the best vr headset for roblox


the best vr headset for roblox

VR Glasses – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Whether you think virtual reality is a passing fad or the next step in entertainment, it is certain that the market offers quite a few pieces of equipment for such applications. In fact, the term “3D” has begun to be touted as a selling point for TVs, video projectors, or Blu-Ray players. In this article, we approach VR glasses, and the models on the market can vary enormously in price and technology. The first product we recommend is Sony PlayStation VR , which transmits images in Full HD standard (1920 x 1080 pixels), and this means high clarity as well as less eye strain. It is created for the PlayStation 4, and its package also includes stereo in-ear headphones. A second recommendation is addressed to personal computer owners, HTC Vive , being one of the best products on the market. Its screen resolution is above the Full HD standard, ie 2160 x 1200 pixels, and the 32 sensors transmit information about your movements with an almost unmatched fidelity, the immersion in the virtual environment being considerably improved.

Comparative table

It has a Full HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels), and the Motion Tracking technology with gyroscope provides efficient feedback regarding the user’s movements. The product also includes its own set of headphones, and the 120 Herz refresh rate avoids eye fatigue during use.

This set of VR glasses can only be used with the PlayStation 4 game console and media from Sony. In addition, you will need to purchase a special camcorder to use it.

The manufacturer wanted to offer the best VR experience with this product to PlayStation 4 console owners. Overall, the reviews are very favorable, the Japanese quality being high. It is relatively expensive, but it is far from the most expensive on the market.

It has a very high resolution (2160 x 1200 pixels), and the 32 sensors provide accurate feedback on user movements. These result in a VR experience hard to match, especially if we take into account the field of view of 110 degrees.

It is sold at a fairly high price, in some stores the product is sold at over 1000 Euros.

Besides the very high quality of this set of VR glasses, one of the most attractive advantages is the compatibility with PC systems. There are many 3D applications for them, and if you get over the discouragement caused by the price, we can say that the product deserves to be included in the first places of virtual reality headsets.

Not only is it one of the best performing products (with a resolution of 1200 x 1080 pixels), but it is also comfortable. The gyroscope system has six sensors, and the lenses are calibrated to tire the user’s eyes as little as possible.

It requires some relatively demanding requirements in terms of PC hardware to support games for it.

If you want one of the best virtual reality experiences, wireless or wired, then the investment in this set of VR glasses is worth it. Few products can compete with it and its performance.

In-depth reviews about the best VR glasses

We have tried to make this article useful both for those new to the field of VR technology and for those who are somewhat familiar with it. We include products for all pockets and we hope that you will find the right VR unit to offer you pleasant experiences with this new type of application!

PS4 VR Glasses:

Sony PlayStation VR

the best vr headset for roblox

This product from Sony should not be missing from any list of the best VR glasses – after all, one of the leading game consoles on the market is produced by the same Japanese company (we are talking about the PlayStation series of course). The glasses are attached to a special helmet, which fits around the head, using an adjustable strap.

As an audio interface, you can use the included in-ear headphones. In addition, the product package includes the processing unit, HDMI cable, USB cable, power adapter and the one for connecting to the PlayStation. Each of the two images is 5.7 inches diagonally, so the full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) will result in one of the best images from any product of this kind on the market. As a mode of motion transmission, it includes a gyroscope and motion tracking technology, and the field of view is 100 degrees.

The refresh rate is up to 120 Herz, so you will benefit from extremely fluid images. As a possible disadvantage, we can say that you need to buy a special PlayStation camera to operate these glasses. Overall, it is the product that offers the most attractive ratio to quality, especially if we compare it with the famous HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.


It offers Full HD resolution for each of the two 5.7-inch screens, which means impressive image quality.

It works with PlayStation 4, which brings out the best in both Sony devices.

It has a field of view of 100 degrees, therefore you see almost as in reality, in terms of peripheral vision.

Includes, in the package, a set of stereo in-ear headphones, which adds to the attractiveness of the product as the best VR glasses for PlayStation.


A special VR camera for the PlayStation must be purchased to use the product.


VR glasses:

HTC Vive

the best vr headset for roblox

Some of those interested in purchasing a pair of VR glasses may be willing to spend considerable sums on these gadgets. If you are among them, the HtC Vive product is our recommendation. The performance and quality offered by it are hard to match with other models on the market, and to exemplify, we can start by mentioning the 32 sensors that constantly monitor the position of the head and the user, to transmit the most accurate movement to 3D applications.

