The best TV Box 2021

TV Boxes – Product Review and comparison in 2021

TV Boxes are already showing enough signs that they would be the next step in home entertainment, offering performance often higher than smart TVs. In our top, the first place is occupied by Apple TV mr912mp / a , from the fourth generation of such products from the famous company. You can control them by voice, using Siri cyber assistance, it allows upscaling up to 1080p resolution, and if you want, you can connect your iPhone, using it as a remote control. A second recommendation, for those interested, is the TV Box X96 Mini-02 , which can play almost any audio, video or photo format, and for a high speed internet connection, you will be able to connect it to the network with a cable. LAN. Moreover, this product supports 4K standard resolutions, and you can optionally set its menus in Romanian.

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It allows upscaling up to 1080p, and the speed of processes (menus, playback) is among the highest in such products. In addition to your own remote control, you can also control it with iPhone phones, and Siri support is very useful for controlling it only by voice.

It has no USB slots. The products from this company usually use special connectors, and the absence of USB eliminates the possibility of connecting many gadgets, such as external drives.

Even though it is relatively expensive (usually, the models from this brand are sold at high prices), the quality of the construction and the absence of navigation problems attracted a lot of praise.

You can play almost any type of file with this product. Moreover, it supports standard 4K resolutions (4096 x 2160 pixels), and if necessary, you can connect it to the web and via cable or 3G modem, in addition to wi-fi.

It has only 1 Gigabit of RAM. This means that sometimes it may move a bit slowly, especially if you decide to install games on the system.

Besides all its advantages, it is a desirable product for our country, as the Digi installation can run, and if you can’t handle English, you can also set the Romanian language for menus.

With the Android 7.1.2 operating system, it is very stable and fast in running applications. It plays almost any format (photo, audio, video) and the 2 Gigabits of RAM allow you to play some games. It also supports 4K resolutions.

If you place it in poorly ventilated places (such as behind TVs on the wall), it could become hot during heavy loads (such as games).

It is one of the most sought after products on the market today, in terms of TV Boxes. Because you can also opt for menus in Romanian, it will be difficult to find a more attractive budget model.

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Apple TV mr912mp / a

The best TV Box 2021

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