the best subwoofer for car trunk


the best subwoofer for car trunk

Subwoofers – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Do you need a subwoofer, but you are on your first purchase and do not know exactly what to buy? Take a look at this information and get some ideas, you can also use examples from Romanian charts, such as theAlpine SWT-12S4 + BBX-T600 + 350940 set , for the car, with tubular main speaker, amplifier from the same brand, station and connecting cables, the model has a sensitivity of 92 dB and an impedance of 4 ohms, with a maximum power of 1000W, which emits clear and deep sounds, with a grille to protect the outside from anything in the trunk, a another model being the BP20 Focal Bomb .

Comparative table

It represents a collection of items necessary to implement a bass speaker in the car, the passive module being accompanied by an amplifier and the cables needed for mounting, the tube-shaped appearance being ideal for mounting in the back, in the trunk, the resulting bass being clear and deep. the quality of the brand being easy to spot.

The station is not necessarily the strong point of the kit, offering only 130W, the value far below what the central speaker is normally capable of.

It is a variant loved by beginners in car music, offering a balance between quality and utility, including the elements necessary to obtain a suitable sound.

For a user with a small car, who wants to really feel the bass of the music, this compact and good-looking model will be positioned in the trunk, being a version with active amplification and musical power of 150 W, with a diameter of 8 inches, enough great for “vibrating the windows” when desired.

It will not have as strong an effect in cars with very good soundproofing or in larger ones inside, because its power will not be enough, in this case.

It will be suitable for installation in a small car, where the resulting sound will be really strong and clear, keeping its depth and richness.

This example from the prestigious brand JBL, in terms of all kinds of speakers, has a surround sound and has an impedance switch that lets the user choose whether he wants 2 ohms or 4 ohms, to reconfigure the personal car system according to their own wishes, settling in the back of the car.

In order to be able to use it, it is necessary to purchase an amplifier and a suitable compensator, otherwise it will not show its maximum power and capacities.

Considering the characteristics of this device, it goes without saying why it will often be found in the tops with preferences of Romanians who prefer brand options.

In-depth reviews about the best subwoofers

True audiophiles are comparing the subwoofer models on the market and, among those worth trying, are those on this list.

Car subwoofer

Alpine SWT-12S4 + BBX-T600 + 350940

the best subwoofer for car trunk

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