Moreover, the two screens that render the image have a very high resolution, 2160 x 1200 pixels, and the field of view is 110 degrees – both specifications superior to other models of VR glasses. The fact that this model is intended for use with desktop PC systems will attract many fans of three-dimensional applications, there are a large number of games for this platform. Overall, it is a high-performance, comfortable product that renders a faithful, detailed image, without tiring the user’s eyes.

Analyzing both the device itself and the various user reviews, we can say that it was difficult for us to find any objective disadvantage. The price may be the only discouraging factor, as it is considerably higher than other models and slightly above the purchasing power of the average customer.


The resolution it offers is among the highest in VR glasses on the market – 2160 x 1200 pixels, above the Full HD standard (1920 x 1080).

It is based on 32 sensors that aim to quickly determine the user’s position and movement, transmitting data in virtual space.

Being a PC model, you will have access to a large number of 3D applications, while other models may be intended for a single platform such as consoles.

It has a field of view of 110 degrees, larger than many other models, covering even the peripheral area of the eyes.


Its price is considerably higher than most VR glasses currently available on the market.


Shinecon sC_G02B

the best vr headset for roblox

Those who want to opt for VR glasses, cheap and good, as simple as possible, just to try this new fashionable technology, might be delighted with the product presented here. The main advantages it offers are two in number: first of all, it does not have its own screen, but uses your smartphone, inserted in the special place in the case.

Secondly, it is compatible with almost any phone, whether it is from Apple or another company, which uses android as its operating system. The only rule to keep in mind is that the screen diagonal should be between 4.7 and 6 inches. It connects with micro USB to universal controllers, and the reviews say that its lenses do not steam and that there are many applications that offer, with this product, a rather interesting experience.

At 330 grams (without the phone inserted), it is also a light object that does not tire users, even if they are children. As disadvantages, we can mention that, on some phones, the buttons on the headset do not align perfectly with the side buttons on the phone, therefore they will not be able to be used. Overall, it is one of the cheapest options for virtual reality enthusiasts.


They are sold at an extremely advantageous price.

They can be operated with many phone models, on android or iOS operating systems, provided they have a diagonal between 4.7 and 6 inches.

At 330 grams, these glasses are very light, reducing the fatigue caused by wearing them for a long time.

They also include power and volume buttons, located on the side (they must align with the buttons on the inserted phone).


On the OnePlus 5 phone, the side buttons do not match those on the VR glasses.


VR PC glasses:

Oculus Rift 1 PC

the best vr headset for roblox

If you want to invest money in the best VR glasses for personal computers, desktop or laptop, then Oculus Rift must be included in the list of possible purchases. Many reviews praised its performance – for each of the user’s eyes is assigned a portion of the screen of 1200 x 1080 pixels, so the view will not tire, and the gyroscope system for detecting head movements is very accurate.

It can also be used wirelessly, if you have a Windows operating system, and the headphones and microphone make it easier to interact with the virtual environment. The weight of the helmet with glasses is 379 grams, and the strap system is, of course, adjustable. Some buyers said that although they felt a little embarrassed when they fixed the equipment on their heads, the impressive applications made them forget about the sensation, fully enjoying the experience.

It connects to an HDMI port, a USB 3.0, and the tracking sensor requires another USB 3.0 slot, and as minimum requirements, it would be good to benefit from an i5 4th generation processor, a video card at least nVIDIA GTX970 or Radeon R9 290 , and as RAM, at least 4 Gigabits (8 would be optimal). As another disadvantage, its performance means a relatively high price, but expect it to decrease in the coming years.


Oculus Rift Marvel Edition

the best vr headset for roblox

This VR glasses product is a special version of Oculus Rift that is based on the same type of technology as the standard product. It offers a resolution of 1200 x 1080 pixels for each eye, a viewing camera of 84 degrees, horizontally, and the package includes two sensors and two touch controllers.

It weighs 475 grams, and as system requirements, you will need at least an Intel i3-6100, with GTV 960 video card from nVidia, or AMD Radeon R9 290. As RAM, it requires at least 8 Gigabits, and as slots, the at least one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 type (three USB 3.0 and one 2.0 type are recommended). Instead, the attractive element of this version is that it includes, in total, seven games in the package, for different tastes.

So, you benefit from the advanced Oculus Rift technology, without having to invest in first-class games, which makes this package of 3D VR glasses a suitable solution especially for gifts to someone dear.


