The Dohiker Y1 folding electric bike at 389 € with shipping from Europe

Pandemic obliges, many of us have turned away from public transport to favor alternative means of transport such as the scooter or the electric bicycle. And precisely, if you are also planning to take the plunge, then this offer should be of great interest to you. It places the Dohiker Y1 folding bike at 389.21 € with shipping from Europe .

The bike will in fact be shipped from Gearbest's Polish warehouses and will therefore arrive at your doorstep within 5 to 8 days. No customs fees are to be feared either. As for the color, only the black model is offered.

The Dohiker Y1 Folding Electric Bike At 389 E With Shipping From Europe
The Dohiker Y1 bike is on sale

Please note, this promo is only valid for this weekend, assuming of course that stocks hold up.

A folding electric bike for less than 400 €

The Dohiker Y1 is part of the large family of electric city bikes. It was not designed for the forest or for the fields.

This does not prevent it from having many advantages, starting with its look and its resistance. The bike is compact, light and can also be folded up on itself to save space. It will therefore have no trouble slipping into the trunk of a car, for example.

Safe, the bike is of course equipped with front and rear lights, LED lights that will allow it to remain visible in all circumstances and to illuminate the road on which you are traveling. It also has the particularity of being equipped with front and rear disc brakes, for more precise and reliable braking.

Electric bike requires, the Dohiker Y1 is equipped with a motor and three driving modes: a “manual” mode, an electric assistance mode with a range of 50 to 60 km and a full electric mode with a range of 35 45 km. The bike will also be able to support a payload of 120 kg and its speed will not exceed 25 km / h.

As a bonus, we also have a rear shock absorber to make driving more comfortable. All for a weight not exceeding 21 kg.

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