The best wireless pro gaming mouse in a budget

The best gaming mice are those mice that no real player could say no to. The best gaming mice have an attractive, ergonomic design and come equipped with high-performance sensors that offer an accuracy between 4000 and 12000 DPI. Wireless or not, the best gaming mice must be light, with silent buttons and made of durable materials that can withstand millions of clicks.

In order to have a pleasant gaming session, the type of mouse used influences the experience in a vital way. Given that in gaming the movements of the mouse are important and its performance can be decisive, it must be as responsive and as accurate as possible. The comfort offered, the buttons or the shape of the mouse are clues that we took into account when testing them. This investment is worth even more if you already enjoy a very good gaming laptop . We will present below 6 options that, following our tests, are among the best gaming mice at the moment.

Whether we are talking about a high-action shooter or a competitive MOBA, a gaming mouse cannot guarantee you improved performance, but it ensures that you have all the tools you need to reach the maximum level of your skills. Also be careful in case of changes, if you are used to a certain type of mouse, for example a small one, switching to a new type may be problematic, at least at the beginning, until you get used to the new one.

The Best Gaming Mice in 2021

Logitech G502 – Nea Pleasantly Wired Recommendation

Logitech MX Master – Nea Pleasant Wireless Recommendation

SteelSeries Rival 710 – Super Customizable

Razer Lancehead – Premium

A4Tech XL-747H – Reduced Budget

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Ambidextrous


Logitech G502 – Nea Pleasantly Wired Recommendation

The Best Competitive Gaming Mice

The Logitech G502 mouse with USB connection comes with an interesting design, and what makes it even more special is the large number of buttons it offers, unlike the others.

Its comfort and elegance come from the two types of black, the glossy one used in delimiting the sections but also for the buttons, and the matte one, used for the body, offers a safe grip and a beautiful look to the main buttons. Testing the metal wheel we can say that it is quite sensitive and has two modes of use, normal or free rotation.

The lighting of the Logitech G502 mouse is RBG-type and can be customized both for the Logitech G logo on the body of the mouse and for DPI indicators that do not remain lit. When you hold the mouse in your hand, the illuminated areas are placed between your thumb and forefinger. Next to the thumb we find three buttons, which although it would seem quite easy to confuse, still manage to be easily differentiated, especially once you get used to them. When it comes to the size of the mouse, we realized that it is the most comfortable for medium to large hands.

We believe that what makes the mouse even more special is the compartment on the bottom of the mouse, where you can insert five weights of 3.6g, to make it harder to lift. In terms of performance, the Logitech G502 mouse has met our expectations, and the polling rate of 1000Hz and a response time of 1ms will give you a pleasant gaming experience.


Logitech MX Master – Nea Pleasant Wireless Recommendation

The Best Competitive Gaming Mice 1

Although the Logitech MX Master is wireless, you can charge it via the USB cable in less than a quarter of an hour for an entire day of use. A maximum load can provide up to 70 days of use or at least we are told from the marketing of the model.

The mouse weighs 145g, but due to its shape, it can be used by any type of hand, be it large, but even a smaller hand, and its heavier weight is not felt.

In addition to the two main buttons and the scroll wheel, the MX Master also has a special thumb wheel for horizontal scrolling and five other buttons that can be easily customized to your preferences.

It is a mouse that we have successfully tested in games, but it is just as powerful when it comes to use in graphic design or image editing, with a Logitech Flow system that offers the option to connect the mouse to three different computers simultaneously, being efficient for multitasking.

Logitech comes with a version of the Darkfield laser sensor that we tested on different surfaces and we can tell you that it is so efficient that it works on a glass surface with up to 4000 DPI.


The Best Competitive Gaming Mice 2

The SteelSeries Rival 710 mouse gives you high performance, and what sets it apart from other mice is its ability to customize.

Even if it is a fairly large mouse, the material with which it is covered is soft to the touch and makes it very comfortable. Of the eight buttons, three are programmable, and another, behind the wheel, corresponds to a CPI that can reach 12,000.

