the best windshield wipers for rain and snow

How do you choose the best windshield wipers? What properties and features should windshield wipers have that fit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Windshield Wipers The safety of you, your family and your belongings should always be one of the main things to worry about, especially if you are a driver. Because driving in traffic can expose you to many risks, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that your car is operating in optimal operating conditions. They also include an excellent condition of the windscreen wipers .

Although they are seemingly insignificant parts, they are responsible for the optimal visibility in traffic, which can save your life, the others in the car, but also the other traffic participants. Especially in rainy conditions such as rain or snow, a good pair of windshield wipers can make the difference between safe driving and a risky one.

Whatever your reason for looking, find out in this article how to choose the best windshield wipers.

Why choose the best windshield wipers?

You may need a pair of windshield wipers because the old ones have broken down or worn out too much. Whatever the reason, it seems that it is becoming more and more difficult to choose a good pair of windshield wipers.

This is because car models tend to restrict their compatibility so that your choices are more limited, and you are forced to buy wipers from a certain brand. Of course, you may find cheaper no-name variants, but they may not be compatible or last very little, and you wouldn't want to waste your money.

The best windshield wipers will fit perfectly in the car you drive and will be able to clean the windshield in any situation, no matter how capricious the weather outside. A clean windshield can be responsible for your life, so you can't make such a choice at random.

How to choose the best windshield wipers

The Best Windshield Wipers 1 It is normal that the offer on the market for these car accessories is very generous, and the prices vary quite a lot. And, although we know you're looking for the cheapest option, it may not be really advantageous in reality.

This is why we recommend that you treat the purchase of windshield wipers as an investment and choose informed . To help you make the best choice to be happy for as long as possible, we have prepared a shopping guide with all the information you need.

At the end of this article you will be able to identify the best value for money on the market . To make the best choice, consider the following important information.

Type of windshield wipers

Windscreen wipers should not be confused with rear window wipers . You will find both options on the market, and they can be very similar. To make sure you make the right choice, check the product description very well.

However, both types of wipers, both the front windshield wiper and the rear window wipers, are necessary to be able to enjoy safe driving. Both elements must be functional , and when one of them fails it is time to choose a new one.

If the manufacturer does not specify the type of wiper, you can figure out which ones are suitable by comparing the dimensions and design with the old ones .


Before buying a set of windshield wipers you need to make sure that they will be compatible with your car. For this you need to know your car very well. In the technical book you will discover the dimensions you need to look for .

You will also be interested in the fastening system . Fortunately, most manufacturers are aware of the peculiarities of each type of car, so they have manufactured windshield wipers compatible with various car brands.

The Best Windshield Wipers 2 For example, you will not encounter problems when looking for wipers for Opel Astra, Renault, Dacia or Volkswagen , etc. Even if you order online, each manufacturer specifies in the product description the type of car to which the respective wipers fit.

It is also important to check the fastening system . It can be of several types, the most popular being: bayonet type, universal or with adapter . Once you know your car as well as possible, you will be able to make the right choice and you will be able to assemble the new wipers yourself.

In general, mounting them is not difficult and you should be able to do them yourself. However, if you have not changed the wipers yourself and you think you would be unnecessarily complicated, it is better to seek professional help from a car service.


According to the type of design, there are three types of windshield wipers: classic, flat, and a hybrid variant.

  • Classic windshield wipers

Conventional windshield wipers are easily recognizable. They consist of a metal frame that has a rubber lamella attached. The classic variant has the advantage of being very economical . This is because, as long as the metal arm is not damaged, the rubber lamella can change when it is no longer effective .

As a precaution, we recommend that you buy a new supply of rubber blades once a year . This will avoid the risk of scratching your windshield due to tire damage. It can crack and harden due to age and prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions.

It is a cheaper option compared to flat wipers, because rubber reserves are easily found on the market and are much cheaper than if you had to buy wipers with a skeleton.

  • Flat windshield wipers

These are a more modern and efficient option. They are much smaller than the classic version and consist of spokes that are coated in rubber or silicone . Their great advantage is that they are much more efficient. Because they can apply more pressure to the windshield, it removes dust, water and snow much better in a single pass .

