the electronic meter duka amazon uk sale deals

If you're fed up with having to flip the house every time you need to measure an object, then here's an offer you should like: Gearbest has the Duka Multifunction Meter for $ 12.56 with the discount code D5D93719E7D53000 .

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The Electronic Meter Duka At 12 E
Xiaomi's electronic meter is on sale

This offer is only valid for this weekend and the promotional code set up has a limited number of activations.

The Duka electronic meter at a knockdown price

The Duka Small Q, that's the name of this little electronic meter, won't take up too much space in your drawers or, better, in your tool kit.

Its builder has done it right and the tool comes in the form of a small compact gray and black macaroon. A badge discreet enough to slip into the bottom of a pocket.

The upper part is quite busy and thus has a series of three buttons and a display. A toothed wheel has been integrated on the edge.

The use of the meter is quite simple. All you have to do is run it over the surface to be measured. The wheel will turn on itself and the measurement will appear as if by magic on the screen.

Better yet, the Duka meter has its own storage space and it will allow you to store ten different measurements. Which should come in handy when getting started with your apartment or house remodeling.

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