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  • 1 Why choose the best Zanussi stove
  • 2 How to choose the best Zanussi stove
  • 3 Best Zanussi cooker: recommendations
    • 3.1 1. Zanussi ZCK552G1WA mixed stove, 4 Gas burners, Electric oven, 56 l
    • 3.2 2. Zanussi ZCG512G1XA stove, Gas, 4 Burners, Electric stove / oven ignition
    • 3.3 3. Zanussi ZCG212J1XA stove, 4 Burners, Gas, Electric hob
    • 3.4 4. Zanussi ZCG210M1WA Stove, 4 Burners, Gas, Stove / Oven Safety

How do you choose the best Zanussi stove? What functions and features should the Zanussi cooker have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Why choose the best Zanussi stove

The Best Zanussi Stove The Zanussi cooker is one of the most popular models today and is in high demand by buyers, despite the multitude of different models and brands on the market.

The main advantages of the best stove in Zanussi are the affordable price, the economy it offers and the high cooking speed.

The Zanussi brand was launched in the UK and became known in the market due to its competitive prices, which grew as marketing grew and the popularity of household appliances grew.

The Zanussi brand is generally regarded as most other top brands such as Hotpoint, Bosch or Hoover.

How to choose the best Zanussi stove

However, when you want to buy a gas model, there may be some difficulties, because the manufacturer Zanussi has created a large selection of models both simple and with all kinds of functions and features.

However, our evaluation should help you choose the best stove from Zanussi for your home. Before choosing the best model, we recommend that you pay attention to the main features of Zanussi cookers.


Zanussi cookers differ primarily in the type of ignition of burners, which can be gas or electric. Gas models involve manually pressing a switch and rotating it.

The second method is much simpler, with the ignition occurring automatically while the switch is rotated. The electric ignition allows the burner to be started by switching the button and pressing an ignition button.

The Best Zanussi Stove Gas burners can be equipped with the gas control function, an extremely useful function, designed to increase safety.

The heating system will automatically switch off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished for some reason. Cheap models from Zanussi are not equipped with the gas control function.

The dimensions of the cooking surface are generally standard, namely: 50/50 cm, 50/60 cm or 60/60 cm. The choice of the size of the Zanussi stove is made according to the size of the kitchen and the space intended for its location.

Usually, when cooking, use open fire. The functionality of the gas stove is based on the use of gas. The burners ignite very quickly and at the same time allow the cooking containers to heat evenly.

If necessary, the cooking process can be accelerated by increasing the temperature. A great advantage of the devices is the absence of restrictions on the cooking utensils used in cooking.

The best Zanussi cooker enjoys a number of advantages, such as: cooking speed, simplicity and convenience of operation, as well as additional functions that make the cooking operation much more comfortable, such as: electric ignition, timer , gas control and others.

Work surface material

The work surface of Zanussi cookers can be made of enamel, stainless steel, ceramic or tempered glass. The most common type of Zanussi cooker is enamel. It is inexpensive, comes in many shades, but is difficult to clean from grease and crusts. It is also prone to corrosion.

Stainless steel is quite durable and very easy to clean, but stains remain on it after each touch of the hands.

The most beautiful, the best but also the most expensive is the Zanussi stove with ceramic surface. It is durable, flat, easy and convenient to care for. The disadvantage of this type of stove is that if a liquid is accidentally spilled on it, it can pass under the burner switches.

Number and power of burners

The gas pressure and supply power depend directly on the diameter of the nozzle that supplies the burner surface. Typically, a Zanussi stove can be equipped as standard with 4 burners, two of which have a standard capacity of 1.5 – 2 kw, low power and high power.

Each of the four burners generally has 12 power levels, which allow much better control over the cooking process. There is also a control of residual heat.

Zanussi stove oven

The Best Zanussi Stove 1 Some models of Zanussi stove ovens can be equipped with a heated oven door lock. This feature is very useful for families with small children.

The best stove from Zanussi has a lighting system on the side of the oven, which will allow you to see the condition of the dishes without opening the door.

The thermostat allows the control of the gas supply. When the specified temperature is reached, the flame intensity decreases. This function has the role of saving gas consumption.

If the oven is not used regularly, you can opt for a Zanussi stove model with an oven that can operate on two levels, ie an upper and a lower burner.

A more advanced option is the multifunction oven with hidden hob and the possibility of forced ventilation.

There are several models of Zanussi cookers on the market that have an electric oven. The electric oven is much easier to use, safer and offers the user more options due to the large number of functions.


The price of the electric cooker does not differ significantly from the models in the same class but on gas. If you appreciate the comfort and modern achievements of the manufacturer Zanussi, the choice of a combined stove is completely justified.

The disadvantage of this stove model is the additional expense of electricity, even if the consumption is not very high. Second, it requires the stove to be connected to the power supply.

The best Zanussi stove: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer on the market, we further recommend some models of Zanussi cookers that offer excellent value for money.

1. Zanussi ZCK552G1WA mixed stove, 4 Gas burners, Electric oven, 56 l

The Best Zanussi Stove 1 This stove is not as wide as a standard stove to facilitate placement anywhere in the kitchen, while offering the same space inside and the same cooking functions.
With the pure flame gas burner, your vessel immediately reaches the desired temperature.
Multifunctional oven with heating elements in the upper and lower part, grill and fan.
Smart design for easy cleaning.

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2. Zanussi ZCG512G1XA stove, Gas, 4 Burners, Electric stove / oven ignition

The Best Zanussi Stove 2 The narrow format ensures easy fit anywhere in your kitchen, but offers the same interior space and cooking functions as a standard stove.
When you want to start cooking immediately, just turn on the flame and every inch of your pot or pan immediately starts to heat up.
Offering instant heat and rapid temperature changes, this gas oven offers top performance for a wide range of simple baking and frying functions.

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3. Zanussi ZCG212J1XA stove, 4 Burners, Gas, Electric hob

The Best Zanussi Stove 3 This stove is not as wide as a standard stove to facilitate placement anywhere in the kitchen, while offering the same space inside and the same cooking functions.
This stove does not have a lid.
Electric ignition for cooking areas by pressing a separate button.
Cooking zones on gas hob with thermocouple fuse type.
Net cavity volume (l): 51 – Oven functions: Heating at the bottom, Grill, Grill + Roaster. Easy to clean oven door – Steam outlet from the oven.

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4. Zanussi ZCG210M1WA stove, 4 Burners, Gas, Stove / oven safety

The Best Zanussi Stove 4 Stove with gas hob and oven.
Hob lid type: Metallic Painted – Oven type: Gas
Oven functions: Heating at the bottom.
Oven cleaning: Black enamel – Oven door easy to clean.
Steam outlet from the oven.
Cooking zones on gas hob with thermocouple fuse type.
Oven safety: Thermocouple.

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