The best vacuum cleaner with water wash / filtration function to buy in 2021

How do you choose the best vacuum cleaner with water washing / filtration? What functions and features should a vacuum cleaner have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration If you are among the people whose household needs a more efficient cleaning device than the classic bag vacuum cleaner , a vacuum cleaner with washing or water filtration can be the saving solution for you.

The best vacuum cleaner with water washing / filtration, not only manages to clean surfaces much better than a simple vacuum cleaner, but is also the ideal choice when you or some family members suffering from dust allergies or other respiratory diseases .

As any impurity is subsequently fused with water, there is no longer a risk of dust spreading after vacuuming. Therefore, the main advantages of this type of vacuum cleaner are:

  • Not only will it vacuum out dust and impurities, but it is also able to wash away stains at the same time.
  • It can very efficiently clean any type of surface : tiles, parquet, carpet, carpet, etc.
  • You can even suck up water or other spilled liquids .
  • You are protected against allergies .

At the moment, this type of vacuum cleaner is the most convenient choice in terms of technology, performance and price, and you will find it useful regardless of the size of your home or the number of family members. So how do you choose the best vacuum cleaner with water wash / filtration?

The best vacuum cleaner with water wash / filtration: how you choose

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 1 The easiest way to choose such a device is to buy it from the Internet . If you know what specifications to check and you will consult a little the opinions of other buyers, you will be able to make the best purchase right from the comfort of your home.

The current offer for this device is quite rich and varies quite a lot depending on the price . Also, a vacuum cleaner works differently from a classic paper filter vacuum cleaner. You will not be able to make the best choice until you fully understand the difference.

As it is not a good thing to already have a lot of knowledge, we recommend that you find out very well before making an investment. To meet your needs, we have prepared a shopping guide that will give you all the information you need.

To choose the ideal vacuum cleaner or water filter , consider the following important aspects:

Suction power

Whether we are talking about a normal vacuum cleaner or one with water filtration, the suction power is an essential detail. Being an important index in determining the performance of the device, it is good to take into account both the power of the motor and the suction power of the brush , ie the force with which the dust threads are attracted.

These two values are proportional , so the higher the value of the engine power, the more efficient the vacuum cleaner will be.

Filtration system

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 2 This type of vacuum cleaners are manufactured on two different filtration systems: main or double . Vacuum cleaners with washing or water filtration work according to a simple principle. The air with impurities is sucked in, it is filtered in a water tank, and the air that is removed is much cleaner.

The best water vacuum is able to filter fine dust particles, spores and microbes larger than 0.3 microns . The air thus removed is 99% cleaner.

However, the best vacuum cleaner with a double filter is the one with a double filter . This means that before it can be filtered through water, the air passes through a cloth filter and a porous plastic filter . Because there are several stages of filtration, the air removed from the room is much cleaner, and dust and other impurities will not recirculate in the air, so you will not expose yourself to the risk of developing allergies, or manifestations of an existing allergy.

Vacuum cleaner tank

The capacity of the water tank will quite influence the size of the vacuum cleaner. This varies from 1.5 liters to 8 liters for larger vacuum cleaners. We recommend that you choose the size of the tank depending on the surface you will need to clean.

A vacuum cleaner suitable for the home has a smaller tank size, as the dust deposits are not too large either. This means that you will have to clean the tank more often, but the vacuum cleaner will be cheaper and easier to handle.

If you live in a two -story house , or want to buy a vacuum cleaner to clean an office enclosure, a larger tank size will be a better option for you.


The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 3 We have already mentioned that a water filter vacuum cleaner is larger than a regular one, precisely because the water tank takes up more space than a textile or paper bag. This is not an issue that will affect you much, unless the vacuum cleaner is to be used by an elderly person.

The larger it is, the harder it is to store and handle . Take this into account when choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you. In fact, if you do not have a large surface to clean often enough and a generous storage space, it is better to opt for a classic vacuum cleaner.


The weight of such a vacuum cleaner will particularly affect you if you have to climb it upstairs. In general, the weight of a vacuum cleaner varies depending on the size of the tank and falls within a reasonable value of 3-5 kg .

It is best to opt for the lowest weight because it will be easier to transport and use. To help you with transport, the best vacuum cleaner with washing must be equipped with wheels.


