the best wireless mouse for laptop 2021


the best wireless mouse for laptop 2021

Wireless Mice – Product Review and comparison in 2021

The technology has also developed a lot in terms of mice, and now, even gamers can buy such wireless devices (until some time ago they failed to achieve the performance desired by players). The idea is that there are wi-fi gadgets in this category for all tastes and needs. I studied the online market a bit and I prepared a list of the most interesting options. If you don’t have time to go through it, the 1st place is occupied by theLogitech G502 , a gaming mouse that manages to achieve the performance of classic, wired models. It has a resolution of 16,000 dpi, works by radio frequencies, has a battery that charges wirelessly and a lot of programmable buttons. It is only suitable for those who use the right hand for such devices. If you are interested in a kit that contains a keyboard, the second position is occupied by Microsoft PT3-00021 .

Comparative table

It is a product appreciated primarily for the results it offers – it responds quickly to commands, has a resolution of 16000 dpi and is equipped with programmable buttons, so it can be used successfully even by the most demanding users, gamers. It has customizable lights and space for the receiver.

This mouse model is built for right-handers, so it will not be comfortable for those who use the left hand as the main hand.

If you want to buy a gaming mouse that will enjoy good performance and a pleasant appearance, then see this article.

This package provides both a mouse and a keyboard, so you can enjoy the lack of wires on both peripherals. The devices are high quality, are powered by AAA and AA batteries, respectively, which are initially included in the package, and have shapes that allow use in a comfortable way.

It is a set that also contains the keyboard, in addition to the mouse, which is why it is usually not preferred by people who do not need both products.

It is a wise choice for those who want to buy a keyboard and a mouse, because the sets are more affordable.

This mouse is also suitable for gamers, with programmable buttons, adjustable resolution (200-12000 dpi) and a long range of about 250 hours. It will give you a visual signal, in the form of an LED that lights up when you still have 15% battery and has a receiver hole on the back.

The buttons for right and left clicks, respectively, produce a fairly high noise which for many users can be quite annoying.

Look to buy this mouse, if you want to buy a high-performance gaming device at an affordable price.

In-depth reviews about the best wireless mice

On the websites of online stores you will find a lot of variants of products of this kind. We present below some of the ones that we found more interesting.

Wireless gaming mouse

Logitech G502

the best wireless mouse for laptop 2021

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