The C64 Mini will be released on March 28

Koch Media has just announced some funny news. The company intends to launch the C64 Mini on March 28, a retro machine made in honor of the Commode 64.

Launched in August 1982, the Commodore 64 was a resounding success, winning at the same time the title of the best-selling computer in the world with sales estimated between 17 and 25 million during the years of its marketing. Staggering figures, and even more considering the market at the time.

The C64 Mini Will Be Released On March 28

In the 1980s, computers were indeed much less widespread than they are today.

The Commodore 64 will make its comeback

The Commodore 64 was also endowed with an interesting form factor and it thus presented itself in the form of an imposing keyboard acting at the same time of central unit. The device also set the bar high enough by including an 8-bit 6510 microprocessor, 64 kb of RAM, a VIC-II graphics chip capable of displaying 16 different colors and a sound chip with three voices.

The Commodore 64 is therefore one of these legendary machines and it is undoubtedly what pushed Koch Media to want to give it a second youth. Finally that, and also because the consoles and retro machines have the wind in their sails since the launch of the NES Classic Mini.

The C64 Mini will not change its formula and will thus come very close to the original machine. Like her, it will thus carry a full keyboard integrated into a cream-colored plastic structure, all with a little more compact dimensions.

A machine faithful to the original

The machine will indeed fit in the hand and it will therefore be perfectly possible to slip it to the bottom of a bag or satchel.

Koch Media has obviously brought the connection up to date and the C64 Mini will thus be equipped with an HDMI output and two USB ports. It will therefore be possible to connect a mouse or even a joystick to it.

The computer will be delivered with 64 titles from the time, titles among which we will find Impossible Mission II, Paradroid or even Speedball. The price will not be given on the other hand and it will thus be necessary to pay no less than 79.99 € to get your hands on it.

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