The comfort of you and your family is influenced by the noise, and we all know how annoying it is to use a very noisy vacuum cleaner. To remain a safe comfort zone, do not choose a vacuum cleaner that emits a sound louder than 60-70 dB .


The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 4 The best water vacuum cleaner must be able to be used on several surfaces. Whether you vacuum with tiles, linoleum, parquet, stone or carpets or upholstery , it must behave perfectly.

You must also be able to vacuum any type of dirt , whether liquid or dry, without endangering the safety of the appliance. The best vacuum cleaner with water filter, offers both efficient vacuuming of impurities and quick washing of stains .

Periodic cleaning

Perhaps a disadvantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that you will have to pay special attention to cleaning it. The water in the tank will get dirty quickly, so it will need to be changed after each use, so you will need more time to clean the vacuum beforehand.

If this step is ignored, you risk allowing the growth of mold and bacteria , which are anyway encouraged by steam and the humid environment.


There are vacuum cleaners that will need to change their filter after a few uses, as is the case with those with a double filtration system. You need to check how easily you can replace these items and how much it will cost you. Some vacuum cleaners use a special detergent to increase their efficiency, so consider its price before buying a water vacuum cleaner.

What functions and accessories should the best vacuum cleaner with wash / water filter have

  • Water tank – large enough for the needs of your household
  • Cable retraction button – retracts the power cord automatically and stores it in a special built-in compartment.
  • Vacuum power adjustment function – allows you more control and can save electricity.
  • Different brushes and heads – so you can enjoy optimal suction on different surfaces and difficult spaces in the house
  • Automatic on / off function

Best vacuum cleaner with water wash / filtration: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, but also the opinions of buyers, we will further present some models of vacuum cleaners with water washing / filtration that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Vacuum cleaner with washing Zelmer Aquawelt Plus 7920.0ST

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 5

Aquawelt Plus VC7920 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner with wash , with a modern design and a number of useful functions:
Allows dry vacuuming , collecting accidentally spilled liquids and washing carpets ;
– Use Safbag bags (for dry vacuuming) or water container (for vacuuming without a bag);
– The air evacuated from the vacuum cleaner is much cleaner due to the double filtration system: water filter + HEPA filter.

See details and price

2. Vacuum cleaner with Studio Casa HydraRain wash

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 6 The HydraRain Jet Force Studio Casa vacuum cleaner has both a water absorption and a washing (shampooing) function.
Functions: water absorption, wet suction of liquids, washing / shampooing, blowing .
Power: 1600 W – Hepa Filter – Complete set of accessories
Extremely useful in washing carpets, but also other surfaces such as tiles, floors or tapestries , the device effectively removes dirt and bacteria present everywhere.

See details and price

3. Vacuum cleaner with water filtration Zelmer 829.5SK

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 7 The Zelmer 829.5SK vacuum cleaner is equipped with a state- of-the-art water filter that combines the advantages of traditional and bagless vacuuming.
During vacuuming, the impurities are retained in the water container provided. It is enough to empty the dirty water tank at the end!
Liquid collection function – Detachable water tank .
Storage of accessories on the body of the appliance.
Automatic cable unwinder – Metal telescopic tube .

See details and price

4. Karcher DS 5,800 water filtration vacuum cleaner

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 8 Vacuum cleaner with innovative water filtration technology , with 99.9% clean emissions.
An exceptional advantage – not only for those who suffer from allergies.
Suction hose 2.1 m – Soft grip on the handle
Telescopic suction pipe – Upholstery nozzle
Dry switchable floor nozzle – joint nozzle
HEPA filter 12 (EN1822: 1998) – Practical parking position
Foaming "Foamstop" – intermediate washable filter

See details and price

5. Daewoo RWC-404 water filtration vacuum cleaner

The Best Vacuum Cleaner With Water Wash Filtration 9

In the case of the water filtration system , used by the Daewoo vacuum cleaner, the dust is collected in the water in the special tank.
The Daewoo vacuum blower function helps you easily remove dust and dirt from hard to reach places.
The air resulting from the suction will have a pleasant smell due to the flavoring function .
With the help of the 4-stage power level selector , you can select both suction power and blowing power with a single touch.

See details and price

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