2021

Recorders – Product Review and comparison in 2021

The tape recorder is the object of the reporter’s work, but it is necessary in many other situations, for people who want to take recorded notes or to capture certain situations.Tascam DR-22WL is a professional recorder, with built-in microphone, which records at high resolutions, the quality being suitable for radio broadcasting and more. It also has wireless, a function through which you can save files, but also distribute on the Internet, has an internal memory of 4 GB, and battery life is extended up to 19 hours. If you prefer a simpler and more affordable model, go for the Sony ICD-PX240 .

Comparative table

It incorporates amplifier and microphone, to pick up high quality sounds with minimal distortion, can be set for various common recording scenarios, from the wheel, has internal memory, but you can save and delete files online via wireless connection, and in set you will find a 4GB card, USB cable and AA batteries.

The price is commensurate with the performance it offers, and buying the product requires a slightly higher investment.

It is ideal for high resolution recordings, even from longer distances, being enjoyed by those who make podcasts, record in the studio and beyond.

Recorder with built-in speakers, for more finesse of the captured audio details, with 4GB internal memory that allows you to record up to 1043 hours, which works with two AAA batteries, which offers a range of 32 hours, in continuous use , and data can be transferred via USB.

It has a noise cancellation function, but it is not very efficient, and depending on the situation, it can be useless.

It’s a simple recorder model, with all the basic functions, so you’ll be able to do your job very well with it.

It allows up to 650 hours of recording on a single charge, has a battery and can be powered directly from a laptop, via USB, or via 5V DC output adapter, records in various formats, has voice activation and can also work as an MP3 player , and the package includes a microphone, headphones, adapter for recording to the phone, among others.

Unfortunately, the warranty period offered is only one year, which can be annoying for those who expect the standard period of 2 years.

It will be especially to the liking of musicians, but it can also be used by people who want to secretly record, given its small size.

How to choose a good recorder

Buyer’s guide

Recorders are appreciated everywhere for their role in capturing sound, proving their usefulness if you want to record a band’s rehearsals, take an interview or keep a course that you can analyze later in all its complexity. .

Therefore, these devices find sufficient justification for purchase, doubled elements and increased portability, due to very small dimensions, which allow any user to store those objects as flash drives. If you have not yet discovered how convenient it is to give up notes, also having all the information on electronic support, it is more than likely that you will appreciate with delight what a digital tape recorder can do.

Having as justification these arguments and wanting to show you where to find recorders at a good price and the rest of the users, we have gathered and described the basic information in this purchase guide. Here are the criteria we recommend to analyze, listed and explained in hierarchical order:

The best sound recorder devices in 2021

The technology used: it is natural to have under observation here the same dispute between analog and digital, which still persists in the area of devices that work with audio support.

Only the nostalgic will appreciate a classic tape recorder, which will record all the data on a microcassette. The vintage look is the one that prevails in the case of these options, as they are quite voluminous and lack multiple useful functions, offering rudimentary options for use.

For this reason, our great recommendation goes to the category of digital recorders. We appreciate them for the exceptional quality of the recorded sound and for the fact that some are so small that they fit in the palm of your hand. In this category we identify two variants: models with basic functions and professional recorders.

If you prefer to pay more attention to a seminar or to keep as a memory a song listened to live at a concert, it is enough to opt for the first solution. When you want to get quality movies on your DSLR camera, there is the possibility to attach such a device for audio recording, in which case you need a professional tape recorder. This range also includes songs that can record multiple sound backgrounds simultaneously or those used in television together with lavalier type microphones.

Total duration of recordings: While for a classic model it can be 30, 60 or 90 minutes, for digital versions we can already talk about hours of recordings. Of course, the cumulative total varies depending on the storage format you prefer and the space available on the device, as the data will be stored on either the Compact Flash drive or the SD card or micro SD card.

If you want the recording you make to be in WMA format compression quality (CD quality), then, according to most opinions about the best recorders, at a storage space of 4GB you can benefit from 6 hours for registration.

For MP3 format, where we know that otherwise the information is managed, taking up less space, you can get up to 60-70 hours of audio support at the same 4GB. Considering that some models allow the extension of the memory up to the order of tens of GB, it is possible to reach hundreds of hours of stored recordings.

