The best wall TV mount you can choose in 2021


The best wall TV mount you can choose in 2021

TV Wall Mounts – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want to save space, but at the same time have a TV with a large diagonal in the room? Then use a wall bracket. In order to make a good choice, you should read the guide in its entirety, but if time presses you, go straight to the recommendations.A + SPB223 is a support that allows tilting up to 90 degrees horizontally and 12 degrees vertically. You can also mount screens that have a diagonal of minimum 13 inches (33cm) and maximum 42 inches (106cm). It safely supports a model that weighs 20kg, because it is made of steel and is compatible with VESA which has dimensions of 200x200mm. If you want a corner model choose: LogiLink BP0047 .

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It is an adjustable support that allows the mounting of screens of various types, with diagonals between 33cm and 106cm, and due to the fact that it is made of steel, it will be able to support a maximum weight of 20kg. The product allows ample movements of at most 90 degrees in the sides and 12, respectively 5 degrees up and down and has a VESA compatibility of 200x200mm.

The support does not have an integrated level, so it will be more difficult to mount the support in a straight line, if you do not have a ball.

It is a product compatible with screens of different sizes, which allows you to adjust the position and lasts a long time, as it is made of durable materials.

It is designed so that you can place the TV on the corner and can be used for diagonals between 92-178cm, and due to the fact that it is made of steel there is no risk of the TV falling. It is a pivoting model, so it allows movement of up to 90 degrees on the sides and 5 degrees horizontally and can be used for many types of monitors, because it is VESA compatible of different sizes.

It is a bulky product, so it is more difficult to fix and you will have to use thick screws.

The stand can be adjusted to your liking, helps you use the space in the corner of the room and can be used for medium and large TVs, so it is a good choice.

It is a product that can be used in the home or in premises, provided with an arm, which allows the screen to move at a maximum of 180 degrees, in the sides, in order to be able to see the images from any corner of the room. It can be used for screens that have a maximum size of 139cm and is compatible with VESA system of 400x400cm.

Because it can be tilted in several directions, the stand cannot support a screen weighing more than 30kg.

The product is among the recommendations proposed by us, because it has a low purchase cost and can be used for TVs with a diagonal of 139cm.

In-depth reviews about the best wall TV mounts

Wondering where you can find cheap and good TV wall mounts ? Below are some options that can be purchased online.

Adjustable wall TV stand

A + SPB223

The best wall TV mount you can choose in 2021

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