the best tv stands for flat screens


the best tv stands for flat screens

TV Media – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Hanging TVs on the wall is one of the most popular options for installing this electronic equipment, regardless of the room in which you place them. We analyzed the market to determine which TV media would be worth recommending for the current year. A first option would be A + SPB446 , and the elements that make it attractive are the compatibility with large TVs (from 32 to 55 inches) and the weight limit of 50 kilograms, which gives it an extraordinary resistance and durability. which will drive away the worries of spoilage too soon. It also includes tilting up to 60 degrees horizontally, so you can reorient the TV to be visible from many angles. A second recommendation we can make is a product from the German company Hama, the 118051 model being addressed to small and medium TVs (up to 48 inches or 120 centimeters diagonally). It includes 8 sets of dowels, air bubble level, as well as a sound vibration damping system, which reduces resonance, thus maintaining the sound quality of the attached TVs.

Comparative table

It has a high weight limit (50 kilograms). You won’t find such heavy TVs on the market, but you can be sure that the product will not break down too easily. In addition, it is compatible with many TV models on the market, between 32 and 55 inches diagonal (81 to 140 centimeters).

The dowels in the package are considered too short by many users, especially if you have to catch a heavy TV, over 25 kilograms, in which case you will have to buy long dowels separately.

Unless you have a very, very small or very large TV, it is very likely that this support is exactly what you are looking for. The possibility of removing from the wall by up to 50 centimeters, as well as the inclination, only increase the attractiveness of the product.

It includes eight sets of dowels and gaskets, and with the help of the bubble level, you will identify the perfectly horizontal position very easily and quickly. Fits small TVs (from 48 centimeters) to medium (120 centimeters).

It does not offer the possibility to adjust the position of the TV horizontally, therefore you will not be able to turn it at all to the left or to the right, it remaining fixed in front.

The product presented here is very well thought out, even if it does not offer horizontal tilt. The clamping system allows a quick installation, all the necessary equipment being included in the price, and the resonance reduction function ensures the sound quality. Overall, a high quality support.

It has a special resistance, up to 50 kilograms, it can be attached to the ceiling, and the adjustable height is very convincing both in high and low rooms. Includes the possibility of tilting the TV up to 15 degrees down, vertically, plus 360 degree rotation.

For most home TV users, ceiling mounts are disadvantaged, with wall mounts being preferred.

It is one of the most recommended office supports, at the same time offering solid quality at a very advantageous price.

In-depth reviews about the best TV media

We have included quite a few offers of TV stands in the following lines. Read the descriptions carefully – we are sure you will find what you are looking for – and don’t forget to take into account the disadvantages of each offer, as objectivity is your best friend when shopping!

Wall TV stand:

A + SPB446

the best tv stands for flat screens

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