Having these data as benchmarks, you will choose the model with the largest memory and MP3 option, if you know that you are always recording. If your needs to keep that data are limited, you will spend less, based on a simpler model configured from this perspective.

Microphone: You must look for a product that includes built-in stereo microphones, so that the recorded sound is complex enough and well captured. It will be easy to find this basic option, as most items currently on sale include that feature.

If you want to focus more on the quality of the sound obtained, you will have to choose something with additional external microphones or at least a model whose connection ports allow the attachment of other separate microphones. If you record the rehearsals of a band, you also have the option to connect your tape recorder via Line In to instruments such as bass or guitar.

For more complex products, used with cameras or video cameras, it is advisable to check advanced technical options, such as Phantom Power or Low Cut filters and noise cancellation.

The best sound recorder devices in 2021

Autonomy: Of course, one of the great advantages is not only to have a small recorder, but also one that will last as long as possible without changing the batteries or charging the battery. You can choose between powering with standard AA or AAA batteries and integrated rechargeable batteries.

For the use of alkaline parts you can also benefit from 20-100 hours of operation at registration. On the other hand, the recorder will consume more during playback, offering only 50-70% of the recording capacity. In any case, if you know that you do not have the opportunity to have a constant supply of energy, you will choose a product that lasts as long as possible, regardless of the tasks performed.

Data transfer: you can choose between the classic version, which transmits the information via USB on any electronic device thus configured (tablet, PC, laptop, etc.), or the Bluetooth function. Certainly, something more expensive will be a wireless recorder, but it will be even more comfortable to use.

For battery parts, which are less expensive than those with Bluetooth, recharging will often be done automatically, when the device is connected to the PC, which saves you the worry of autonomy, especially when you usually transfer your files daily.

We recommend the transfer in any circumstances, as digital models can store large amounts of information and therefore, in case of a failure, you risk losing all recorded data, if you do not take the transfer as a backup method.

Interface and additional functions: We list and explain here the most sought after ports for the recorder you are preparing you choose: XLR, TSR and USB. The first option is used when you want to add an adjacent external microphone. The second, TSR, is also called mini-jack, being useful, as I said, in association with musical instruments. USB provides file uploading and transfer.

Also in terms of interface, we can talk about the setting, which must include a simple panel with keys, on which you can make the settings in full comfort. The menu must be easy to navigate, all active functions and settings need to be displayed on a digital screen, which will simultaneously show you the recording time, if the microphone is active and how much autonomy you still have available.

Don’t forget to check how you can organize your data, if you can distribute it on files and what other facilities you have available. Functions such as slow or fast playback, simultaneous recording for multiple files or timer for synchronization with possible images taken simultaneously are appreciated.

The best sound recorder devices in 2021

Dimensions and design: they can be very diverse, from the smallest example of a spy recorder, to models that measure the same or something more than a USB stick, to the larger variants, made to be held in the hand. The most expensive and still quite difficult to find are voice recorders with voice activation, increasingly sought after for their usefulness in making secret recordings.

They can be shaped into various objects for personal use, such as watches, pens or keychains for car keys. Slightly larger models are still more recommended, having sizes small enough to be carried in a shirt pocket and being easier to identify if the user forgets where he left them. So, the bigger they are, the lower the risk of being lost, but they are not as discreet.

When you want to know a lot of many other buyers where you can find recorders at good prices, it is enough to consult the ranking of the internationally appreciated brands: Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. Since even the cheapest recorders can be found for sale online, our advice is to order from the Internet.

You have the possibility to return the object, if you are not satisfied with its delivery, and you receive the guarantee in the same way as in stores. For all amateurs we have selected the most interesting products, listed according to sales, performance and price advantages, which we present briefly described.

Models recommended in 2021

Tascam DR-22WL

The best sound recorder devices in 2021 If you rely on the offers of the Tascam brand, it is not surprising that you have the chance to identify a reliable device, which is exactly what you are looking for. This model is one integrated in the professional range, and this means that it behaves excellently, no matter what you use it for. Whether you want to record an interview or want to keep a college course in electronic format, DR-22WL is the perfect ally.