Samsung VR Glasses:

Samsung Gear VR323

the best vr headset for roblox

The Korean company Samsung launched these VR glasses, at a good price, especially for the owners of the phones launched by them. The phone will be inserted in the intended place (under the cover, in the headset), and the image of the dedicated 3D applications will be amplified with the help of lenses. The list of smartphone models with which you can run the applications is as follows: Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The product itself is quite light, weighing 345 grams, to which is added the weight of the phone. It is attached to the head with the help of an elastic, adjustable strap, and the part that comes in contact with the user’s face is provided as sponge gaskets, so as not to disturb after long use of the gadget. Moreover, on the side there are three buttons: one for the “Home” command, which will send the user to the Oculus Home page, one to go to the previous menu (back) and a touchpad, with which you will easily control applications, by finger movement.

As disadvantages, we can mention that many users have complained about the image quality, as this is dictated by the enlargement of mobile phone displays, which can vary in resolution. In addition, you will already need a Samsung phone, as other smartphones may not fit in the special space under the cover.


It is compatible with a number of the best selling phones from Samsung.

Includes quick control buttons on the left side of the product with basic controls for 3D applications.

At 345 grams, it is one of the lightest models of VR glasses on the market.

Users reported that it is very comfortable to wear the product, even for tens of minutes in a row, thanks to the sponge on the viewfinder and the elastic textile tape.


If you do not have a Samsung phone from the specified list, you will not be able to use this product.


Samsung VR SM-R322

the best vr headset for roblox

We will also address the niche of virtual reality applications for other platforms, in addition to personal computers. This model of Samsung VR glasses is quite simple, a fact reflected in the price of the device. Therefore, it is a gadget designed for use in tandem with the phone screens from the Korean manufacturer of the same name, these being inserted in the front case, and the lens system amplifies the image to the user’s eyes.

Therefore, the perceived resolution will be that of your smartphone screen. But what models are compatible with it? The list is as follows, depending on the size and support for applications: Galaxy Note 5, S6 and S6 Edge, Edge Plus, as well as Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, along with Galaxy Note 5. The entire head restraint structure weighs 318 grams, at which adds to the weight of the phone.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 202 x 116 x 93 millimeters, therefore it easily fits on a child’s head, and as disadvantages, we can only say that, at this price, it is not as tiring to look at as the more efficient models, such as are those from Oculus Rift, equipped with its own screen and which are much more expensive, compared to this device.


VR Box Glasses:


the best vr headset for roblox

Here we present a model of VR Box glasses, among the cheapest such products on the market. As some of you expect, use the smartphone screen to play certain applications specially calibrated for this type of gadget. Simply install these games, launch them and insert the phone in the front cover, looking through the two lenses that amplify the image.

You can use any smartphone model, with a display size from 3.5 to 6 inches, regardless of the brand, but they must be strong enough to run a virtual reality game. In addition, it is absolutely necessary that your phone be equipped with a gyroscope to track the movement of your head. At about 200 grams, it is quite light, and its strap is adjustable and quite comfortable.

It does not, however, offer extremely impressive performance, as in the case of dedicated VR glasses sets, such as those from Oculus Rift. In fact, we can only recommend them as a first introduction to the world of 3D applications, to investigate the experience, or for a gift to a loved one.


Hope EGV300

the best vr headset for roblox

Also in the models of VR glasses, cheap and good, budget, we also offer this product, which, at first glance, is quite attractive in terms of design, with the green cover and the three bands that are fixes on the user’s head (many other models have only side bands, which join at the back).

It can use almost any smartphone, as a source and platform for applications, with two conditions: the diagonal of the display to be between 3.5 and 6 inches, and the gyroscope to be included in its specifications, to determine the movements of the user’s head, transmitting data to the application. Therefore, the resolution at which you will perceive the images depends on the native one of the phone, but one of the peculiarities of the offered lenses is that they are adjustable.

Better said, you can also adjust the distance between them (up to 10 millimeters), as well as the distance between them and the eyes (from 55 to 72 millimeters), for the best image quality and the lowest level of vision fatigue. . At 180 grams, it is among the lightest set of VR glasses, at good prices,


VR Myria Glasses:

Myria MY9801

the best vr headset for roblox

Some VR Myria glasses like these will be especially appreciated by the little ones, both in terms of price and as a playful, pleasant design. Their solid and comfortable construction, with a soft gasket, with pores, at the contact between the housing and the eyes, contrasts with the very affordable price of the product. The diameter of the lenses is 42 millimeters, quite large, and the user is also allowed to adjust the distances between them, with the help of a special adjustment button.

