The best vertical vacuum cleaner cordless review with mop(stick)

What is the best vertical stick vacuum cleaner ? How do you choose the vertical vacuum cleaner with the best quality / price ratio ? Read on to find out.

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick Conventional vacuum cleaners can be cumbersome, difficult to use and difficult to walk around the house. Although nothing can replace the cleaning power of a large vacuum cleaner, a vertical vacuum cleaner can help you clean easier and faster.

These smaller vertical vacuum cleaners are lighter, some weighing even 2 kilograms. In addition, their compact design makes them easy to handle and easy to store even in the smallest closet.

Some models of vertical vacuum cleaner can be converted into a hand vacuum cleaner to easily clean the stairs, upholstery and even the interior of the car.

The convenient size and additional functions recommend the best vertical vacuum cleaner as an invaluable tool in any household.

Although they probably won't completely replace the conventional vacuum cleaner, vertical stick vacuum cleaners will help you maintain cleanliness, clean up dirt from everyday accidents that can happen in any home and clean hard-to-reach surfaces with a classic vacuum cleaner.

Top 3 recommended vertical vacuum cleaners

The best vertical vacuum cleaner: what to look for

Vertical vacuum cleaners have different sizes, functions and absorption powers. Some have a power cord, while others are equipped with batteries for increased maneuverability.

Some use bags to collect dirt, while others are equipped with containers that can be emptied. Some models of vertical vacuum cleaners require the replacement of filters or bags at regular intervals, while some models do not require intensive maintenance.

Below we present some criteria that it is good to take into account before choosing the best vertical vacuum cleaner for you .

Weight and dimensions

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 1 The weight and size of a vertical vacuum cleaner varies depending on the model.

Although most vertical vacuum cleaners are light, weighing a few kilograms, some lighter models can weigh up to 2 kg.

The weight of the model depends largely on the type of engine with which the vacuum cleaner is equipped, the suction head and its attachments.

The size of the chosen vertical vacuum cleaner should be an important criterion in your choice. The place where you will store the vacuum cleaner when you are not using it depends on its size.

Some models have telescopic or foldable handles to make it easier to store in a closet with shelves, while other models do not offer an adjustable height .

Some suction heads are wide providing a large coverage area, while others are small and narrow, helping with storage but requiring more passages to clean the same surface.

Power source

When you choose the best vertical vacuum cleaner you will discover models with both power cord and wireless. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wired vacuum cleaners will not discharge during operation and will deliver a constant power. However, the length of the power cord differs from model to model and some models will force you to stop cleaning and change the power outlet more often than you would like.

Wireless vertical vacuum cleaner models use battery power to operate. These are limited by battery life and battery life. Most models have a range of 7-15 minutes between charges, but more expensive models can run up to 40 minutes without interruption.

The charging time of the battery also depends on the model of vertical vacuum cleaner chosen, varying between a few hours and up to 24 hours. Some batteries will charge by inserting a charger into the wall outlet, while some models have special charging stands.

Because the types of batteries differ greatly, more attention is needed to the capacity and performance of the battery when choosing a cordless vertical vacuum cleaner model .

Engine and absorption power

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 2 Vertical vacuum cleaners do not offer the same power as the classic ones, but some models are more powerful than others.

Pay attention to the amperes, volts and watts associated with the vacuum cleaner, because these values indicate the real power of the motor . These values are not easy to understand, but the thing is simple, the higher the values, the stronger the vacuum cleaner.

Watts are the best indicator because they indicate the amount of power pushed into the vacuum motor. On battery models, their capacity and power will indicate the power level provided.

Because engine power directly influences absorption power, higher power means stronger absorption.

The types of surfaces you will clean regularly determine the power required in the chosen vertical vacuum cleaner model. Cleaning carpets and rugs requires more suction power than hardwood floors to remove dust and dirt from the carpet fibers.

There are other factors that influence the absorption power, these are the filtration system and the regular cleaning of the vacuum cleaner.

Maneuverability and accessories

While some models work strictly as vertical vacuum cleaners, many of them have additional accessories, they can also be used as a hand vacuum cleaner, or both. The most common are the accessory for narrow spaces and the brush for upholstery.

The narrow space accessory helps you clean hard-to-reach spaces such as between pillows and sofa seams, while the upholstery brush makes it easy to clean fabric surfaces such as upholstery or curtains.