The mouse has a personal air thanks to an OLED display on its left side, next to the three buttons, which you can customize with what you want to appear written or displayed on the small screen, whether it is a word, an image or even a gif.

We also loved the vibration system, which you can program according to a stopwatch or even the pressing of a certain button. We considered this feature important in games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends.

The two features, along with the lighting, you can program through the SteelSeries Engine software, through which you can control anything related to your SteelSeries Rival 710 mouse.


The Best Competitive Gaming Mice 3

The Razer Lancehead mouse is known for its specific shape and adaptability to satisfy both right-handed and left-handed people. So if you are left-handed and are always looking for a competitive mouse that you can easily use, this might be the right option for you.

Although it looks like a small, elegant mouse, its weight is suitable and I did not feel it moving easily. The nine buttons, two main, the wheel, two for sensitivity and two on each side, can be customized with the Razer Synapse software provided free of charge by the company. The mouse hides a compartment in which we found the wireless USB adapter and two buttons that correspond to four customization profiles, differentiated by color, from which you can choose.

Both sides of the mouse are covered with a white rubber that gives you a strong grip on the hand you use. Above the rubber surface we find a thin and elegant LED lighting system, which also includes the Razor logo, from the center of the mouse and the perimeter of the wheel.

We tested the mouse both wirelessly and wired, and we can tell you that there were no differences in terms of performance.


The Best Competitive Gaming Mice 4

If you want a durable and good but simpler mouse, both in terms of design and price, then you can also consider the A4Tech XL-747H mouse . It offers an impeccable quality considering the price required for its purchase.

It has a perfect shape to be completely and comfortably covered by a medium-sized hand, even a larger one. The look is more reserved, it does not have an unseen or extremely futuristic shape, if you do not mind this look and the print inspired by spider-man then you could consider his style as extremely beautiful, simple and to the point, without breezes useless. The mouse has a smart shape, specially designed to provide comfort and accuracy, both clicks can be done easily and stably.

Even if it is for lower budgets, the quality can be found in the details of the mouse, the thread has the exit of the rubber mouse, and is covered by a woven fabric, this guarantees an extended durability. Next to the thumb we have a portion of rubber striations, extremely pleasant to the touch, meant to ensure an efficient grip. The number of buttons is smaller, we have 2 on the left side, very easy to press (the back one can be a little awkward until you get used to it). We find an illuminated button between the two clicks that can be used to quickly change the sensitivity settings and a multi-click button, very small, next to the wheel.

The mouse is quite heavy, you have the option to remove or change the weight as you like, so it can be heavy but also very easy. One impressive thing is the precision of the laser: if you have the habit of lifting the mouse to return with it in the middle of the pad, this model allows you to do this extremely easy, as soon as it came off the surface of the pad do not the movement is still recorded so you can be flexible with it on the table surface.


The Best Competitive Gaming Mice 5

The G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse model offered by Logitech offers impressive accuracy with DPI between 200 and 12000 and competes with the best mice.

The mouse design offers symmetry, with buttons specific to the thumb on both sides, thus being an ambidextrous mouse, dedicated to right-handers, but also left-handed, G900 Chaos Spectrum is built and ready for any type of grip.

RBG lighting adds a plus to the visual appearance of the mouse, while also giving it elegance. The high performance is provided by the PMW3366 sensor, which gives the mouse a sensitive and precise reaction to the movement of the hand.

The buttons elevate this mouse model to the top of the best mice in that they are easy to customize and can be programmed as you wish or as you are used to with your previously used mouse. To customize the buttons to your liking, Logitech Gaming Suite software is provided, which you can easily use to adapt your mouse to your favorite games.

If you are willing to invest a little more for a mouse, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum , thanks to all these design features and especially the performance ones, is definitely a mouse that you will be able to use in your next gaming session, more especially if you are left-handed, as not many products are created for both hands (you can also take a look at the Razer Lancehead which is also suitable for left-handed people).

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