We are talking about a digital device, which includes state-of-the-art technology, with Wi-Fi included, so that you can control everything remotely. Thus, you can share files online, only using Android or iOS on your phone. Moreover, as a resolution used, the 24-bit / 96kHz values indicate clear, qualitative and almost impeccable sound, even from the perspective of the most demanding users.

The included stereo microphone is powerful, being part of the range of cardioid capacitors and being subjected to the most drastic tests, before the product is sent to the market. Accurate playback of the recorded sound signal is also possible because the recording is done in stereo format. In addition, the manufacturer proposes you to take this recorder to a concert, as it will be able to record sound at an impressive volume, with a minimum of noise (harmonic distortions less than 0.05%).

The internal memory can be expanded, based on a micro SD card. The battery offers up to 19 hours of autonomy, if you use alkaline assortments. On a digital display you view the working parameters and all the settings (convenient and intuitive).


Professional model, which records high sound quality – 24-bit / 96kHz resolution.

It offers around 19 hours of autonomy.

It takes the signal on 2 channels, ie stereo, giving acoustic realism to the recording.

It also manages to store high intensity sound, with a minimum of harmonic distortions.

It’s small and light (170g), with a digital screen on which you can see what settings to make.

Includes Wi-Fi function – with control from your phone via Android or iOS.


Slightly more expensive than mid-level models.


Sony ICD-PX240

The best sound recorder devices in 2021 Sony ICD-PX240 is a recorder suitable for those looking for a cheap and good device that fulfills all the basic functions you need from such a gadget. This model records in MP3 format, and the files can be downloaded for further processing via the USB cable.

It has 4 GB of internal memory, which means you can record up to 1043 hours, and the files that remain in the memory can be organized to find them quickly and know what kind of recordings they are. The device works on batteries, two type AAA, which are included in the package. With these, you can record continuously for 32 hours.

It has an intuitive display and buttons to use, and thanks to the built-in 300mW speakers, the sound captured and played will be quite dynamic and powerful. We mention that the model has a headphone port, as well as a noise isolation function, which is a bit weak.



Professional ACC with battery

The best sound recorder devices in 2021 We present you a professional battery-powered recorder, which has the great advantage of being able to be charged to the computer, via the USB cable, which saves you from having to worry about the batteries and it is much easier to have it ready all the time. It can also be charged through an adapter with DC 5V output, and the battery life is 650 hours.

It has 8 GB flash memory, for many hours of recording, supports several audio formats, you can delete files directly from the device, and the display is small, but intuitively controllable.

It is a small model (8.3 × 3.4 × 1.3 cm), which allows you to record even when you do not want to be noticed doing so. The contents of the package that will be delivered to you are also attractive, and besides the tape recorder, you also receive headphones, microphone, adapter for recording from a landline phone (it has a dictaphone function), USB cable, 3.5mm jack port, RJ11 cable , plus a user manual.



Sony ICD-BX140

The best sound recorder devices in 2021

If you are interested in the best Sony recorder that you can buy with little money, here is the most convenient suggestion for you, namely the ICD-BX140 model. It is a digital product with basic options, recommended for daily activities, at the office, at classes or when you want to set verbal memos in your agenda. The sound will be recorded with enviable efficiency, based on two microphones that guarantee stereo sound during playback.

A powerful speaker allows you to listen to what you have stored on the recorder, and the 4GB memory gives you plenty of space to store countless data and files. Therefore, you can store up to 1043 hours on this device, depending on your MP3 format preferences.

It supports both MP3 and HVXC format, and as major functions to improve the sound when picking up we mention noise cut and speed control (playback). It can be powered by 2 AAA batteries, ensuring between 30 and 45 hours of autonomy. You can take it for a rehearsal, because it has an external microphone input and a 3.5mm jack. On an LCD display you can clearly see what settings are possible, especially since the control panel is easy to understand.


Provides stereo sound, incorporating 2 internal microphones.

It also accepts an external microphone, with a specially configured input for this.