Many models of vertical stick vacuum cleaners can be converted into a hand vacuum cleaner . A hand vacuum cleaner is an extremely useful tool for cleaning furniture, stairs or vehicles.

It is important to remember that not all vertical vacuum cleaners can be used as hand vacuum cleaners. Check specifications before purchase.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 3 The main cleaning and maintenance actions of the vertical vacuum cleaner are the emptying of the dirt container / bag and the maintenance of the filters.

Only a few models use bags to collect dirt, most vertical vacuum cleaners are equipped with special containers that can be emptied.

The bagless version is more convenient because the dirt simply dumps it in the trash without the need to buy extra bags.

The filtration system directly affects the performance of the vacuum cleaner because it protects the engine from dust and dirt circulating in the suction air.

All models of vertical vacuums have filters that require maintenance, but some filters can be reused while others need to be replaced at some point.

The filtration system also prevents dust and allergens from returning to the air. Vertical vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters will filter the air in the room most efficiently.

Service and warranty

When choosing the best vertical stick vacuum cleaner, make sure that the manufacturer offers you a minimum of 24 months warranty. Also, choose a product from a well-known brand to avoid unpleasant situations in which the vacuum cleaner does not work in optimal parameters or fails very often.

It is also good to be interested in the service locations of the chosen manufacturer so that they are close to your home in case of problems with the newly purchased product.

The best vertical vacuum cleaner for you will be the one that will satisfy your use needs. Maybe you will choose it because it is light and portable. Or maybe you prefer a vertical vacuum cleaner that can be converted into a hand vacuum cleaner.

You can buy a vertical vacuum cleaner because you live in a small apartment and you don't need more cleaning, or if you live in a big house you need a quick cleaning tool between general cleanings.

Whatever the reason, from the variety of models of vertical vacuum cleaners available on the market, you will surely find the ideal model for you .

The best vertical vacuum cleaner (stick): recommendations

Taking into account the above tips and criteria, we recommend below some models of vertical vacuum cleaners that offer an excellent quality / price ratio .

1. Rowenta RH9299WH Air Force 460 Flex vertical vacuum cleaner

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 4 With the advanced Flex technology of the new vacuum cleaner you have access with up to 5 times more * under the low pieces of furniture, for effortless cleaning sessions.
Enjoy an impeccably clean home in the shortest time thanks to the high suction power, up to 100 AW and the Lithium-Ion battery that offers a range of up to 30 minutes.
The patented suction head is equipped with LED lighting to detect dust even in the darkest places.

See details and price

2. Philips FC6725 / 01 vertical vacuum cleaner, 2 in 1

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 5 180 ° suction head for strong and precise suction of dirt.
The LEDs on the suction head reveal hidden dust and dirt.
Two speed settings to suit different floors and types of dirt.
Up to 40 min. cleaning power with 21.6 V Li-ion batteries.
Portable unit, accessory for narrow spaces and integrated brush.
Unique design of the dust compartment, which empties without clouds of dust.
The washable filter ensures a high air speed for a longer time.

See details and price

3. Bosch BCH3ALL25 vertical vacuum cleaner

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 6

Do you want an easy, convenient use? With the 2 in 1 function (two practical devices in one) you have the perfect vacuum cleaner for every situation.
As a vertical vacuum cleaner it is ideal for floors and hard to reach places. And as a hand vacuum cleaner, it is perfect for cleaning tables, sofas and drawers.
The AllFloor motorized brush ensures visible cleaning results on all types of flooring, including parquet, carpets and ceramic tiles.
Battery life: 55 min – Collection capacity: 0.4 l.

See details and price

4. Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner vertical vacuum cleaner

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 7 Powerful portable and wireless suction 100 AW with cyclonic technology;
5-stage filtration, captures up to 99.97% of particles.
4 times more suction power.
Eliminates 99.9% of mites – Eliminates allergens.
Clean 160 m² – 30 minutes of battery use.
4 multifunctional brush heads – Clean anywhere.

See details and price

5. Samsung VS60M6010KG / GE Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Stick 8 With a suction power of 20W, it is 2 times more powerful than conventional models, so it gently collects dirt and hair.
The powerful 18V LI-Ion battery ensures operation for up to 80 minutes without recharging, so that you can easily clean your entire home.
EZClean dust and brush container (EZClean Technology).
The 180 degree rotating brush can rotate quickly and accurately around corners and obstacles.
Works as 2 vacuum cleaners in 1 to clean a variety of areas.

See details and price

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