The head straps can be easily adjusted to make the wearer as tired as possible. As phones that are compatible with the product, we can list any smartphone up to 6.1 inches diagonally, which can support 3D applications through its processor and memory, along with the presence of the gyroscope (which takes the movements of the user’s head and transmits them to the running VR application ).

At 408 grams, we can say that it is among the heaviest sets of VR box glasses on the market, this being the main disadvantage we can mention. Overall, we can say that it is a well-built product, in contrast to its price, and if you overcome the disadvantage of weight, you may be pleasantly surprised by the experience it offers.


VR gaming glasses:

VR Park blk00015

the best vr headset for roblox

We can’t say that these are cheap VR glasses compared to other models, but they are far from expensive. They are calibrated for Samsung and iPhone 6S and 6 phones, but can also fit other models, such as HTC, provided their diagonal dimensions are between 4.7 and 6 inches.

The image magnification system, which also uses a series of vertically mounted mirrors, ensures a pleasant effect, especially when your phone has a higher resolution than the HD Ready standard (1366 x 768 pixels), which justifies its price a bit more. higher than other similar, budget products without its own display.

The fastening system is with three strips, very stable, and the rubber material lining, with pores for air passage, ensures a more comfortable wear, at the place where the skin of the face will come into contact with the product housing. As disadvantages, we can mention the total weight of the product, about 380 grams, which is higher than other models.


Games for VR glasses:

Skyrim VR

the best vr headset for roblox

Adventure lovers will be excited to see the game Skyrim, a title that has marked the last years and the gaming industry, worn for virtual reality glasses. As a platform, it is for PlayStation 4 consoles. Embark on adventures in the far North, watching the dragons, but also many other adventures, in the over 300 hours of content offered, which offers maximum freedom of choice and movement.

A famous game, for experienced players, but who are willing to offer a nice amount for that application. Overall, however, this game for VR glasses is among the most attractive on the market.



Eagle Flight

the best vr headset for roblox

People have always wanted to see how birds feel when they fly. The Eagle Flight game offers a view of an eagle, hovering over a landscape from which people have long since disappeared, fighting enemies, while many real-world monuments – more precisely, those of Paris – will be able to be seen for decoration.

The game requires a virtual reality platform for PlayStation and can be played in multiplayer. The simple but pleasant graphics make it very suitable for the little ones.





Superhot PlayStation 4

the best vr headset for roblox

This game for VR glasses connectable to PlayStation 4 consoles is for all ages, from 12 years and up. It is a shooter and allows the shooting of various enemies (computer controlled) in a simple but pleasant graphics, the key being the coordination of the player’s movements with those of virtual reality.

It is a rather ambitious title in its intention to revolutionize shooters for VR platforms. Even if it will not be to everyone’s taste, it remains an interesting application that promises a lot. Moreover, it can be purchased for a lower price, compared to other titles for 3D applications.





Other recommended products currently unavailable:
Oculus Rift DK 1

the best vr headset for roblox

Oculus Rift is one of the most well-known names when we think of virtual reality equipment. The model we are analyzing here is a budget one, affordable, with a fairly large screen (7 inches diagonally) that offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The platform for which it is intended are desktop or laptop computers, with Windows or Linux operating system, for which there are many applications and games compatible with them on the market.

In the product package, in addition to the glasses themselves, you will also receive a control box, a DVI / HDMI adapter, a carrying case, a 1-meter USB cable and a 180-centimeter HDMI cable. Moreover, three sets of lenses and an elastic band for attachment to the user’s head are included. We must mention that this is one of the models from the beginning of the Oculus Rift shape, so it is not as efficient as the later ones, in terms of image resolution and quality.

This also justifies the relatively convenient price of the product. Overall, if you want to investigate a quality VR device, it is worth orienting yourself to it, as long as you are not out of the way demanding with reference to this technology still in its infancy.


Through its design, it offers a 100% stereoscopic image without overlap, in other words there are elements that can be seen by each eye and not by the other, which increases the realism.

The 7-inch screen is among the largest on the market.

Includes DVI / HDMI adapter, which means it can fit any type of video card on the market.

It also includes a special protective box, as well as 3 sets of lenses, for diopter correction – this means that eyeglass wearers can also use it.


The resolution is below the HD standard, having only 1280 x 800 pixels.