Stores up to 4GB of information, in MP3 or HVXC format, accumulating over 1000 hours.

The autonomy can reach up to 45 hours.

Cheap and good recorder.


It has no USB port, so you can’t transfer files to another electronic device.



Sony ICD-TX800B

The best sound recorder devices in 2021 Sony offers a compact digital recorder, with which you can record in a compact way, capturing good audio quality even when, for example, you keep it in your pocket. Moreover, it can capture the subject even when you are ten meters from the source.

The high memory capacity is remarkable for this device, thanks to the 16 GB. It doesn’t have a display, so you can’t share files directly from the recorder’s memory, but it has big buttons to know what everyone is doing. In any case, you will control it intuitively, because it works quite simply.

It supports MP3 and PCM formats, has a built-in speaker, weighs less than 23 grams, has a noise isolation function, and file transfer can be done by connecting to a laptop, with a USB cable, or via bluetooth. We also appreciate it for the extended battery life of 636 hours.



Spy pen with camera 8000922

The best sound recorder devices in 2021 When you don’t want the person in front of you to know you’re recording it – maybe you’re doing an investigation or maybe you’re in class and you don’t want everyone to know you’re taking audio notes – a pen-shaped tape recorder can be an idea. Hi.

This “pen” is also equipped with a video camera, so it takes not only audio information, but also image, and if, at the time of recording, it is connected to the phone (through an application that can be easily downloaded), you can see the images real time. It also has a wireless function, and this way, if you connect it to a router, you will be able to view the recording from another location, which can be very useful if you are in a situation where you need back-up.

You can even take pictures with it. We inform you that it has a 500mAh battery, so it can record continuously for 40 minutes.



Olympus WS-832

The best sound recorder devices in 2021 We already know that Olympus is one of the most appreciated manufacturers of recorders in the world, even for models already considered vintage. For this reason, our ranking also offers a possibility from the workshops of this brand. The model described here is a digital one, configured for conventional use and which can be easily taken at classes, at the office, during conferences or even at a concert.

Two included stereo microphones will guarantee the audio quality of the stored files. Up to 1000 hours can be recorded, depending on which format you prefer, WAV, WMA, PCM or MP3. The 4GB of flash memory is enough to keep all the important data, especially since a USB port helps you transfer this data to another device. If needed, it fits with a micro SD or SDHC card, offering up to 32GB of space.

A single AAA battery will provide enough power for 30 to 37 hours. You receive both the USB cable in this kit and the headphones on which you can listen to what you have recorded. The built-in speaker will be able to provide a clean sound, as when sampling the sounds are well filtered by various options for noise cancellation, low cut and voice change.


Useful in everyday life, being a digital product in the range with basic functions.

It offers several options as stored format typologies, allowing up to 1000h of recordings.

It has an autonomy that exceeds 30 hours.

It offers 4GB of space, but you can also insert a memory card.

It easily connects to laptop and computer, via USB.


Relatively expensive, according to some buyers.

It only has a USB port.


Olympus WS-853

The best sound recorder devices in 2021 Olympus WS-853 is a professional recorder with a good price-quality ratio, which impresses, first of all, by the fidelity with which it reproduces the captured details, regardless of the speech direction, and this is due to the directional stereo microphone.

It is ideal for recording in open spaces, but also during face-to-face interviews, and your audio materials (if you work in radio) will always sound good, thanks in part to the intelligent car recording level adjustment mode, for that the sound be uniform, even when a speaker has a louder voice or vice versa.

If you think it is too powerful for you, although you need a model with such advanced functions, find out that you can set it, at first, to the basic operating mode, in which the menu options are limited. You can transfer files via USB (without the need for a cable), it also has a stick function for storing and separating files, eliminates low frequency noise, has a storage capacity of 8GB, which can be expanded up to 32GB, with its own card .



Popular brands:

Few products have a “bipolar” identity, such as recording devices. Used both in security, for the surveillance of citizens, and by professionals in medicine, journalism or music, these devices have entered people’s daily lives, and some of them have rewritten the history of some industries. Choose the right tape recorder for your needs, from manufacturers who keep the ethics of invention and put technology at the service of people.

