the best washing machine combo with dryer

How do you choose the best washer dryer? What functions and features should the ideal washer dryer have? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Washer With Dryer A washing machine with built-in dryer is a normal front-loading washing machine and a condensing tumble dryer in the same appliance.

If you live in a small apartment, or if you have a small space for washing clothes, a washing machine with dryer is the ideal choice because it will help you save space.

You can use the appliance as a normal washing machine . Once the washing cycle is over, you can use the same clothes dryer.

You also have the option of scheduling your car to wash and then dry your clothes in one cycle , so you can wake up in the morning and find your clothes washed and dry, ready to put in the closet or to wear.

The washer dryers incorporate a condenser dryer that is different from the vent dryer in that it will not ventilate moist air in the room where it is installed.

The condenser dryer extracts moisture from the clothes and then sends it by draining in the form of condensed water. Most washing machines with compressors are equipped with a hose that automatically sends water to the drain. In addition, you have a lint filter that must be cleaned at a certain time.

Top 3 recommended washer dryers

Why choose a washer dryer

The Best Washer With Dryer 1 The best washing machine with built-in dryer is a great idea to save space. It will take up much less space than if you had a washing machine and a separate tumble dryer.

Washing machines with dryer also have all the advantages of front-loading washing machines: excellent washing in economical conditions and maximum water and energy efficiency.

Unlike a top-loading washing machine, you can incorporate such a device under the kitchen counter , which is very convenient, especially if you do not have a dedicated space for washing.

The drying function of a washer dryer is good for smaller loads of clothes. Even if the drum capacity is 7 kg for washing, the drying capacity will be less than this.

This means that a washer dryer is suitable for washing and drying shirts and T-shirts , but it will not be able to dry even heavier loads such as bedding or towels.

Washing machines with dryer: what to look for

To choose the best washer with dryer you need to consider several aspects such as: washing capacity and functions, drying capacity, spin speed, noise level and energy consumption. Next, we will detail each aspect to help you find the product according to your needs.

Capacity of the washer with dryer

The capacity of the appliance refers to the number of kilograms of dry clothes that you can put in the tub. Dryers will always have 2 capacities : one for the amount of laundry they can wash in a load and another for the amount they can dry. You can always wash more clothes than you can dry.

Bigger is not necessarily better – if you buy a car that is too big you will waste water and energy if you do not fill it with each use. If it is too small you will have to do several washes.

Washing capacity

The Best Washer With Dryer 2 The amount of laundry that a tumble dryer can receive in a single load usually starts at 5 kg (about 16 men's cotton T-shirts) and can reach up to 12 kg, enough to wash up to 38 kg. of shirts at once.

A capacity of 7 kg is average and is best suited for an average family. This washing machine can hold up to 22 T-shirts or, more realistically, a load consisting of, for example, two pairs of adult jeans, three pairs of children's jeans, four men's T-shirts, two bath towels, three towels. hands and two pillowcases.

Drying capacity

The drying capacity will always be lower than the washing capacity of the same appliance, with values between 2.5 and 8 kg . This means that if you have filled the tub for washing, you will have to remove the drying cycle from the clothes, otherwise you risk that they will not dry properly.

Although the clothes you want to dry are wet, the indicated capacity refers to the amount of dry clothes that the dryer can receive in a single load.

Just because two different washer dryers can wash the same amount of clothes doesn't mean they have the same drying capacity. Always check the specifications of the chosen product carefully before buying.

Washing functions

Each washing machine offers a fairly wide range of automatic washing programs suitable for different situations to help you wash as easily as possible. Always choose a washer dryer that has the following programs included:

Gentle washing
The Best Washer With Dryer 3
Repeated washing of clothes dulls the fibers in the fabrics, especially for delicate linen, silk or lace items that end up looking old and discolored. Some washer dryers offer gentle washing programs that help keep the original look of your clothes for a longer period of time.

Also, look for devices with special wool washing cycles that are Woolmark certified to make sure that woolen clothes will stay soft and warm for longer.

Quick wash
Washer dryers with quick wash program allow you to wash slightly dirty clothes in short cycles of up to 30 minutes.

Some appliances even have wash and dry cycles that last only 45 minutes, ideal when you are in a hurry.

Spin speed

Between the washing cycle and the drying cycle we have the rinsing and centrifugation cycles . Rinsing removes detergent residue from clothes, and centrifugation removes water. An efficient centrifugation will remove most of the moisture from the clothes, which will lead to faster drying of the clothes. The highest spin speed is not necessarily the best for removing moisture from your clothes.

