The Galaxy S21 won't be the only ones to skip the charger and headphones

Samsung has chosen not to deliver the Galaxy S21 with headphones and a charger unit. Other branded products may be entitled to the same treatment in the future.

Presented yesterday , the Galaxy S21 has been the subject of much ink since. Even more with the pre-order offers put in place. The firm has indeed exceeded this year, with particularly generous offers .

The Galaxy S21 Wont Be The Only Ones To Skip The Charger And Headphones
The Galaxy S21 will not be the only ones to ignore the charger and the hands-free kit

There is however a point that is debated on social networks. A point in relation to a very controversial decision on the part of the brand.

Samsung reconsiders the absence of the charger from the Galaxy S21 box

Just like Apple, Samsung has in fact chosen not to deliver the Galaxy S21 with a charger unit, or even with headphones. All over the world, at least outside of France, the brand's new flagships are therefore delivered in their simplest device. The box is therefore limited to the usual documentation, a charging cable and a utensil allowing access to the card door.

This choice surprised many, and even more when we know the mocking reactions that the same decision at Apple had aroused within the South Korean brand.

And if we believe the site of the latter, then she would not intend to stop there.

A strategy that will be extended to the brand's other devices

By searching the Samsung site , The Verge indeed found a series of questions and answers relating to the Galaxy S21, including one explicitly dealing with the absence of a charger and a hands-free kit in the box of the phones. The brand explains through the voice of one of its executives that the decision was motivated by a desire to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

There is more, however. Further on, Patrick Chaumet also explains that this decision will be extended to more products in the future. On the other hand, this shift will be done gradually and Samsung therefore promises not to remove the charger from all the boxes of its future products. Not all of a sudden anyway.

In France, of course, Samsung will not be able to apply quite the same strategy. With us, the legislation requires manufacturers to provide a hands-free kit with their phones. The manufacturer will of course not be able to oppose it.

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