The best sound recorder devices in 2021

Tascam is one of the pioneers in the audio industry, to whom, in the ’60s and’ 70s, he owes, to a large extent, the lush landscape of music. Artists knew one of the most creative periods in history. Until Tascam created, practically, the first recording system for personal use, the musical creations were recorded exclusively, in expensive studios, which filtered unfairly, the artists who came to win the public’s soul. Most musicians could not afford the associated costs.

Today, Tascam is the American division of the TEAC group, a corporation headquartered in Japan, with a turnover of over one billion dollars. Specializing in the hi-tech production of audio equipment, it opened in 1953, when two Japanese brothers, both engineers, began working on the first analog multitrack recording device, on tape, for personal use. The device keeps the accuracy of studio recordings. The compact and economical design made it suitable for home use, being the first accessible equipment, which interrupted the technological monopoly of the studios, over music production.

The same group launches for the first time in history, mass recorders with Simul-Sync, mass-produced, at low costs. By the early 2000s, the company was becoming synonymous with professional but affordable equipment in the music industry, retaining the belief that talent should not be limited by financial blockages in artists’ personal histories.

In the first decade of the 21st century, Tascam collaborates with Frontier Design Group and opens a new production line, “Tascam DJ”, entirely dedicated to digital devices for sound processing. Not later than May, in 2001, the group exhibited in Amsterdam, the most complex device ever created in this industry sector. It was a digital station, designed for composition, audio processing, studio recording, ambient sound production and transmission. The system allowed any musician to work integrated, from the composition part to the recording of the final CD. The brand continues to this day to invest in innovation, creating hi-tech devices for sound processing.

The best sound recorder devices in 2021

Olympus recording devices bear the imprint of a manufacturer going through a world war, two economic crises, which drags its reflexes and quality policies into the ring of precision medical equipment. In 1919, Takachiho Seisakusho said goodbye to the Japanese sugar company. He graduated from law school in 1915, after which he served in the army for a year. He had brought unexpected profits to Tokiwa Shokai, an Asian sugar distributor, and after 3 years, his employer would reward his efforts with massive funding to start his own company.

Together with a handful of engineers, Seisakusho is stubborn to create high-performance microscopes that reduce Japan’s dependence on imported medical equipment. He brings with him Shintaro Terada, his student friend, who becomes the first Japanese to use industrial equipment to mass-produce microscopes for domestic use. The two live in a constant state of military urgency, until after the Second World War. Since 1894, Chinese forces have been constantly attacking the Japanese empire, and the international conflict is bringing new layers of insecurity and blockades.

For 13 years, as they wrote in a monograph of the company, they struggled to withstand the socio-economic challenges. However, the war gives way to protectionist policies, which encourage national production, and Seisakusho and Terada navigate the context, developing the first prototypes of metal microscopes, which end up being evaluated as the best and most durable in the world. During the same period, he created the first cameras and specialized in the production of optical cameras.

Immediately after the war, it launches the first medical camera for gastrointestinal investigations. At the same time, Olympus is becoming a pioneer in the SLR camera industry. With a huge portfolio of medical research and investigation devices, the company expands its production lines, and in 1969 launches the first mini-tape recorder in history. No later than 1997, he created his first professional digital recorder, and in 2008, he brought to market high-performance models, equipped with data encryption systems, for professionals who need to maintain the confidentiality of recorded information.

The best sound recorder devices in 2021

In 1949, Sony launched the first prototype for magnetic tape recordings and revolutionized the music industry. After more than 60 years, it is one of the most powerful multinationals, which stands out both through the production of electronics, and through the video production house and the music production house, to which is added the department for financial services.

It is September 1945, when Masaru Ibuka arrives in the war-torn capital. He is surrounded by enthusiastic engineers, who are beginning to bring equipment from the Suzaka factory to the building. The “Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute” opens and the team of specialists is ready to put their knowledge at the service of national reconstruction. For now, I don’t know what to produce. Their salaries are paid from Ibuka’s savings, which are rapidly depleting. Radios are among the only products for which the impoverished population is willing to pay. During the war, many had broken down, and those that still functioned were coded by officials, to catch only shortwave transmissions, so as not to become spokesmen for foreign propaganda. Ibuka’s team opens a repair shop and creates adapters, through which the old devices regain their amplitude of reception. In addition to paying for services, they receive portions of rice in a time of shortage. The factory begins to produce electric ovens for rice and fails miserably. However, the products intended for the officials’ offices, such as the vacuum tube voltmeter, ensure the survival of the team.

