the best telescopic kitchen hoods 60cm or 90cm

How do you choose the best telescopic kitchen hood? What functions and features should the telescopic hood have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Why choose a telescopic kitchen hood?

The Best Telescopic Hood Telescopic kitchen hoods are built-in hoods installed in a kitchen cabinet. To operate them, the bottom is extended by pulling, thus increasing the extraction surface. This type of kitchen hood is almost invisible in the kitchen.

Telescopic hotels are suitable in small kitchens that do not provide enough mounting space for a large hood or in the kitchens of those who want to hide as well as possible the metal surfaces of appliances to maintain a unitary design.

How do you choose the best telescopic hood?

Telescopic hotels are of different shapes and sizes and of course not every model will fit the space available in your kitchen, its design or it will not have the functions you need.

When you want to choose the best telescopic hood for you, you need a shopping guide to make your choice easier. For this reason we have created this article that will help you choose the best telescopic kitchen hood to suit your needs.

In choosing the best telescopic hood, take into account the aspects below.

Exhaust hood or recirculation hood

Telescopic hotels with evacuation are the preferred option of many people, because all the smells, fumes and fats produced in the kitchen are completely removed and evacuated outside the home through a pipe installed in the wall. We know that not all kitchens allow the installation of an exhaust hood because they do not have the necessary space or simply do not allow the installation of an exhaust pipe.

The Best Telescopic Hood 1 Kitchens that do not have access to the outside of the building cannot benefit from an extractor hood, but if the stove or hob is mounted next to an external wall then an exhaust hood can be installed. Even if the initial costs of breaking the wall and installing the pipe are higher, keep in mind that you will save money in the long run, as there is no need to replace the filters at frequent intervals.

Recirculating telescopic hotels are less popular than evacuation hotels , but they are an effective means of ventilating and cleaning the air in the kitchen. The good part about this type of hood is that it can be installed almost anywhere because it only requires a few wall mounts. They work by recirculating kitchen air through a special filter that retains odors and smoke and evacuates clean air back into the room.

However, if the filter is not very effective, some of the moisture and heat will return to the room air. Another disadvantage is the lower air flow because the carbon filter is mounted right in front of the engine. Over time, the operating costs of a recirculating hood are higher due to the need to periodically replace the filters.

Hood filters

There are two types of filters for kitchen hoods: grease filters and charcoal filters.

Normal grease filters can be found on any kitchen hood model and are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. They do not need to be replaced and can be easily cleaned by hand washing or in the dishwasher. The frequency with which they need to be cleaned depends a lot on how often you cook and what kind of food.

Charcoal filters are only used in hotels with recirculation because the smoke and odors must be retained before the air returns inside. Charcoal filters need to be replaced in about a year, but this depends on the type of food you cook and how often you do it.

Hood functions

Once you have determined what type of telescopic hood will best fit in your kitchen, you can consider other aspects that can affect the performance and ease of use of the chosen product.

The Best Telescopic Hood 2 First of all, to make sure you see well what you are cooking, you will find that almost all models of telescopic hoods are equipped with two or more incandescent or halogen lamps. The aspect to pay attention to is the ease of replacing the bulbs, because for some hood models the replacement of the burned bulbs can be very difficult.

The second aspect to consider is the location of the control panel, whether it is located at the front or below the hood, to make sure it is easily accessible. Most hood models come with 3 operating speeds to allow you to adjust the fan speed depending on how much steam and smoke rises from the cooking utensils.

Absorption power

The absorption power is expressed in cubic meters per hour (m3 / h) and must be at least 8-10 times higher than the capacity of the kitchen for a fast and efficient ventilation.

Calculate the volume of your kitchen using the formula: length x width x height. Let's say your kitchen has a side of 6 meters, a side of 4 meters and a height of 2.5 meters. You simply multiply 4 x6 x 2.5 and the result is a capacity of 60 cubic meters. Thus, the most suitable hood for your space must have an absorption capacity of at least 480 m3 / h. Choose a capacity of 600 m3 / h to get a fast and efficient ventilation.

Service and warranty

Choose a telescopic hood that offers you a minimum warranty of 24 months for manufacturing defects. It is good to always buy a model produced by a well-known company to make sure that the product corresponds in terms of quality to the technical specifications indicated in the description.

Before purchasing, check if the chosen manufacturer has an extensive service network and units near your home for quick repairs in case of failure.

The best telescopic hood: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, we have analyzed the existing offer and the opinions of buyers and we can further recommend you some models of telescopic hoods that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. KÜGERR A telescopic hood 100 – 60cm, built-in

The Best Telescopic Hood 3 High Absorption Power (624 m3 / h).
Deep Silent Modes (Modes 1, 2, and 3).
5 Speed Levels.
Energy Saving Ratio up to 65%.
Digital – Screen Control.
Filter Cleaning Warning – Dishwasher safe filters.
Automatic Shutdown Programming – Stainless Steel Completely Stainless.

See details and price

2. Pyramis SLIDING 1144BGX telescopic built-in hood

The Best Telescopic Hood 4 Low noise level. Pyramis hotels keep noise levels low, providing perfect home comfort.
Maximum absorption capacity (m3 / h): 638
Number of engines: 1 – Turbine engine
Lighting lamp: Halogen spotlights 2 x 50W
Power (W): 260 – Filter: Aluminum
Noise level: 55 – 70 dB

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3. Whirlpool AKR 749 NB built-in telescopic hood

The Best Telescopic Hood 5

60 cm telescopic hood.
1 motor / 3 ventilation stages.
Lighting: 2 20 W halogen lamps.
Maximum evacuation capacity: 371 m3 / h.
Noise level 68 dB.
2 washable aluminum filters.

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4. Gorenje DF 6116E telescopic built-in hood

The Best Telescopic Hood 6 Ventilation with air extraction or recirculation.
Maximum efficiency when operating by extraction: 400 m³ / h
Mechanical control – Controls: Switch
Number of ventilation stages: 3
ON / OFF button for lighting
Washable grease filter for aluminum.
Number of engines: 2.

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5. Star-Light HAT-260SS telescopic built-in hood

The Best Telescopic Hood 7 The built-in hood Star-Light HAT-260SS allows its integration in the furniture, successfully integrating into the architecture of your kitchen.
The extraction system attracts the steam from the cooking area with the help of the two efficient engines and the fats are retained by the washable aluminum filters.
It benefits from a modern design with stainless steel accents and a pleasant lighting

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