The best SSDs disks to choose on 2021


The best SSDs disks to choose on 2021

The Best SSD – Our Recommendations for 2021

More durable, with superior resistance, good storage capacity and a read and write speed that exceeds the classic HDDs, SDDs have recently entered the list of performance standards considered when evaluating a laptop. But if you have an older model, which still serves you very well, and you just want to upgrade, things get a little complicated, because the purchase is defined by technical parameters sometimes more difficult to understand. That is why we propose a series of important criteria in choosing the right option, clearly explained, plus some quality recommendations.Adata SU630 3D NAND SSD is a model with a storage capacity of 480GB, quiet operation and read and write speeds of up to 520Mb / s. Another option you have for a direct comparison is the Kingston A400 .

Comparison table

SSD memory with high storage capacity, 480GB, suitable for saving videos, image files, etc. It offers a good read and write speed, which significantly shortens the computer’s start-up time, as well as the response time in general, and includes code error correction technology that protects information and prolongs life.

The SATA cable required for connection is not included in the delivery package and must be purchased separately.

The ideal option for those who want to switch to SDD without investing a lot of money.

Suitable especially for gamers, due to the read speed of up to 500 Mb / s, this SSD, with SATA III interface and large storage capacity of 480 GB, will significantly improve the system’s response to commands, especially if it is an old one. .

The writing speed, in reality, is rather decent, but in no case is it close to the value given by the manufacturer – 450 Mb / s.

If you have an older laptop, but you don’t want to change it, with this SSD you will make it work like new, as the buyers who have already tried it claim.

SSD for laptops and desktop systems, with high reliability, due to the lack of moving components and protection against mechanical accidents, with SATA III interface, high transfer rates (560 Mb / s for reading and 530 Mb / s for writing) and capacity 500GB.

Not all buyers are happy with the TLC, but the chances of it being compromised are slim.

It is a high-performance SSD, with wide compatibility, which will keep your data safe for at least a few years.

How to choose a good SSD

Buyer’s guide

When you want to keep up with the most popular technological innovations in terms of information storage and if you have already passed the stage of portable HDD, you are definitely thinking of buying the best SSD you can find at a reasonable price. on market.

If you are not very well acquainted with the new IT gadgets, it is vital to first explain what SSD means, how it is used and what advantages this aspect brings besides other types of storage spaces. That’s right, considering that the investment required to purchase this product will be quite consistent, it’s good to see how these expenses are justified by the capabilities of the item in question.

Completing your PC or laptop with an SSD is one of the best upgrade methods that any user has at hand, meaning that it can give speed to these systems and take advantage of them in a unique way. As with any great discovery, you have a lot to learn about how this concept works. The best SSDs disks to choose on 2021

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