Ibuka’s father-in-law, the former Minister of Education, participates in the official opening ceremony of the company and wishes success to a group with a modest financial capital, lacking equipment, but confident in his instincts and knowledge. There follows a period in which the nights become white for the team that lays the foundations of Sony. Often, people end up locked in the factory and use the fire exits when, in the morning, they want to retreat to their beds. It launches new electrical products, such as battery-heated beds, but the massive increase comes only after they take over from army depots, transmitters and communications equipment, under a contract that Ibuka promises to use for Japan’s peaceful reconstruction. The moment “Evrika!” it starts only then and the team decides that the sound recording equipment will become their brand of resistance. After a long process of testing and errors, they end up producing the first cassettes with magnetic tape, which preserves the audio information. In 1950, the group began writing the history of music recordings and embarked on an adventure of invention. He created the world’s first walkman in 1979 and is rapidly expanding its range of sound processing and playback devices.

Currently, Sony is one of the strongest companies, investing significant proportions of the budget, for research and development. The products are designed and created in Japan, as well as in 10 other countries around the world, where both research offices and specialized factories and production points are open.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Olympus VN-733PC

This Olympus tape recorder offered at a relatively cheap price is on the highest positions in the top of online sales in Romania. The device is a basic digital model, configured to be as easy to use by people who have not owned it before, as it is for experienced users. We say this with the argument of the two display modes that can be chosen preferentially: one simple, with only the essential information, another more complex, in which you find from the start all the menu options when you start it.

It includes a single omnidirectional microphone, configured to efficiently record sounds from all directions, being ideal for dictation and for keeping courses and seminars. It has an internal memory of 4GB Flash, but this can be improved by adding an SD card, easily reaching up to 32GB of data. The recording time varies depending on the chosen format, MP3 or WMA, so you can benefit from about 256 – 1600h of support.

The interface includes a 3.5mm jack and a USB 2.0, through which you will connect it to the computer to transfer data. It has a built-in speaker and an option to set how fast playback occurs. Power is provided by two AAA batteries, whose autonomy reaches up to 100 hours for recordings and 75 hours for playback. There are also low cut filters for canceling background noise, and the maximum number of files that can be created is 200/5. The piece is small, measuring 108 x 39 x 16.8mm and weighing only 71g.


Digital recorder model, sold among the most advantageous price offers.

Ideal for recording courses, with omni-directional microphone and noise filters for recording.

It offers high autonomy, up to 100 hours on AAA alkaline batteries.

It is equipped with a USB port and jack, for connection to PC or headphones.

It offers two ways to navigate the menu, both for beginners and for advanced.

The recording time will be extended, being able to support MP3 and WMA format.


The built-in microphone is mono.

Olympus WS-831

If you are interested in a high-performance USB recorder model when it comes to capturing sound at conferences and meetings, then this Olympus from the range of products with basic functions can be an appreciable help. The device uses digital technology and is configured with a stereo recording system, which then allows accurate playback of the recorded sound, allowing you to guess the direction from which the speaker is heard.

Storage is in WMA or MP3 format, which means about 126-493 hours of recording. Everything is kept on a 2GB flash drive, but you can expand the device’s memory by up to 32GB, as it accepts SDHC and micro SD cards. The 18mm microphones are enhanced with the necessary filters to ensure the quality of the preserved sounds.

An AAA battery is used for powering, an element that guarantees an autonomy of over 30 hours. You have at your disposal a menu with intelligent technology for making settings depending on the space in which it is registered. There is also a function with speed adjustment during playback. A USB connector allows you to connect the recorder directly to the computer. The model includes transmission cable and headphones, it is very small: 101 x 40.6 x 15.1mm, having at the same time around 50g.


