the docking station for mac mini price drops

If you have a Mac Mini or even a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro then this deal should be of great interest to you. It relates to the HAGIBIS MC25, a docking station designed for Apple computers, a station which has a very interesting feature: it can also carry an external hard drive. And as a bonus, it is very accessible since it will cost you € 55.24 at Gearbest .

The product is of course sold new, but it will be shipped from China, with delivery times between 15 and 33 days. Shipments will start on February 11.

The Docking Station For Mac Mini At 55 E
This docking station was clearly designed for the Mac Mini

Please note, this promo should normally last 6 days, but everything will obviously depend on stocks.

The HAGIBIS MC25 at a knockdown price

The HAGIBIS MC25 was clearly designed for the Mac Mini. Like him, the station is actually made in an aluminum frame, a frame made in one piece and the dimensions of Apple's mini desktop computer.

Concretely, therefore, this means that the Mac Mini can be placed on it and the whole will then form a harmonious whole… and compact.

The connection is complete and the HAGIBIS MC25 offers a lot of things like an SD reader, USB 3.0 connectors, USB 2.0 connectors or even a USB Type-C port which will be connected to the Mac Mini.

But the station has one more thing. If you turn it over, then you will find a plastic hatch to unscrew, a hatch in which you can place a hard drive. Not content with extending the connectivity of your Mac Mini, the HAGIBIS MC25 will therefore also be able to offer it more storage space. All with a very neat look.

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