Spin speeds usually range from 1000 to 1600 revolutions per minute and you will have to pay more for a higher speed model. You probably assume that a higher rotation speed will dry clothes better, but this is not always true. Check the energy label of the product and choose a washer dryer with the best spin efficiency class (this is indicated as well as the energy efficiency with letters from A to F, with A being the best).

Noise level

If you have small children, have to wash at night or live in an open space house, choose a washer dryer that operates with a noise of 50 dB (a) or less to minimize noise and inconvenience. A noise of 50 dB (A) is comparable to the hum of a refrigerator.

A quiet washing machine can be crucial in an open space house, or beneficial for washing at night or while watching your favorite TV shows.

Energetic efficiency

The Best Washer With Dryer 4 Energy and detergent savings are an important aspect, and many appliances offer intelligent systems that regulate the consumption of water and electricity at each charge, using only what is strictly necessary. Some models are also equipped with intelligent detergent dispensers and conditioner adjustable according to each load.

Dryer washes are much more economical than in the past. Their energy efficiency varies between A and C, depending on the consumption of electricity and water.

Sensor dryers also help save energy because they will turn off the appliance when clothes are dry, thus preventing unnecessary energy consumption.

Service and warranty

When choosing the best washer dryer , make sure that it is produced by a company recognized for the quality of the products and that you are offered a guarantee as long as possible. The typical warranty offered by manufacturers varies between 2 and 5 years , depending on the model and brand.

Also, inquire before purchase if there are service units near your home that can intervene in case of failure in a timely manner. In addition to the standard warranty, some stores and manufacturers offer for a fee, extended warranty periods that may prove useful over time.

The best washer dryers: recommendations

Taking into account the criteria listed above and the opinions of customers who have already bought the product, we present below some models of washing machines with dryer that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Washing machine with dryer LG F4J6TGOW, Washing 8kg / Drying 5kg

The Best Washer With Dryer 5

LG Direct Drive – Motor attached directly to the center of the drum. High stability, minimal vibration. Low noise level – no friction noises. Increased life – fewer wearable parts.
Increased energy efficiency – the motor applied directly to the drum eliminates energy losses.

Spin speed (rpm): 1400
Loading capacity (kg): 8 wash / 5 dry
Energy efficiency class: A

See details and price

2. Indesit Innex XWDA 751480X washer dryer

The Best Washer With Dryer 6 Innex – One click to start, select and start the daily washing and drying treatment.
Special programs – With the help of the Express Wash & Dry function , your clothes will be washed, dried and ready to wear in just 45 minutes !
An automatic sensor , installed on the drum, monitors the humidity level and stops its operation when your laundry is perfectly dry and the clothes are like new.
Centrifugal speed (rpm): 1400 – Energy efficiency class: A
Loading capacity (kg): 7 wash / 5 dry

See details and price

3. Washing machine with dryer Samsung WD90J6A10AW / LE

The Best Washer With Dryer 7

Cold wash, save energySave big energy by washing a lot of clothes at low temperatures, using Eco Bubble technology . The bubbles activate the detergent , so that it quickly penetrates the material and removes dirt easily, even in cold water (15 ° C).
Air Wash technology
deodorizes and disinfects clothes, so that they always have a fresh smell.
Centrifugal speed (rpm): 1400 – Energy efficiency class: A
Loading capacity (kg): 9 wash / 6 dry

See details and price

4. Hotpoint AQD970D49 washer with dryer, 9kg wash / 7kg drying

The Best Washer With Dryer 8 High Definition – The high definition concept for washer dryers ensures the preservation of the initial beauty of your clothing and guarantees outstanding results.
The Baby cycle offers the certainty of a perfect result even at only 40 ° C and guarantees an absolute hygiene of the babies' clothes and an absolute care of the skin and fabrics.
The Easy Ironing option makes the ironing process much less demanding.
Centrifugal speed (rpm): 1400 – Energy efficiency class: A
Loading capacity (kg): 9 wash / 7 dry

See details and price

5. Washing machine with dryer Beko HTV8733XSO, Washing 8 kg, Drying 5 kg

The Best Washer With Dryer 9

WASH & WEAR – You can quickly and efficiently wash and dry 1 KG of clothes in just 60 minutes.
BABYPROTECT WASH & DRY – Washes, dries and sanitizes delicate baby items at high temperatures.
Through the special design of the tub, Aquawave technology ensures an efficient but gentle cleaning, without movements that could affect the fabric.
The patented Aquafusion system by Beko maximizes the consumption of water, energy and detergent during washing.
Centrifugal speed (rpm): 1400 – Energy efficiency class: A
Loading capacity (kg): 8 wash / 5 dry

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