Buying guide

Unlike televisions, speakers and personal computers, not everyone has virtual reality glasses at home – in fact, quite a few people buy them, for the general public it is a simple curiosity, a kind of toy. After all, that’s the way it is, they’re for occasional fun. But if you need help orienting yourself through the market offer, the guide below will be useful:

the best vr headset for roblox

Type of glasses: we can categorize the models in the VR box type (they use the phone, inserted in a special box, in front of the lenses) and those with their own display (VR PC glasses), which connect to computers or game consoles .

The first category consists of simple devices, without electronic parts, all the “work” of running the applications being carried out by your smartphone. Therefore, those glasses will be relatively cheap, which can not be said about those for PC, which, due to the advanced equipment it incorporates (gyroscope, motion sensors, high-resolution displays), will cost quite a bit. a lot.

To give some examples, VR glasses models for phones are Myria MY9801 or Esperanza EGV300, while those for consoles or computers are the various versions of Oculus Rift.

Hardware compatibility: in this chapter, we will divide the discussion in two, talking about the need for minimum computational power requirements for PC and Console models, but also about compatibility with phones, in the case of VR Box products.

In the first category, games and 3D applications compatible with a product like Oculus Rift will require a certain generation of processor (i5, for example), a somewhat powerful video card and, as a rule, 8 Gigabits of RAM. In the case of gaming consoles, you will not have to worry about this, as the applications are optimally calibrated for that hardware.

For VR Box models, the dimensions of the phone are the compatibility criterion: in the description of the equipment, you will notice that a minimum and a maximum diagonal of the smartphone is offered, in order to know before buying if the glasses will fit with it. At the same time, it is good to investigate the hardware requirements for VR applications for Android or iOS, to find out how well they will run. In some cases, the models are recommended for certain brands (Samsung VR glasses like this can be offered as an example).

Adjustments: in this chapter, you can find VR PC glasses, with a good price, but also some for phones, which allow enough adjustments to the lenses, both at the distance between them and the viewer’s eye, and at the distance between the right and the left. We must mention that not all people will get along well with the three-dimensional effect of all products.

On models such as the Oculus Rift, which are equipped with their own displays, the image quality will be higher than on some phone-based devices. Therefore, it is good that, for a less tiring impact on vision, you can adjust the lenses in multiple ways. Think of the 3D effect of movies: some enjoy them to the fullest, but others have headaches. Therefore, a product that is as adjustable as possible can eliminate such unpleasant experiences.

the best vr headset for roblox

Materials: various types of plastic predominate when it comes to the cases from which the cases of the glasses are made, but we want to draw your attention to two elements: the straps that attach to the head and the part that makes contact with the user’s face. If these parts are made of hard plastic, the discomfort may be high, thus negatively affecting the virtual reality experience. On the other hand, if there are textiles present on these areas, preferably with holes that allow ventilation of the skin, then it may be very pleasant to wear, but at the same time that the pair may be a bit more expensive.

Weight: Not all product descriptions mention this factor and, after all, weight may vary (batteries and phone may be added, depending on model). But it is quite relevant if you choose VR gaming glasses for the little ones, they get tired faster with a bulky headset. As a guide, what weighs 400 grams should be considered heavy, and what falls below 250 is easy. This element is not among the most important, for this reason it is included in the tail of our guide of choice factors.

Applications included:for some offers, you also receive games or other small virtual reality exploration programs. Who would not have attracted such an offer, especially when you give a gift to someone (set of glasses + games, so that there is no need to buy them separately). There are offers that include up to seven different games, as in the case of the Oculus Rift Marvel Edition. If you want to learn more about how a game works for VR glasses and other applications, we have included both a series of titles on the market, described above, and answers to questions about them, in the FAQ section below.

the best vr headset for roblox

Price: to offer you some figures from the first, you can find Box type VR headsets from about 20 RON to over 100, and in the case of models for consoles and computers, then you will need to get more than 1500 RON out of pocket, as a rule, although sometimes you might come across considerable discounts (we think especially of Black Friday and other occasions like this). Cheaper does not necessarily mean worse, but cost is a factor of choice for many buyers and that’s why we decided to include, in the end, this element.

So, if you still have ambiguity, after you have finished reading this shopping guide, we invite you to read the section below, in which we ask some of the most frequently asked questions on forums and specialty stores. Thus, we hope to familiarize you as much as possible with VR glasses and to make the purchases you want with confidence.

Frequent questions

What are VR Box glasses?

