The best soundbar for movies and music in 2021


The best soundbar for movies and music in 2021

Soundbars – Product Review and comparison in 2021

A quality, powerful, charming sound in the room where you watch movies, does not require many speakers, countless wires drawn under the carpet or under the furniture, or a complicated amplifier, with multiple effects, decoders and connection modes. Thus, soundbar systems – with a horizontal, discreet and elegant speaker, sometimes accompanied by a subwoofer and rarely by rear speakers – have become increasingly preferred in recent years. As recommendations for this year, we direct potential buyers to the Samsung HW-K335 , which uses the Bluetooth interface, includes a subwoofer, as well as Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0 decoder – and all this at a convenient price! As a second recommendation, for the most demanding, we suggest the LG SK10Y system.

Comparative table

It is a compact soundbar system, only two pieces, which can be connected via Bluetooth interface, therefore you will not have unsightly wires everywhere. It can also run FLAC documents and offers Dolby Digital decoder.

There is no optical cable in the delivery package, if you want this kind of connection with the TV. You will therefore need to buy it separately.

This soundbar is for unpretentious users, who do not want to load the living room with a lot of equipment, but to have a clear, strong and pleasant sound for the movies watched.

It is a very powerful model (550 watts of music), offers multiple Dolby decoders (TrueHD, Digital Plus and Atmos) and supports 4K bandwidth via HDMI. Moreover, it supports Chrome Cast and has ARC connection.

It is sold at a fairly high price, discouraging for a large part of potential buyers of soundbar systems.

If you are more demanding in terms of sound quality and want a 5.1 experience, without many bulky speakers, then the investment in this product is worth it. The included technology, extremely advanced, will transform your living room into a cinema.

It includes Dolby Digital and Dolby Dual Mono decoders and can also be used as a media player for USB sticks. Bluetooth streaming works efficiently if you want to play content from your phone.

If you plan to use it in the same room as Google Home speakers, the Bluetooth signal may interfere with the soundbar’s ability to receive.

There are many buyers who want to improve the sound of TVs without buying large systems. This product is one of the most recommended solutions for such a situation.

In-depth reviews about the best soundbars

We have chosen, for you, as varied offers as possible, for the presentation of products from this section. We have described them with pluses and minuses and we hope that you will quickly find the most suitable system, as specifications and price:

Samsung Soundbar:

Samsung HW-K335

The best soundbar for movies and music in 2021

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