The best wireless keyboards for Smart TV


The best wireless keyboards for Smart TV

The best wireless keyboard for Smart TV – Our recommendations for 2021

When you have a smart TV, but the regular remote doesn’t help you much, when you search for videos on YouTube or series on your favorite application, a small wireless keyboard will save you. To know what you need, we invite you to read the following lines, and to be inspired by the most popular articles today, starting with theLogitech K830 , an illuminated mini-keyboard, which allows the user to quickly write what he wants to find on TV and at night, without having to turn on the light. It has QWERTY keys, mouse buttons and touch pad, including multimedia hotkeys. It is compatible with Samsung MacBooks and TVs, using Bluetooth technology to connect to the parent device via USB. And it will give a smart look to an ordinary remote control, because it has flattened keys and an elegant and minimalist look, in black. An alternative is the Logitech K400 Plus White .

Comparison table

This article, which can be attached to Samsung smart TVs and devices running on Windows and Mac, becomes a reliable ally in navigating through the available applications, being easy to use at night, because it has illuminated keys and a range of up to 10 meters, the battery inside being rechargeable.

The acquisition cost is not exactly the most positive aspect of this product, as it appears from some reviews, this being designated a “peppered” device from this point of view.

It is an inspired choice for smart TV owners from Samsung, who can afford to buy a specialized remote control, which makes finding your favorite series on Netflix easier than ever.

For lovers of white gadgets, this model of wireless keyboard, small in size, becomes a necessary accessory, especially if there is a smart TV from Samsung in the house, with a wide range of up to 10 meters, and a mode standard key placement (QWERTY), appreciated by buyers.

Although it is not exactly the most important aspect, especially for users who connect it to the TV, the model does not have additional numeric keys (on the right).

It is a highly sought after budget option, which combines all the features necessary to control a smart TV, which is why it is in the top sales in its niche market.

This version is addressed especially to smart TV owners who would also enjoy a small remote control always at hand, with numeric keys and letters needed to find your favorite program on Netflix, for example, with a range of 10 m , and a good life until the next battery charge, the connectivity being simple thanks to the USB receiver.

One reason for dissatisfaction for some buyers is that the item does not include a lighting function, which would facilitate its use at night.

Considering the features and small shortcomings of the article, it is understandable why it is among the preferences of Romanian buyers looking for portable multifunctional remote controls.

How to choose a good wireless keyboard for Smart TV

Buyer’s guide

If you are an amateur PC user and use it even for streaming online videos, you may not see the point of a rigorous selection, when it comes to determining where to find wireless keyboards for Smart TV, at good prices, other users . Instead, when it is necessary to establish a compatibility between the owned TV and the respective peripheral, it is useful to know more than what is strictly necessary.

In addition, it is quite important to know which peripheral component you have chosen, how much you will be able to use it and what its compatibility will be with other electronic devices that you currently use.

All users who prefer to surf the Internet on the couch are delighted with the wireless models, as some of them connect not only to the latest Smart TV models, but also to other systems meaning that they provide a more appropriate way to search for clips. online and access various media applications remotely. If you are among those interested, we invite you to read the guide below:

The best wireless keyboards for Smart TV

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