This way you will be able to enjoy driving with as little distraction as possible. The disadvantage comes at a price. The purchase price is higher , and this type of wiper will have to be completely replaced. This is because the rubber or silicone part can no longer be replaced , the wipers consisting only of the clamping system and the wiper arm, without the skeleton part.

  • Hybrid windshield wipers

These are a variant that want to combine the two models analyzed above. Basically we are talking about a set of classic wipers with a slightly narrower design , but with high performance, similar to those of a flat model.


The Best Windshield Wipers 3 The material will often determine how durable the wipers will be, but you need to know from the beginning that the more durable they are, the more they will cost. Rubber is the most affordable material. The best windshield wipers are made of quality rubber that lasts as long as possible.

You will find wipers on the market with the so-called Compound rubber . This is a rubber to which many additives have been added to delay its degradation as much as possible. This way the face stays flexible for as long as possible.

In fact, one type of high-performance tire recommended by many drivers is the ClearMax compound. These windshield wipers are marketed by Bosch and users say that this type of rubber increases durability by more than 40%.

When you want something even better, you can opt for rubber and silicone wipers . Silicone acts as a protective layer that prevents water infiltration and premature damage to the rubber.

Such wipers are up to 80% stronger than other models . But they also have a price, so we recommend that you weigh well the choice and the real needs of your car.

Price and manufacturers

Even if most opinions will suggest you buy something more expensive because it will be quality and will last longer, in the case of windshield wipers this is not always the case. You will notice that there are very affordable offers that still offer you a quality product, the secret is to really choose a product compatible with your car.

Since it is recommended to change them every year, it is not necessary to make a big investment, but neither to buy anything on the principle that it works like that. It is normal to want to enjoy quality and safety when driving.

I discovered the best offers for brands like Valeo, Bosch or Alca . They are affordable for any budget.

We also recommend ordering windshield wipers online . You will find the best deals at much better prices than in traditional stores. Moreover, you can check the opinion of other users. This way you will be able to check the veracity of the information in the product description, and you will decide if it is worth buying that product much easier.

We recommend that you buy wipers from the companies mentioned above. Being prestigious brands they cannot afford to disappoint customers, that's why they keep high standards. You now have all the information you need to choose the best windshield wipers.

The best windshield wipers: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of windshield wipers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Bosch Aerotwin wipers, for windshield, 70 + 60 cm

The Best Windshield Wipers 4 Through Aerotwin, Bosch reinvented the windshield wiper.
Perfect wiping at each point of the wiper through uniform force distribution and optimized aerodynamic profile;
Aerodynamic line, without joints and metal parts, which prevents the formation of ice layers;
Perfect wiping capacity, without noise, even at high speeds;
Simplified wiper replacement with the new fastening system.

See details and price

2. Valeo car wipers for 600 / 400mm windshield

The Best Windshield Wipers 5

Delivered in a set of 2 pieces left / right.
Wiper dimensions: 600 / 400mm.
Citroen DS3 11.09 – Citroen DS3 Cabriolet 01.13.
FLUENCE (L30_) 02.10 – MEGANE III cupe (DZ0 / 1_) 11.08 – MEGANE III hatchback (BZ0_) 11.08.
MEGANE CC (EZ0 / 1_) 06.10 – Megane III Grandtour (KZ0 / 1) 11.08.

See details and price

3. Car wiper Bosch AeroTwin 600/475 mm

The Best Windshield Wipers 6 Size (cm): 60 / 47.5
Number of pieces: 2
Clamping system: Side closure
AUDI A3 – AUDI A3 Sportback

See details and price

4. Car wiper Bosch Aerotwin 680/625 mm

The Best Windshield Wipers 7 Size (cm): 68 / 62.5
Number of pieces: 2
Clamping system: Top click closure
OPEL ASTRA J Sports Tourer

See details and price

5. Bosch Aerotwin Retrofit car wiper for windshield, 60 cm

The Best Windshield Wipers 8 Bosch windshield wipers guarantee perfect wiping power even in adverse weather conditions.
Good visibility and optimal safety convince countless drivers.
Its aerodynamic design guarantees maximum visibility.
The adapted arched rail ensures maximum wiping quality at any point on the windshield.

See details and price

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