The Echo Dot 3 and the two Philips Hue White E27 at 39 € at Boulanger

It is at Boulanger that we find this very nice promotion. A promo for a pack comprising an Amazon Echo Dot 3 and two Philips Hue White E27. Everything you need to get started in home automation, in short. The bundle will cost you € 39.99 .

The products are new and sold with their original accessories. Added to the list is a two-month warranty. Shipping costs are also offered and you can also pick up the pack in store.

The Echo Dot 3 And The Two Philips Hue White E27 At 39 E At Boulanger
A nice little pack to get started in home automation

Please note, this promotion is for a limited time and of course it remains dependent on the stocks in the possession of the sign.

A pack to get started in home automation

With this pack, Boulanger therefore wants to allow anyone to embark on the adventure of the smart home … or go further in home automation.

The Echo Dot 3, you already know it. This is the smallest speaker from Amazon, a speaker that embeds the voice assistant Alexa and which can therefore answer your questions, inform you of your next meetings or even allow you to listen to your music.

The Echo Dot 3 is also compatible with most music platforms on the market. Like Amazon Prime Music, Deezer or even Spotify, to name just these three services.

As a bonus, we also find the automation functions specific to Amazon products, with skills. But above all, the Echo Dot 3 will allow you to control your connected products by voice. In particular the two bulbs delivered in the pack.

And here, in this case, we are on an exceptional value for money. At less than 40 €, this pack is almost a must have.

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