These products (VR Box) are also a stand-alone brand, but the term is also used for models from other companies, which work by a common principle, namely the use of the mobile phone, inserted in the case, for running 3D applications. Many people use this term in contrast to the actual virtual reality glasses, which use built-in LCD displays, along with motion sensors and their own gyroscope. But, let’s go back to VR Box products: there are various models, although the principle of operation is the same, and for more details, we recommend the shopping guide (above).

the best vr headset for roblox

How much do VR glasses cost?

The type of VR Box type products, for phones, start from under 40 RON and go up to about 100 RON, depending on the specifications. The more expensive equipment, such as the Oculus Rift, can exceed the price of 2000 RON, especially when they also include bundled games. Occasionally, however, there are also offers, at reduced prices.

Can it be the best VR glasses?

Yes, even if such an opinion may incorporate a certain degree of subjectivity. Usually, expensive models, such as the Oculus Rift, are superior to those of the VR Box type, through the multitude of sensors that allow a more detailed interaction with the application, but also because of the image quality. It would not be professional on our part, however, to say categorically that they are the best virtual reality glasses on the market, but the discussion could start from that model.

How do you recognize some VR glasses for PC?

Well, first of all, the price (quite high, it can reach over 2500 RON) and the presence of multiple connectors for sensors (requiring two or three USB plugs, to allow the whole VR experience). If you are shopping and see the product box, it should have the logo “PC” on it, those for consoles with the symbols “PS4” or “XBox”.

What are the most popular VR applications?

Currently, in the top sales in our country you can find games such as “The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim”, “Eagle Flight” or “Superhot” – they are intended for devices such as personal computers or PlayStation 4. In the case of mobile applications, more cheap, but designed for VR Box glasses, you can find a lot of interesting things, from space explorations (Titans of Space) to the possibility of watching movies on Netflix in virtual reality.

the best vr headset for roblox

How do I install Playstation VR?

If you want Sony PlayStation VR glasses and you have some questions about installing them on the console, here are the steps to follow: first, connect all the plugs (USB, HDMI, TV, and more away, when all appliances are closed). Connect the PlayStation camera to the AUX port on the console, connect the VR unit to the console and, of course, plug it in. Turn on the TV and PlayStation and then press the power button on the VR glasses. That’s about it – we must also mention that you must have the glasses and the processing unit from the same product, a VR unit with other glasses being incompatible.

What you can do with VR glasses

In short, you can have fun with VR glasses, because technology enthusiasts have long dreamed of ways to enter the virtual world, as if it were part of it – remember the movie “Matrix”, right?

Of course, “Matrix” and movies with similar ideas, in which the protagonists were “immersed” 100% in the digital world belong to the field of science fiction, but current VR technology can offer many interesting and quite varied applications.

the best vr headset for roblox

Examples of applications

Some of these are versions of PC games – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one such title, a portrayal of a notable title to virtual reality equipment. You can interact with allies and enemies, do missions, just about anything that can be done in the personal computer version.

Other applications are simply 3D-converted videos, such as a video made by a paraglider, and the VR glasses user is given the chance to see in space what it’s like to paraglide. Applications such as Google Earth have shaped real maps into three-dimensional models, and the player can walk through real-world landscapes as he wishes, but these are rendered in the digital environment.

The educational programs are quite interesting. For example, there is Ocean Rift, which features underwater fauna and flora, this application being created for Oculus Rift. Among other such products are those that simulate the landscapes of Antarctica, 3D renderings of some battles from World War II, or even simulators that show users what it is like to find out that you have become a man of the street and what obstacles you will encounter in this situation ( Becoming Homeless for Vive). There are also museum simulators, in which you will be able to admire in three dimensions famous works of art, or other types of exhibits.

the best vr headset for roblox

Where can I Find VR Games?

To discuss a little about the accessibility of these programs, many of them are free, downloadable from the web, while others are, of course, for a fee. Depending on the duration of the experience and the work invested in creating the application, you can pay from 5 Euro to over 40 Euro when you buy something like this. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that, often, real 3D games, in which you will be able to navigate in the virtual environment as if you were there, will cost much more than a simple, video application, rendered for the three-dimensional format.

To conclude, we ask the following question: what will happen next for 3D virtual reality technology? Will it advance, capturing more and more of the home entertainment sector of the market, or will it pass quickly, like a seasonal fashion, a curiosity and nothing more? Hard to say, as quite a few people are interested in such technologies, some of them being relatively expensive. For now, it is worth investigating the market, to see what it has to offer, because the creativity of those who work in the field is quite ingenious, and the applications are more and more varied, from year to year!

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