It includes two microphones that guarantee stereo recording, the sound being perceived “three-dimensional” during playback.

Provides 2GB of storage space, but also accepts SD cards.

It offers several hundred hours of recording, compressing the information in MP3 format.

Requires a single AAA battery to ensure over 30 hours of autonomy.

Comes with headphones and USB cable as accessories.


It has only one connector, the USB port.

iUni W430

If you want to record a conversation and absolutely no one but you knows that you are doing this, we have the most interesting alternative we want to offer you: a spy recorder bracelet, which you wear nonchalantly in your hand. The song is made so simple that only the button for recordings is visible, the storage of the audio signal can start by simply pressing it.

Later, to transfer the information from this device, you can connect it directly to the PC, based on a USB port. You have up to 19 hours of recording, and the rest of the song can also be useful as a USB stick. The even more interesting part is that charging is done every time you insert it into the port of a computer or other similar device, so don’t bother replacing the batteries.

Because it must be really extremely discreet, only one function, that of recording, is present. Taking into account the dimensions and the ingenious method of camouflage, we consider that you don’t even need more options.


It is perfectly masked in the form of a bracelet, thus being undetectable as a tape recorder.

It includes a USB port, so you can easily transfer stored information.

It can hold up to 19 hours of talk time.

It charges directly to a PC or laptop, being equipped with an internal battery.


Uses only one function, with on / off recording.

Sony ICDPX440

Among the best recorders from Sony we can mention without hesitation this model. Its configuration includes all the features that demonstrate an advantageous ratio between efficiency and cost. The product is digital and includes a microphone with advanced technology, which will efficiently capture sounds from the neighborhood.

Everything will be kept on flash drive support, until it occupies all the internal memory of 4GB. If you feel the need to have more memory space, you can attach an SD card. It supports MP3 format, and the recording time can reach up to 1043 hours. The most notable options are: select scenes (configure the sensitivity of the microphone depending on the room or space you are in), noise cut (eliminates unpleasant background noise), digital pitch control (speed adjustment), track mark (you can mark some audio snippets to make them easier to identify), AB repeat (select the files you want to listen to several times) and calendar search (locate the date the recording was made).

You only use 2 AAA batteries for power and you have over 30 hours of autonomy. The interface includes USB and two jack jacks, both for headphones and for recording with an external microphone. The dimensions are those of a normal flash drive stick, which means you carry it with you anywhere.


It has a rich interface, guaranteeing extended connectivity through two jack ports and a USB.

Allows over 1000h of recordings, stored in internal memory or on micro SD.

It has an autonomy of over 30 hours with simple alkaline batteries.

It is equipped with a multitude of functions that preferentially identify your files and adjust the recording conditions according to the environment.


The ability to record stereo is not specified.

iUni Audio-video HD

This spy recorder at a good price can be the ideal way to record when no one will even suspect. The device is made in the form of a pen office, so the camouflage will be just perfect. At the same time, the product includes both a microphone and a very small camera, an element that can film or take photos, depending on the user’s preferences. The resolution is good, of 1280 x 720px, and allows obtaining clear, quality images.

The pen comes with a transmission cable and includes a hidden mini-USB jack, with the help of which you transfer all the information taken to your desktop or laptop. To make the whole use even easier, charging is done directly when the recorder is connected to the PC, as the product is equipped with a 200mAh internal battery. It makes sense that you no longer have to worry about the problem of batteries or their periodic replacement.

Through a simple system to remember, with successive presses of the only button, you can differentiate between video and photos, being also warned by an LED signaling function when the device is active. For more details and secrets of use, a user manual will be offered in the same package. Otherwise, the exterior appearance and dimensions are those of an elegant pen, decorated with silver metal inserts.


Pen recorder, which can be used as a spy.

Not only does it record audio, but also photo-video, with a built-in micro-camera.

The camera offers quality images, at a resolution of 1280 x 720px.

It will charge easily, via USB and connected directly to another digital device.

For such a sophisticated device, it can be switched to the category of cheap recorder.


It does not allow complex settings, as the design focuses more on discretion.

The memory card is not integrated in this offer either.

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