the best steam cooking machine to buy

What is the best steam cooker? How do you differentiate models on the market that offer the best value for money? Find out by reading our article.

The Best Steam Cooker Steam cookers are among the healthiest ways to prepare food. They are also not very expensive.

Steam cooking allows you to store most of the vitamins and nutrients in prepared foods, such as vitamin B or C and minerals. In addition, steaming removes fat from foods such as chicken or fatty fish.

Many people claim that steam cooking preserves the color and taste of food . Due to the fact that the action of steam is not as direct and violent as other methods such as boiling, roasting or frying, you are less likely to cook too much food.

A great advantage of steam cookers is that they allow you to cook several types of food at the same time . Such a device contains several levels in which you can prepare different foods.

In addition to the health benefits and quality of food, the best steam cookers are easy and convenient to use. They do not take up much space in the kitchen and you can let them prepare the food and they will let you know when it is ready.

Top 3 recommended steam cookers

How do you choose the best steam cooker?

Below we take a look at the functions and features of the best steam cooker to inform you before choosing the best steam cooker.

The power of steam

The speed of preparation depends on the electrical power of the appliance. Higher power allows you to cook faster. The best steam cookers have a power between 600 and 2000 Watts.
For a medium-sized family, the recommended power is 850-100o W. If you cook often and steam a lot, choose a more powerful appliance.

Number of cooking baskets

The Best Steam Cooker 1 The cooking basket is a container like a bowl in which the food to be cooked is placed. A steam cooker can have 2 or 3 cooking baskets. If you cook only one or two dishes at a time, you will not need a 3-basket cooking appliance.

Some appliances also offer baskets of different sizes to cook larger or smaller amounts of food. Increased attention should be paid to the types of baskets and accessories available.

It's a shame to buy a steam cooker that doesn't even have a rice basket . Pay close attention to the purchase, not all steam cookers contain a basket for rice.

The dimensions of the cooking baskets

The amount of food you can prepare at once depends on the size of the cooking baskets . They can have volumes between 1.5 and 3.5 liters. You can easily determine what pimples you need based on the amount of food you want to prepare. As mentioned above, some devices also offer baskets of different sizes that are interchangeable and can be combined in several ways.

Also, check the capacity of the rice basket, which may be different from that of standard baskets.

Type of control

The Best Steam Cooker 2 Steam cookers can have mechanical or electronic control. Mechanically controlled devices allow starting with a single button twist in the desired position. It regulates the temperature and cooking time.

The devices with electronic control allow the selection of the cooking mode on a control panel with several buttons and display. The electronic control allows the exact adjustment of the temperature and the cooking time, allows the programmed start of the appliance, and for some models it also provides standard cooking programs for various types of food.

Number of drains

The drain container is a special container that sits under the cooking baskets and collects condensed steam during cooking. Usually a steam cooker has only one collection container located under the cooking baskets.

Some more complex models have 2 or more collection containers that can be placed individually under the cooking baskets, thus preventing the unwanted mixing of flavors between various foods.


Accessories for steam cookers are not crucial to the cooking process, but they can make your job easier. These can be:

water level indicator that will indicate if there is water needed in the appliance.
water filling hole. Allows to be supplemented with water during cooking without interrupting the process.
egg cooking stand . It allows the eggs to be boiled in a comfortable way.

After reading the tips above, we are sure that you will be able to choose the best steam cooker perfect for your needs.

The best steam cooker

We have analyzed the offer of steam cookers and we can offer you some suggestions for models that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Tefal VS400333 VitaCuisine Compact steam cooker

The Best Steam Cooker 3

You can cook a meal with 3 dishes, thanks to its individual baskets .
You no longer have to choose between appetizer, main course or dessert, you can cook them all at once !
And there is no need to monitor: after finishing cooking, it automatically stops and keeps the meal warm until it is served.
The vitamin + function preserves the natural goodness of your ingredients.
Comes with 2 cooking trays and digital timer .

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2. Philips HD9140 / 91 steam cooker, 900 W, Timer, Digital Display

The Best Steam Cooker 4 Optimal preset time intervals for fish, vegetables, rice and more.
The unique flavor enhancer of the Philips steam cooker adds the delicious taste of herbs and spices , giving even more flavor to steam cooking.
XL steaming bowl for soup, stew, rice and more.
External water supply holeKeep warm function.
Washable components in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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3. Tefal Steam n'Light VC3008 steam cooker, 900 W, 10 l

The Best Steam Cooker 5 Smart menu – The most used 6 cooking programs.
Easy to use for the 6 cooking programs , does not require the choice of cooking time, it is already programmed according to food.
Patented ultracompact storage – Bowls with small base down stackable on the electrical base of the appliance.
Digital control , warm-up programs, Frozen food setting, Timer .
Indicator for water level and refilling with water during cooking.

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4. Heinner Master Collection HSA-1000XMC steam cooker, 1000 W, 12 l

The Best Steam Cooker 6

Water tank 1.4 l – The water tank with generous capacity gives you extra time to sit down or water the flowers, without having to constantly follow the cooking process.
Total capacity 12 l – Large volume, perfect for the whole family.
Rice bowl – From our point of view, indispensable.
90 minute timer – If you do not choose one of the preset cooking modes, set the timer to the desired interval. The appliance will let you know when it's time to dine.

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5. Beper steam cooker 90,502

The Best Steam Cooker 7 Power: 800W – Transparent and detachable cover.
Oil-free cooking – ABS plastic material.
Capacity: 7L – 2 containers for cooking.
Adjustable thermostat – Automatic switch-off.
You can cook several types of food at the same time.
Transparent containers for easier control of the cooking process.

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